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- Hide Preview | 51 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Wolveryn [Post Locked]

This is a rant about my "dating" life the past month... I make no claim that it is well written or of much value beyond highlighting the importance of really internalizing TRP concepts... and to watch out for times of weakness where you choose to forget your TRP foundations. (Oh and I describe how I beat her fairly strong 'Last minute resistance' which could be useful for younger players).

TL:DR; She(F28) was pursuing me(32M) hard while I brushed her off, I then fell in love by accident despite my TRP knowledge, she lost attraction... so I banged a chick on Tinder which I think genuinely fixed the heartbreak.

So there's this chick, half filipino, half german genes, mental in the sack, deep throats like an expert, fun sized, loves sex, thinks my son is adorable, loves watching netflix and chilling whenever we meet.

Rewinding back I met her on Tinder with the intention to make it a 1-2 time thing of hot sex, which it was. Afterwards she kept sending me sexy pics which I'd reply a day or 2 later... if that, sometimes not bothering to reply to her until the weekend... where I might come round to her place just to fuck her, eat ice cream and watch more netflix.

At the time I had 3 different girls on the go, so even though she was mental in the sack I had no emotional attachment to her, I knew she was very dirty which I loved from a sex point of view... and I was deeply focussed on my current project at work.

I ignored her messages for a week, planning to even ghost her, but end up back at her place on a Sunday where she tells me she was really upset when she realised I’d ghosted her before she sucked me dry a second time. I’d say she sucks dick better than 99.9% of all women. Like I swear I went to heaven and met the Gods themselves due to her abilities…. anyways..

We started having lunches together as her office is 5 mins walk away, and her persistence chasing me plus sexiness slowly became something I became hooked on, I no longer felt the drive for the other girls, couldn’t be bothered checking Tinder… I tried to watch porn to see if I could still enjoy other women and despite feeling horny found I got more hard looking at photos of her with no makeup wearing baggy gym wear.

And thats where the mistakes happened, I fell in love. A feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time, a feeling so good that I’d describe it as notably addictive with feelings of euphoria whenever I saw her, not totally unlike taking ecstasy/MDMA. I’d look forward to seeing her at this point… as the highlight of my day. I was aware of what was going on… but no way was I interested in putting the brakes on.Knowing I was going against TRP basic principles… I sent her flowers to her work, and organised for the first time to go on a proper fine dining date, which went well, we fucked like rabbits all night and the next day… but I noticed she stopped chasing me after that date.

Anyway 4 days later she’s off on a work trip managing a huge advertising campaign in Europe, I told her to message or call before her flight… she messaged briefly that she was too hectic and wished me a great week. Before disappearing off all media for a further 4 days up until this moment. She’d said she’d message, but never made the effort. So 8 days no chat… where she’d been messaging like 3-4 times a day before. I mean europe has internet access, whatsapp works from anywhere over there.


Pre TRP me might have reached out to her, but I know not to be so desperate and there’s no point anyway. If she wants to connect with me, she would have already.

Now that she didn’t have to chase me… she had lost the tingles completely. I became invested. Did she just want me as a fling this whole time? She was messaging that she ‘missed me’ and ‘really liked me’ and things only weeks prior.


I’d gone from feeling essentially high on love to depressed immediately.


Feeling awful that showing my cards seemed to have turned her off, additionally awful as I know all about the TRP sidebar and knowing that this effect could be expected.


I decided I may as well return to my lifestyle of multiple girls… (I was away in Melbourne for a wedding anyway), so I get on Tinder after a family/friends post wedding dinner… and line up a drink with a beautiful Iranian origin (But westernised) HB8 F24 who we discovered miraculously lived across the road from my airBNB.


After 2 whisky on the rocks, we’re hooking up on the chairs in Southbank, her beauty and sexiness working absolute wonders for curing heartbreak, I use all my usual escalation techniques, one hand in her hair, controlling her head so I can move in to bite her neck then turn her lips back to mine. Letting her moan in surprise by the dominance shown over her. At this point I can tell she’s very wet, so without explaining what I’m doing I stand taking her hand and walk her to my apartment.We get to the door, and she tells me she’s off to her place across the road… I convince her to come up to my place on level 20 for the view and an espresso martini, I have to convince her that I have no intention of fucking her. I have every intention to do so of course.


She resists quite strongly, so I grab her hand and walk her into the lobby, then kiss her, and I say ‘I don’t wanna fuck you, lets just have a nightcap it’ll be fun’.

So she finally gives in and agrees, ‘1 drink, 15 minutes’. I say ‘of course’!

She comes up, I dim the lights, play Spotify music, she goes up to the window panes to look at the view, I come from behind and wrap her in my arms in standing spoon position, before grabbing her hair with my right hand and with slight confident force pull her head back and to the left into my lips, to hear her moan again.

I thought I had gotten past the final last minute resistance at this point where I could have my way with her. I was wrong. I push her down on to the couch, she’s gasps thrilled by the rapid action thats she’s gone from standing to being placed on her back, where I then take each leg and bend them so her knees are up in her arms pits, and her pussy is thrust slightly up in the air before I grind on her, once again pulling her with my right hand and then placing my left hand lightly around her throat in a chokehold position.

She seems to be loving it, and tells me just that, but each time as I’m going down to eat her pussy, she seriously fights me off. This goes on for probably 30-40 minutes, we’re half naked, she’d ok with grinding on each other, but not actually fucking or going down on each other.

So I give up for the moment, and ask her what her favourite position is, next thing I know she’s telling me her dirty secrets, and that doggy style is her favourite, to which I replied, ‘prone bone’ is easily mine.

She’s not sure what that is, so I flip her over and show her, with our clothes on… she moans as I grind on her once more, this time I quite aggressively pull her hair a little harder than before, and she gasps once more in pleasure, as I grind on her, keeping her head pulled right back so I can pull her in for a kiss, I can feel her arch her back further and further into my dick.

I then pull my pants down without telling her, lifted up her dress, slipping her g-string to the side, while allowing my body weight to pin her down and finally entered her as she let out a almost scream of pleasure. It was too much for me though, I came maybe 5 pumps in deep inside her, having forgotten to grab a condom. I stayed hard to come inside her 2 more times in a row over the next 50 minutes. Before we fell asleep only to wake every 2-3 hours to fuck some more.

Anyway, it was a fun night, I got over my heartbreak at least a little bit :)

I message her in the morning, that I’ll be her tour guide if she ever comes to Sydney… low and behold she tells me she’s coming up for work the weekend, so we’re seeing each other the following Saturday… ironically the night that my heartbreak gets back from Europe. The best thing about dates with girls from out of town is they're staying in convenient hotels and keen to NSA fuck.

The old me would jump at the chance to get the heartbreak back… but experience tells me that even if she wanted to meet up when she’s back from Europe I’ll be brushing her off like I was at the beginning… and I’ll be focussing on my projects at work again… returning to the attitude that I come first, and that Im not dependent on outcomes with women… I look at her actions that she's not that in to me and/or she's not that reliable both of which mean she's only ever a potential bootie call moving forward.


When I'm not in love with a woman I'm much more centered and grounded in reality. The reverse psychology of dating women is god damn confusing, and this whole thing just once more reminded me why Chads get all the sexy ladies and nice guys just get heartbreak and waste energy allowing their mind sto trick them with dopamine hits we call 'falling in love'.

[-] LucidCunning 54 Points 8 months ago

I think *the* hardest lesson of Red Pill is the fact that falling deeply in love with a woman will so frequently kill the passion in the relationship. It seems absolutely ridiculous on the surface, but that's really the way it is.

I hope you post again about the results of the first girl returning and how she responds to your new attitude. She sounds like she was a friend with benefits who now needs her status permanently reduced to plate due to shitty behavior. I'll bet when she finds out you're getting some on the side again, she'll want to fuck your brains out.

[-] FuckboyAWALT 5 Points 8 months ago

Well as long as you be her rock, showing her competition anxiety, are improving you can ‚love her‘ however never more than she loves you. Always stay less invested.

Never stop gaming her.

[-] Wolveryn 5 Points 8 months ago

Ya ironically when she knew she wasn’t the only the one that was when our relationship was most fun.

Best case scenario she asks to hook up the weekend she’s back so I can tell her I can’t due to a tinder date

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] tekn0_ 1 Point 8 months ago

Keep us posted on how it goes! Probably as an edit

[-] askmrcia 1 Point 8 months ago

I think *the* hardest lesson of Red Pill is the fact that falling deeply in love with a woman will so frequently kill the passion in the relationship. It seems absolutely ridiculous on the surface, but that's really the way it is.

To be fair, he met the bitch on tinder. Lol

Only a retard would try and wife up some whore on tinder.

I get what you're saying, but it's expected for that woman that op was interested in to react the way she did.

People claim they are red pillars but falling in love with tinder Thots.

Now if this was low n count chick he met through his social circle then he we would be on to something.

But a fuckin 28 wall approachin tinder thot? Cmon

[-] NeedingAdvice86 1 Point 8 months ago

And he is a 32yo man that got blinded by a Tinder ho giving a otherworldly BJ\good sex and "fell in love"...WTF? ..bhhahahahahahahahaaaa....32 years old?????

It is amazing the lack of reasoning skills constantly on display in this sub by supposedly superior minds who pride themselves on being so intelligent and rationale.

What retard takes the actions of a 28 yo Tinder chick who has had so many dicks in her mouth that she causes Heaven inducing metaphysical orgasms and is likely a professional in her spare time then translates that onto every woman on the planet? Bhahahhahahahahahahahha.

I would say that the problem is actually in the Op who equates BJ orgasms with the quality of a woman for a relationship....Damn, if that is your standard just go down to the red light district and get a professional.

[-] askmrcia 1 Point 8 months ago

I agree. We have so many God damn simps in the world that any chick that's skinny and white giving them attention, they want to wife these hoes.

Like have some damn standards. Yea you don't have to wife up a Virgin, but any girl on tinder is a hoe period. No exceptions.

[-] dDiegoDLV 1 Point 7 months ago

So there's this chick, half filipino, half german genes

1/2 filipino doesn't sound "white". Save the white whining for the blue forums. It's liberal BS.

[-] NeedingAdvice86 1 Point 8 months ago

No, the hardest lesson of Red Pill is seeing thru the matrix and calibrating into the real damn world...

Taking the behavior of a 28yo Tinder ho who has swallowed so many dicks that she is producing universe altering orgasms and translating to every other woman on the planet is more STUPID than any bluepill behavior yet revealed.

The Op took every every red flag which this chick showed, pour lighter fluid on them and burnt the shit out of those flags, just because this EXPERIENCED chick gave him his very first orgasm then tried to run romantic, middle schooler game on her...a damn Tinder chick such as this isn't interested in or impressed by that romance\connection shit, she just wants dick then some more dick followed by some dick. This is the exact type of woman that is absolutely not LTR material, by default, and in particular not by some 32yo dolt that "falls in love' over an BJ.....

Really the only lesson to be learned is about accepting red flags and DON"T BE THE OP.

[-] TibetanWisdom 28 Points 8 months ago

Quit your job and become a porn novel writer lol.

No but seriously, sounds like theres a good amount of pain and pleasure mixed into some of your lessons learned. Its sad that this is the way it is,that you cant just enjoy the dopamine hits, and fall happily into oneitis. Maybe somewhere, someday, things will change. For now,enjoy the decline.

[-] Wolveryn 4 Points 8 months ago

Haha, so I’m going to start a blog as a side project, I plan to start approaching every woman I find attractive on the street, and continue tinder dating... i want to have 1-2 new women lined up each week... and do a literotica style write up of my success (or failure) at getting them into bed. Some will inevitably be a 2 date project. I want the blog to be a kind of applied recount of red pill/pickup/social truths that can be used specifically for just getting laid more as a single guy.

I want to build the blog to a point where I can tell the women I date about it as something they’d be proud to be anonymously written about.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] HeadingRed 17 Points 8 months ago

Took me along time to realize women they're own framework for sexual & romantic conquests. It's all about the chase - once they reach the finish line - you actually caring and being invested in them - they often switch off. One of the regular's here once said men are the true romantics and that has really stuck with me.

It's kind of dumb - it's not the case all of the time - but it seems to keep her happy and interested you need to deny her what she wants. Once she gets what she wants she no longer wants it as much.

Your like the new car she's been lusting after and finally buys. And after one day and she doesn't feel radically happier the car is now just like every other one she's had.

Looking back this happened to me as well - as soon as she has you she doesn't want you. They'll do anything to reach that goal - but once they are there they are looking for their next race.

Good post - don't knock yourself on your writing skills.

Took me a long time to realize

[-] Mylaur 7 Points 8 months ago

Men are the true romantics...

This sentence, I've seen it coined in a post about the nature of love in men and women, and how women's love is opportunistic.

[-] ramonbautistatexas 14 Points 8 months ago

New to TRP but this story and self reflection are exactly what I try to describe to only close friends.

Love/romance/relations; are all a power struggle.

One side always wants the other side more. Don't ever let the pendulum swing against your best interests.

[-] wereworm5 2 Points 8 months ago

Love/romance/relations; are all a power struggle.

By far the best description ever

[-] DVidojkovic 6 Points 8 months ago

I love clear and long reads such as this one. Also, you broke a TRP /RULE/ by not fucking with a condom, but oh well. Like /u/lucidcunning said post what's gonna happen with the heartbreak skank.

[-] hard-to-swallow 5 Points 8 months ago

Your rant turned out a lot better than expected. My thoughts:

  1. I've found that trying to eat a girl out as the "first move" is often much more difficult than say, taking your dick out and putting her hand on it. My guess is that it's more hygiene than intimacy, that the girl is afraid you may catch a whiff of something un-ladylike.
  2. The fuck you doing raw-dogging strangers off Tinder?

Otherwise a very enjoyable read, I'd say you handled your depression about as well as a man can. Well done.

[-] Wolveryn 3 Points 8 months ago

I asked myself that same question... I don’t know how to explain it... in the heat of the moment like that, I’m pretty sure I would have sold my soul just to fuck her. She was on the pill and her LMR made me think she wasn’t exactly the village bicycle if you know what I mean.

[-] morexel 5 Points 8 months ago

First. This is really well written. Almost disturbingly so. Well done.

Second, trp does not say no to ltr. It helps guide you through ltr.

Third, can the gifts and flowers. But here's the greatest part: you identified your own mistakes here. A true red pill man... Although you're more like a successful playboy so maybe the pill is easy mode for you.

Lastly, I gauge my girls by how they behave when they're away. If they're on a business trip or similar and anything sketchy goes down, or they aren't trying to prove loyalty then they're usually trash.

You did the right thing by moving on.

Consider yourself extremely lucky that you are smart enough and attractive enough to get another hb to emotionally displace your oneitis.

The first girl will come back hard after the vacation. As a man with lots of relationship advice trust this: never go back to the love (the first girl) when you have fresh meat in hand. I lost the most beautiful Persian girl I've ever seen going back to an ugly feminist. I can't even write down the shame of my mistakes. Life is fucking wild and we are morons when we have oneitis.

[-] Uly-sses 3 Points 7 months ago

The best lesson learned is that love is an illusion. There is no such thing. Women use men in every essence as a resource. We are nothing but a walking resource and now an abused one worse than ever before. The only possible reliable way to handle a woman is to not handle her at all. You will just be at the whim of me too or whatever comes next in the crash of the man's rights to be a man.

[-] Krblanc 3 Points 8 months ago

This post would be better suited in an erotica subreddit tbh

[-] ThrowFader 2 Points 8 months ago

Lmfao seriously reads like a Literotica entry


but good shit and hopefully u learned something

[-] ArdAtak 2 Points 7 months ago

Yup. Had a very similar situation, posted about it it here. Got hit with oneitis in the middle of a major abundance phase where I was juggling close to 5 plates. In retrospect, it just came down the chick being so much better than the 7's and 8's I was dating. She's easily a 9 or 10 in anyone's book with the body, bedroom action, and personality to match. She drops jaws everywhere she goes and she knows it. I was glad to have her while I did but I guess girls like that are always looking over the fence. Everyguy she spends time with falls in love with her and she loses her attraction. I didn't realize this til it was too late. The aloof alpha demeanor that hooked her was gone and with it, so was her attraction.

I wish I could say that I learned my lesson, etc, etc. But the same thing happened to me when I dated a Brazillian model in Florianapolis. I would have to date a lot of HB 9's and 10's simultaneously and for a long time to get over this weakness but I don't see that happening with my current schedule and lifestyle.

[-] Wolveryn 1 Point 7 months ago

It can blindside you, the love drug is extremely effective and the detox period really isn’t fun.

[-] keichram 2 Points 8 months ago

Engaging and enjoyable to read. I'm from Sydney too.

[-] civilization_failed 2 Points 8 months ago

Sometimes you spin the plate, sometimes the plate spins you.

Once a project is done, you put it on the shelf. That's why you need to maintain tension and uncertainty.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 8 months ago

This was all in the last month?

[-] Wolveryn 1 Point 8 months ago

Much of it was the last couple of weeks, but I met the original girl nearly 2 months ago now

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 8 months ago

Ok I was gonna say it sounds like you're a bit out of whack if you can go falling in love in a month. Still though that you say about it being like MDMA is a bit strange. Are you drinking a lot or something?

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 2 Points 8 months ago

Nah, that shit happened to me right before the summer. It was a long distance thing and the girl would fly to me almost every weekend. The dopamine was fucking amazing. It just ended a little bit ago, and it fucking hurts. I've been with 4 girls this week and I'm still thinking about the long distance one. That shit is fucked.

[-] gainz74 2 Points 6 months ago

Same here man, long distance relationship seeing her every weekend, dopamine hits were insane. Ended this past week and the best way to get over someone is to get under someone

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 1 Point 6 months ago

It gets better. I'm over her now. It took about 3 fucking months and tons of hookups but I'm good.

[-] riskitit 2 Points 8 months ago

Welp, if its an easy lay, she's not LTR material. Let hoes be hoes I say

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] bearlythere18 1 Point 8 months ago

She resists quite strongly, so I grab her hand and walk her into the lobby, then kiss her, and I say ‘I don’t wanna fuck you, lets just have a nightcap it’ll be fun


To me straight up lying like that seems like weak inner game. Aren't there other things you could have said?

But I'm still transitioning from a "nice guy" so maybe my disdain for lying just comes from that.

[-] Wolveryn 1 Point 8 months ago


She wants to fuck you, but needs plausible deniability. So by being straight up, you’re putting the ball in her court to essentially admit she’s slutty. Which all girls want to be, but not with the bad connotations.

By setting the tone that we’re not fucking, my expectations are set to not get laid... meaning if she’s not feeling it then the drama is minimal... she doesn’t know for sure if she will get the tingles after all.

By being straight up honest, all you’re really doing is setting expectations which she may not want to sign up for....she doesn’t know... then there’s social expectations of her...

If faced with the choice between a harmless whitelie or blue balls and a lost opportunity to share an amazing experience... my conscience feels clear to choose the former.

Also... it’s the oldest shit test in the book. It’s a test to sort the boys from experienced men.

It’s all just a dance we play...

Playing by your moral standards... she would have gone home and not had an exciting memory... she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to meet the next weekend 700kms away in a different city.

I mean... She’s been messaging me since.... the nice guy road just wouldn’t have had the same outcome...

I don’t know what else to say... your nice guy road reminds me of the old me...

[-] rockyp32 1 Point 8 months ago

So is wrong to ever want settle with one girl? Like when you actually want a family because I know there are people in marriages that really are in love but it seems that’s rare

[-] NeedingAdvice86 3 Points 8 months ago

Consider the sources....people who are successful with LTRs, marriages and such don't end up on reddit looking for help in meeting\dating\fucking women.

This sub helps clarify how attraction works between women\men but never forget that it isn't populated by tons of successful relationship guys or even successful dating\mating guys.

[-] rockyp32 1 Point 8 months ago

Thx for the reply Yeha it just seems shunned upon here which I guess makes some sense

[-] morexel 2 Points 8 months ago

Red pill doesn't forbid family or marriage. It just warns you that it is nearly impossible to do and be happy.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point 8 months ago


[-] markinsinz7 1 Point 8 months ago

You must be quite good lookin to line hotties that fast from tinder. It seems each time u go all weak u go back on tinder and start slaying

[-] Wolveryn 3 Points 8 months ago

Ill be honest and say I’m not the most masculine, 5’11, but women call me handsome and charming. Submissive women seem to be my type.

And when it comes to 1-1 dates I’m good at getting them back to mine... years and years of seduction practice... there’s something about getting laid that sharpens the mind...

If she says she doesn’t do one night stands... My first thought is, that’s about to change

[-] NeedingAdvice86 1 Point 8 months ago

"So 8 days no chat… where she’d been messaging like 3-4 times a day before. I mean europe has internet access, whatsapp works from anywhere over there. " fucking needy...

You took the wrong message from the first girl....

She thought you were one type dude but you actually turned out to be a completely other type short you were putting on a show of being a masculine, cool and chill dude but that isn't really is simply what TRP told you to mask yourself behind in order to get a chick. It only works for a short time as you are finding out.

You will continue to have girls lose attraction for you exactly like this until you actually become that solid, masculine, cool and chill dude\MAN.....which isn't likely to happen while you can get HB5\6 from Tinder because of your outward appearance. And a girl isn't a HB8 just because she "likes" you.

The resolution isn't the fucking another chick and not "falling in love" is why you are so fucking weak that going a few days with getting 3 or 4 text messages from some girl destroys your world? I bet you were fucking texting buddies with this first chick and cooing about her all the time. All because you started to base a relationship with someone because she gave a fucking great BJ....hell dude, that is a red flag for a relationship not the golden ticket to ask her to marry you....bhahahhahaha

You have so far to go and a lot more girls losing attraction for you unless you grow some......or you can go down the wrong path of thinking that the answer is to just fuck another easy girl from Tinder to salve your emotions which will waste a few more years until you figure out that just sticking your little wee-wee in another hole isn't anything more than THAT......just sticking your dick in another hole.

[-] askmrcia 1 Point 8 months ago

She thought you were one type dude but you actually turned out to be a completely other type short you were putting on a show of being a masculine, cool and chill dude but that isn't really is simply what TRP told you to mask yourself behind in order to get a chick. It only works for a short time as you are finding out.

You hit the nail on the head. Not to mention this was a tinder thot we are talking about. Not just any tinder thot, but a 28 year old wall approaching tinder thot. This chick sucked off more men then China's population. No shit get BJ's are god like.

What retard would fall in love with that, I have no idea.

You will continue to have girls lose attraction for you exactly like this until you actually become that solid, masculine, cool and chill dude\MAN.....which isn't likely to happen while you can get HB5\6 from Tinder because of your outward appearance. And a girl isn't a HB8 just because she "likes" you.

You know how it is with men on this sub. Any woman that's white and not fat is a hb8.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] javiercer20 0 Points 8 months ago

Sounds like some desperate blue pill experience