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- Hide Preview | 125 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by redpillschool [Post Locked]

For those of you joining us, the original appeal can be read here

It has been a week and we have not heard from the admin in this time. Nothing to suggest it's being considered, or that it's been rejected. Absolute radio silence.

We have contacted the admin once again for an update. We will keep you all apprised.

The question here is- whether or not they accept our appeal (they may not) it seems strange that they are not even honoring the appeals process which they themselves offered.

Appealing a Quarantine

To be removed from quarantine, subreddit moderators may present an appeal here.

Does this mean that Reddit admin are lying? Do they intend to honor the very system they announced only a week or so ago?

Until they break their silence, we must assume they were lying.

Until they break their silence, we must assume that their community management team is woefully unprepared to manage such a large community. They do not know how to apply policy fairly and consistently.

Reddit Admin, you have an opportunity to prove this wrong. Address the points of our appeal.

At this point, I think this failure of the Reddit Admin concerns not only the edgy subs such as ours, but should concern every user, moderator, and subreddit on this site.