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- Hide Preview | 78 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by 810809 [Post Locked]

I was looking through my FB today and once again one of my (post-wall) female acquintances posts another article on a classic topic: "Why are "smart" and "gorgeous" women single!? Here's why"!

Followed of course by other cackling aging hens in the social circle joining in with the equally bog standard repetition of the same reply: "That is so true! That is so me!" Well, I find click-bait shit like this hilarious to dissect since it's just preaching to their own choir. It is just about affirmation based on a lie noone believes, not even themselves; but serves as a nice little comfort-booster for these aging post-wall single hens. They all know the lie, they won't do anything about the real issue: they just want to hear the pretty lie from someone else so it "feels" more real... for a little while. Well, let's start with comedy!

Have you ever wondered why so many smart and gorgeous women are single? They are not high maintenance, but down-to-earth, sociable, and caring. So why are they still rolling solo?

I have, in fact, never wondered no. I don't really see the post-wall SMP as filled to the brim of "smart" and "gorgeous" single women. I definitely rarely see a woman of this group show these amazing attributes they say they posess. "Sociable" is nothing but reframing their active and frequest attention-whoring. "Caring" is a split between virtue-signaling i.e. caring about their kids which is true but also the only people she will truly care about - and showing skin-deep sympathy/pity to the poor losers she comes across that are dumb enough to show how beta or even omega they are.

Well, they’re single not because they think too highly of themselves or consider themselves to be superior to the rest, but because they have a hard time finding guys worthy of their love and respect.

Do I even have to point out the ridiculous contradictions? They don't think too highly of themselves, but noone is worthy? Cool.

It’s not that they are afraid of heartache, failure, or repeating past mistakes. Or that they’re only interested in pursuing their career goals and climbing up the social ladder.

They are not afraid, that is actually true. See women know the "mistake" while they are performing the "mistake": it is just another rewrite of the feminine imperative of alphafucks-betabucks. They know they tried snagging a proper Alpha while they were young and they knew they had no real reason to be snagged. They knew each one had a high risk of bedding multiple women at once and never settling down with them. They simply took the chance, often got knocked up: and just like my female FB-friend are now post wall single mothers. They knowingly took a risk and know the Alpha option is simply not feasible anymore, they're not afraid of repeating past mistakes indeed: they just know they don't have the assets and means to do so anymore.

No. It’s their intellectual abilities and high self-esteem that prevents them from getting into a relationship with someone just for the sake of it.

Down-to earth eh? So down-to-earth that a regular guy on their SMV level won't do of course. So... down-to-earth.

A super smart and attractive woman doesn’t want to waste her time and energy on a guy who can’t keep up with her in all aspects of life. Being with someone who lacks confidence and feelings of affection, and who doesn’t bother to commit is out of the question.

And here we get to the first reframing of how their female imperative is failing them in todays highly connected modern society and economy where said imperative is just too obvious by now. These women are so fulfilled and secure and don't need no man has been the narrative of this article, yet now all of a sudden not having a man commit... is an issue? The way women rewrite and reframe their thoughts and wants is just always filled with contradictions. I am stepping ahead of myself and making a bit of segue here. Here's the real issue for so many women today (including those on TRPW): they all know the alpha-option is no longer available but the options remaining are impossible to accept. They want commitment, but do not want it from some beta-bucks (especially if they are indeed successful women there is simply no pressing need). Then there are the men who are neither-nor Alpha/Beta but nowadays just don't see the point of commiting to a post-wall (often single mother) cackling hen that is too full of herself.

That's the thing: more and more men are seeking information and knowledge to compare and corroborate their experiences with other mens experiences, which oh so often leads them to TRP. Why do you think Reddit censored everything TRP? It's so obvious I got a chuckle from it once the news broke, was wondering how long it would take and now we have an answer. See that's the funny thing, women don't want to understand why even your regular decent guy that is not a Beta pushover or slacker/slob is not making an effort and seeking commitment. They don't want to understand that their own lack/disability of offering any sort of emotional connection, effort and commitment (or possibility thereof) is exactly what they don't want men to A: know B: admit to themselves. They have fought for so long to win every battle on the SMP for a century now that they can't and don't want to believe they are losing the war because of it. They cannot accept a world where they are equally responsible (and socioeconomically equal) for making relationships work or even start for that matter. They want all the benefits of giving in to the female imperative with absolutely none of the drawbacks and backlash post-wall should their mating strategy fail them.

This is something that goes for TRPW as well, they are not in any way better or unicorns. They simply understand and admit the female imperative and what the issues are today if they give in to it completely. They simply strive to avoid and/or negate the trappings of it (high N-count being the most obvious) but at the same time the only thing they seek to change is how to morph themselves into a potential wife that can land a very high quality man: an Alpha. All you perfectly fine, decent, well-groomed, socially competent and financially secure men would be OK but.... there is the same problem that I mentioned earlier. They offer no effort or real commitment to you: they just want it. They want you to display affection, commitment, romance, etc. of an Alpha (don't necessarily have to be one) for what will be a boring prudish sex-life that will wane as soon as you are dumb enough to put a ring on it. I see so many guys on TRPW act like TRP women are unicorns that "get it". Yeah they get it alright, but the fact you are expecting respectful and equal relationships in terms of commitment and attraction is what is doing you in. That is not what TRPW is about: it is just a cynical, smart take on what the issues of the modern SMP are and how to deal with them. They are no better than non RP women in terms of what you can get/are allowed to expect from a relationship with them. You are still expected to put on a full Alpha courtship to then just get the same old Betabucks.

I will stop here, I have had enough fun writing down my thoughts and besides it's getting long-winded. If you think what I have to say is of any value let me know, I might want to go through each point on that list in a part 2 for some more fun. Likewise, let me know what parts are bullshit or just plain stupid. Thank you.