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- Hide Preview | 74 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by [deleted] [Post Locked]

Hey guys, so recently, I saw a post on asktrp in which someone asked how to get away from his beta male friends because they're influencing him on being more beta.

Of course, the question in itself was stupid and many bros suggested that he either slowly pulls away if they're that cancerous or just keeps them as friends he'd hang out with if he finally lost purpose in life.

Yesterday, and on many other instances, something really interesting happened because of these beta friends of mine. Many times did I attend these kind of international social events where people who are strangers to each other and more or less share a certain thing (same university, same major...etc) meet up on a glass of beer and just chill and have fun.

Every time I go there, I just totally forget about my insecurities and I become very hilarious and start making fun of everyone and everything that happens. So obviously, I get iOis from girls present and soon enough I engage in conversations with them. When that happens, in come my beta friends.

"Did you know that this guy is mentions my business?"

"This guy is mentions something really interesting I did"

"Bro, I really liked mentions something interesting about me".

I mean for real, these guys demonstrated my fucking value and I didn't even have to hint or talk about it. The girls'eyes would shine and they'd look at me like, "Wow, is that true?" And being the cocky ass that I am, I just laugh it off and say that he's lying and just make fun of them.

Just in the same way you shouldn't unfriend your hot female friends, so shouldn't you cut your male beta friends.

Your female hot friends get you in a position where every girl in your physical entourage gives you iOis just because you happened to hang out with one that's smoking hot. She does the pre-selection for you.

One 9-10 female friend of mine just came back in town and we decided to hang out a little. She came in this short dress and had her hair combed so beautifully... She was absolutely fucking stunning. Being bloated from too much salt, I looked like a potato. While walking down the city just catching up with each other, Jesus fucking Christ. Every girl passes by gives her the look, gives me the looks, then carry on walking. Imagine this in a bar situation. Absolute killer. Have seen some posts talking about how you female friends can help you hook up with girls at bars and stuff.

So your beta friends on the other hand would spread your value around and you don't have to move a muscle to do that. It's like they'd always get the job done for you. Being oribitors and with no game or whatever, they'd always have to find something interesting to talk about when you're around. So if you have some interesting stuff that's going on with your life, sooner or later they'll mention it.

Now, when I say that they're beta I don't mean they're pieces of shit. Some of them have girlfriends and others are very decent men with decent jobs and life occupations. It's just in that context, they all want to fuck the girls they're meeting and they don't do the chase. They just keep spreading my value.

One useful thing I found helpful to get to this point with them was to always demonstrate value to them, to a certain extent. Of course I won't be disclosing critical details about my company or whatever I'm going through. But I give them those shiny big headlines that impress them and shit....

Anyways, I hope you get the picture guys