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- Hide Preview | 39 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

Every commodity has Use and Symbolic Value. Jeeps are Used as off-road vehicles. A Jeep Symbolizes that its driver is a cool rugged off-road adventure guy. A pink Jeep and a blue Jeep have the same Use Value. However a Pink Jeep and a Blue Jeep have different Symbolic Value. Because a Pink Jeep symbolizes that it's driver is a big gay faggot desperate for his asshole to get 9-11ed.

Now imagine your driving down the street in your pink Jeep and everyone's yelling: faggot! No matter how many times you yell “it's just a Jeep” nobody is gonna care. Likewise it doesn't matter how many times you yell “I'm Not a Nazi” in your swastika Jeep. Symbolic Value although socially constructed still has real effects. Denying Symbolic Value doesn't make it go away.

Sluts love denying Symbolic Value because it allows them to pretend they're not sluts. Sluts love to put on Slut dresses and tell their fathers/boyfriends/husband's it's just a dress. Why do you have to be so controlling dad? I'm just going out with my friends! By that logic a Swastika Shirt is just a shirt. Contrary to SlutLogic, symbols are real and humanity has been communicating with symbols since its existence.

In order for a Slut to successfully slut she has to simultaneously perform the physical actions of a slut while symbolically denying that she's a slut. She has to be Schrodinger's Slut a slut that's a slut but allegedly not a slut...sort of. The moment she acknowledges that she's a slut she has to take responsibility and critically consider her actions. That's the last thing a slut wants to do. That's why when a dick appears inside a slut “lol idk it just happened.” SlutConfusion is deliberate and necessary for the functioning of the Capitalist slut economy.

Commodity Fetishism is the dissonance between a commodity's physical and symbolic properties, and it doesn't just apply to sluts. The 2008 Great Recession was caused by the disconnect between the symbolic value of mortgage bonds and the reality that the debt was unpayable. Apple uses Chinese slaves to make it's products and obscures this fact with posh storefronts run by SoyBoys. Finally universities are symbolically centers of learning but in reality debt and SJW factories. The whole of Western society is built on commodity fetishism.

Why is this important? Because the Matrix and Fight Club movies that the manosphere jerks it to are built on Commodity Fetishism. Just like sluts the system can only function via deliberate unknowing. Useless people hiding from their useless lives by hoarding objects with only symbolic value. Miserable people hiding from their miserable lives in false virtual worlds. Empty hollow people pretending that they have substance so they don't have to do anything about their misery. The Red Pill is far more encompassing and bitter than most are willing to admit.

That Red Pill only works as an absolute. It's easy to call out fat SJWs faking meaning via virtue signaling and hording symbolism. It's easy to laugh when whores rebrand themselves and are born again as Trad Thots. But if we don't call out Beta males bathing in Alpha symbolism, then we the Red Pill are guilty of SlutLogic, obscurantism and the same Blue Pill Commodity Fetishism we accuse everyone else of. At that point their is no Red Pill.

In order to solve a problem you must identify the underlying cause, and rid yourself of it. Unless you do that you will replicate the problem via your solution. Like a born again whore sucking dick in church. Or a fat guy eating pizza at planet fitness. Or a beta males giving contradictory advice to other betas so they can feel alpha. A Red Pill that feels good is a blue pill replicating the original problem.

If your interested in changing your life with difficult workouts and difficult books shoot me a PM before this community is deleted. My coaching service has changed many lives.