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- Hide Preview | 38 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by dabausman [Post Locked]


In today's society, people are fake, it's all a constant facade.

You wanna fuck that girl but she has a boyfriend? Society tries to tell you this is impossible or at least that you should feel ashamed for feeling this way. We are forced since an early age to think that girls want to be faithful even if there are no kids or great commitments in her life. The truth is that if you are more alpha than her man or can provide for her better she will leave him and run right into your arms. Do you know what also acts exactly like this all the time but doesn't even attempt to hide it? That's right! Every mammal in existence.

Watch the Planet Earth documentary and observe the animal (mating) rituals closely. They have an uncanny resemblance with human rituals, in the end, the alpha gets the hoe. This is only one lesson, you can find many others, examples include:

Shit testing: Many mammal females try to fight the male off when he's trying to fuck them. But when the animal is the alpha or high-value (only if in that particular species more than one male mates every mating season) these fights are different. The female is not actually trying to get the alpha off with all her force her but resists anyway. Why? Because, although she wants to mate, she is testing the alpha to see if he truly deserves said position and test to see if he will resist these attempts to brush him off. It's the quintessential example of shit testing.

Hypergamy: Hypergamy exists in almost every species. It’s an essential evolutionary mechanism.
Sexual dimorphism in humans is profound compared to other primates or even other mammals but you can still see a clear picture of hypergamy without all the human facade bullshit when an ape fucks all the females because he has the most bananas and even gives the females food after mating.

Bullying and weakness: The weakest elephant in a herd is getting "bullied" (physically abused and ostracized) by the other little elephants. The mom is right there and does jack shit (which adults should also do with their kids) because she knows if her kid doesn't become stronger now he will die later. Simple as that. She knows the other elephants are doing him good and helping him in his journey through life. Mothers today want to "keep their babies safe" and there are few strong parents who control the household and tell the kid to fuck off and go play outside, that's why this generation is so weak.

Snowflakes: Every "special snowflake" should be dead according to nature. If a bird loses the flock, it dies. If a sheep loses the herd, it dies too. It's not good to be different (it's different to excel in something such as great scientist do and to be different in a way such as "my kid is different, he will never hit anybody; he's a pacifist" different). Why has humanity advanced so much and is right now getting fucked? Because special snowflakes are not special anymore. They are everywhere and are actively going against our society (e.g. feminists, antifa, transgenders...) and are not being killed by a bear when they should.

What we need need to understand about evolution is that we are fucking it up. Natural selection in humans is over, we are in fact, devolving. Because dumb people are alive they can have kids, the same goes for retards, autists, the deformed, depressed people (sorry but its true, depression would have meant you died 99 times out of 100 if you had to hunt and kill for your own life, depression makes you not wanna do things, which is imperative to survival in the wild obviously), etc... And intelligent people tend to pursue their careers so they tend to have fewer kids than the meth-addicted whore two blocks down. That was quite an unrelated rant but I just had to write it, just came to mind.

Anyways, if you truly want to grasp the sick, ritualistic nature of humans watch documentaries. Its incredible how much insight you can get from those animals seemingly running around aimlessly around in the savannah.

[-] DeontologicalSanders 74 Points 3 months ago

Careful lumping depression in with the rest of that stuff. More than anything, depression is a symptom of the world we live in.

Back in the day you were born. Your parents sheltered you for a few years, maybe 3. Then you started playing/romping around with other kids. The older kids would pick on you. They'd beat you up. You also had to worry about getting eaten by wolves, getting lost in the woods, getting kidnapped by peg-legged kid-fucking neanderthal retards, drowning, floods, fire, etc. Then one day you turned 13, and in addition to all that, suddenly all the adults said, "alright no more free food for you. Want to eat? You gotta learn to hunt or farm." Invading tribe knocking down the door? You gotta help fight.

If you're any good at that stuff, some cave girl would decide that she wanted your dongle, and then 9 months later, out pop a couple of kids. Shit, even if you didn't think they were yours, they were still the tribe's responsibility, because no one ever knew whose dad was whose. Mounting and unrelenting danger and responsibility from an early age.

Now answer me this: Where, in any of that, does 'depression' occur? There's simply no room for it. Most people think that depression is the result of humans, creatures that are designed to seek happiness, being unhappy. I think that's totally wrong. There are people on this planet who can train themselves to lift 1000 lbs off the ground. Who can bend steel bars with their bare hands. Who can throw a spear 330 feet through the air. Who can run the distance between New York and Washington DC without stopping to sleep. We are designed to endure violence and strife. Nothing good in humanity has ever come without those things as precursors, period. Full stop.

Depression is the result of a race of hyper-intelligent and -adaptable animals not having anything to fear. Not having anything to panic about. Not having anything real to overcome. It's a chemically-induced milieu of severe existential boredom.

[-] orieva 17 Points 3 months ago

Could be, but depression is more so caused by a bad diet. Lots and lots of people curing their anxiety or depression by changing their diets.

Two questions. 1) why is everyone depressed nowadays? 2) why is everyone obese and cardiovascularly sick nowadays?

Two sides of the same coin.

[-] Shaman6624 10 Points 3 months ago

I don't think you're right. And you're confusing correlation with causation in your example. Just because those two occur at the same time doesn't mean one is the cause of the other. (although if I had to guess I would say depression causes overeating not the other way around. It's the same as saying

  1. There is less criminality as ever before.

  2. There is a bigger hole in the ozon layer.

Conclusion. Criminality is good for the ozon layer.

[-] Scorptice 5 Points 3 months ago

What you put into your mouth affects every organ of your body, including your brain.

[-] orieva 5 Points 3 months ago

Exactly. People vastly underestimate their bodies. Your brain is part of your body. Very simplified you can say, "your brain is inside your body, therefore your body is of bigger influence on your brain than the other way around.

Of course it's more complex, but you bet the gist.

[-] TheScarletScholar 1 Point 3 months ago

The issue that he addressed is that in your comment you seemed to over exaggerate the relationship between diet and depression using cardiovascular health as a relation.

[-] Nicolas0631 -1 Point 3 months ago

Yet it never have been easier to eat on a great diet than today. In all western country, there countless regulation that ensure what you eat will not you get ill. You can drink directly tap water and have access from any kind of product to eat.

Not so long ago, there was no such thing as clean water and just drinking that would get you ill and you add to mix water with alcool (often wine) just to reduce the risk. There was no hygiene so the food you were eating was likely to get you ill.

More, except if you were quite rich, you got to what was available. Not so many fresh vegetable in winter, not so much for a perfect diet. Illness like scorbutus were common. There was no such thing as eating the best type of fat / omega 3 and alike, food without gluten.

Typically childs would not be as tall as today because they would lack key nutriants as some step of their growth.

The quality of the food available isn't the issue. The quality maybe of the food that some people eat is different and maybe also the quantity that we eat too compared to the actual physical activity we do.

[-] Shaman6624 2 Points 3 months ago

Depression occurs in the absence of meaning and taking responsibility. Not just because we have time for it now. But in the end you say that I guess. You're right.

[-] JellyRev 2 Points 3 months ago

The small elephant is bullied for tribal status, an elephant who bullies elevates themselves. Most people punch down. Perceived low worth is what is causing mass depression. If men and women pair bonded to their similar SMV values most of it would go away.

[-] uwey 2 Points 3 months ago

Funny you mentioned depression, sort of inevitable trend in modern society.

I firmly believed it is actually physiology.

Depression, if you study it, and you know why Prozac worked: to boost chemicals in your brain.

When you have certain social interaction you get your brain chemistry balanced. Vice versa, by lack of it you rob your brain bank: for sleep deprivation, social interaction, urge or want can’t be filled, the empty void we chase and it seems no end.

Comparison, and that deadly jealousy.

I believe some people have advantage, that their normal mood lever with boosted chemical preset were high, that is why their down is only temporarily.

Some people had face a pitiful defeat and it crush them, I shift blame to their adaptability, they can’t cope with it because they fail to induce small amount of defeat first.

Over protective can be a thing, to really mess up someone, I would actually protect it to rob them the opportunity to have a chance to grow.

Pain and failure is a chance to grow, never a guaranteed. If you fail it might kill you, so you control it to aim for end state.


If the defeat was too severe, before you reach enough critical experience and build enough to face it, depression will sets in.


By having enough failure and get busy before facing sadness, your mind grow. Don’t rob yourself a chance to grow by NOT attempting hardship and obsession for growth. Fail is actually few pathway to avoid depression.

Depression simply a way modern society’s lock mechanism to randomly bestowed upon whoever can’t cope with life and ain’t prepared enough. Get everything out of your system by discipline, focus, and growth. Punch back or this societal institution will crush you and keep you at your place.

Your capacity is solely depend on how hard you fight back, not how hard you try to fight back, since trying is a imagination but doing is actually a result. Trying and not see immediate result may be the cause of deprivation, because today’s fast pace life. Inevitably favor delay gratification mind, the mind that seek immediate return will fail and be their own slave.

[-] MatrixofLe3adership 20 Points 3 months ago

One of the more pleasant things about swallowing the pill is being able to truly understand and appreciate nature. There's nothing I like more than watching the functioning(!) social hierarchy of the birds and squirrels building nests/fucking in my yard.

[-] Crimson_Medicinal 13 Points 3 months ago

I would disagree with the bit about depression. I daydream about being a ancient humanoid, fending for myself and actually having a purpose. Modern life is so fucking fake and boring. I’m athletic and intelligent, I’d love to build a hut and lead my caveman brothers. I don’t think depression existed back then.

[-] MatrixofLe3adership 4 Points 3 months ago

It would be nice to have an alpha-as-fuck squad of red-pilled Greek warriors to do cool shit with and recreate what we've lost. Care to join?

[-] dabausman 2 Points 3 months ago

Yeah cause you died if you you got it

[-] dulkemaru51 4 Points 3 months ago

No, you would have died way before. Sustained idleness -> depression. Back then though; idleness -> starve to death or freeze to death before that.

Even if depression were naturally selected against, everyone is susceptible to it in the economic excess and SMP of today's West.

[-] postreformedpua 8 Points 3 months ago

I recommend watching anything and everything narrated by David Attenborough. From a young age I picked up these parallels between the animal world and humans, really it's only arrogance that makes people see themselves as separate.

I'm also reminded of the time my ex would get turned on while we were watching a series about insects. Even in that world male competition, cheating and hypergamy are prevalent.

[-] Shaman6624 1 Point 3 months ago

Lol that's funny. my gf and me we're both redpilled so we simulate that shit through dirty talk and fantasies. It works quite well at satisfying those desires with in a monogamous relationship.

[-] Illiaan 5 Points 3 months ago

I don’t understand why you felt the need to make this post.

[-] dabausman 4 Points 3 months ago

I don’t understand why you felt the need to make this comment

[-] MakoShark93 4 Points 3 months ago

I wonder if this man has ever truly known what it means to struggle.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Skrzymir 3 Points 3 months ago

You wanna fuck that girl but she has a boyfriend? Society tries to tell you this is impossible or at least that you should feel ashamed for feeling this way.

Are you serious? It completely encourages it.
"Impossible"? What? Who tells you that? Name one fucking person or group.

Being interested in women that aren't virgins is hardly different from being a cuck, often even worse.
For my Slavic Ancestors, since ancient times, finding out that the bride wasn't a virgin used to be so controversial and disgracing to the family of the groom, that it would initiate violent disorder. The household where the wedding was taking place would often get wrecked. I wish this was still the norm.

Jesus Christ, you got that one backwards.

[-] dabausman 2 Points 3 months ago

I didn’t say had but has. Besides, monkeys gave two fucks if the ape they were fucking was a virgin or not and SOCIETY (because yes, your Slavic ancestors did live in a society, albeit more primitive) told humans you should give a fuck so I really don’t know how your point stands.

[-] Skrzymir 1 Point 3 months ago

I didn’t say had but has.

No fucking shit.
Don't assume I can't read just because you have problems with it.

I literally said there's hardly any difference, so what the hell are you even emphasizing what you said for?

You haven't answered my question. Not like I expected you would. You can't even name a single party that tells you that it's impossible or morally wrong to cuck someone, and it's not like that's even hard, as there are such parties. The reason why you haven't named one is because you know well they are not very relevant in the light of what's actually dictating the social dynamics (at least at the present moment and on the surface of it all; disregarding what's going to be necessitated in the long run or even relatively near in the future through radical changes [for the good which I'm advocating for] dictated by evolution, metaphysics etc).

Besides, monkeys gave two fucks

Right, it's "didn't give" that you wanted to say, I suppose.

That's some mighty fine level of sophistication to base your ideals on the lives of monkeys.

Slavic ancestors did live in a society, albeit more primitive

I'm sure that there couldn't possibly be a single element that wouldn't be regressive and primitive in the type of society that would exist if you had your way, in comparison to what my ancestors had.
What element could that possibly be? Tinder?
Disregard strictly technological issues such as [the technical side of] modern contraception (which would have been used far less in archaic Slavic society, had it then existed). The sociological side of modern contraception is almost wholly regressive and is anti-science (or anti-gnosis), as certain type of "esoteric" or even basic knowledge is adequate in allowing a woman and her partner to have sex without the risk of pregnancy. Not to mention that penetrative vaginal sex (the sole technical reason behind the risk) can just be avoided whenever conditions for safety don't apply, and the reason why it isn't being avoided by people today (but vastly preferred) has hardly anything to do with the wide availability of contraception, but rather with the mentally, socially and spiritually deranged dynamics present in modern society and with the lack of (or apathy towards) the knowledge that I have just implied now.

told humans you should give a fuck so I really don’t know how your point stands.

Well, the sane (ancient Slavic) society, one of the very few ones that were actually sane, did tell humans you should give a fuck, i.e. that you should care (not sure if that's what you're saying, as you used the idiom incorrectly the first time) -- so? I'll take my advice from them, as they are in fact the pagan metaphysical ideal that should dictate all fundamental values.

Come to think of it, even monkeys care quite strongly about virginity in females, as that is actually a very big part of the male's drive to become alpha and have a harem (with virgins in it being the main attraction, whether already present or to be conceived by the male taking over). It is only because of necessity and the hardships of survival, as well as the lack of sophisticated society (and indeed, the sanity that it allows when it comes with higher intelligence) that monkeys and other animals do not get to choose to always reproduce in ideal conditions, and why the alpha males of various animals do not get to pick and choose. Human alpha males, on the other hand, have all the opportunity to pick and choose and to reproduce in ideal conditions, but regressive ideologies prevent them from doing so, and that makes their society far more primitive than it is ought to be according to the Gods.
The trade-offs are many, but the crux of it can be summed up as the offspring acquiring hugely detrimental genetic information that has to do with a lack of sane, loving and spirituality-based bonding between compatible partners as opposed to outlandish promiscuity devoid of any awareness of the "Biblical", so to speak, proportions of its negative effects and consequences, but especially of the ill dynamics that (in the first place) suppress the awareness of the plethora of reasons for why such promiscuity is outlandish.

[-] TheH1dd3nFear 2 Points 3 months ago

Yep good ol' David Attenborough.

[-] 0io- 1 Point 3 months ago

Very interesting article. I think you're wrong about depression though. Depression is very adaptive in certain circumstances, think of it as the "go back to the cave" instinct. Suppose your tribe of 40 gets attacked by a tribe of 200 and is losing badly because you're outnumbered 5 to 1. Everybody in your tribe who is fighting to the last man gets killed. You say "Fuck this" and go hunker down somewhere sleeping all day long, only occasionally coming out to hunt something at night, not eating a whole lot, just doing minimal shit to stay alive. After five or six months of this if you're still alive you come out, the other tribe has moved on, everybody who knew you is dead, and you start all over again, end up breeding with some girl from some other tribe, and passing your depressive genes down for generations.

[-] dabausman 1 Point 3 months ago

Yeah sure that’s right but ONE or maybe two get depression. If 30% of the tribe said “fuck this” when you get attacked that tribe loses because a large portion of them has left. In this society people get depression at incredibly large rates compared to the past because, even though some depressed survived, most died.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 1 Point 3 months ago

Every post like this just reminds of of how much I can’t fucking stand libtards. They’re just accelerating the societal distortions away from nature which will just bite us in the ass later.

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[-] Zech4riah 1 Point 3 months ago

What we need need to understand about evolution is that we are fucking it up. Natural selection in humans is over, we are in fact, devolving. Because dumb people are alive they can have kids, the same goes for retards, autists, the deformed, depressed people (sorry but its true, depression would have meant you died 99 times out of 100 if you had to hunt and kill for your own life, depression makes you not wanna do things, which is imperative to survival in the wild obviously)

This is true and I hope that some day, when our genomes have degenerated because natural selection doesn't happen as used to, we have the means to fix them thanks to science.

[-] ELI3k 1 Point 3 months ago

Idiocracy is also a documentary

[-] SnowMonkeyCracker 1 Point 3 months ago

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals

So let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

[-] 1v1crown 1 Point 3 months ago

The reason it seems like we are living in an upside down clown world where <2% of the population (gays, trannies, etc.) are actively controlling >98% of the population through the media AND the weaker sex (female) is controlling the BY FAR stronger/smarter sex (male) is because: men, through the centuries, have successfully tamed the wild, and created a sterile "civilized" environment where they are no longer needed to survive.

If it crumbles, even a little, women will go IMMEDIATELY back to their default nature: trying to win with all their effort the man who will protect them.

[-] Wolveryn 0 Points 3 months ago

Yep watch chimps in action, 98% genetically identical... almost everything about humans can be explained by observing the nature of chimps

[-] Imperator_Red -1 Point 3 months ago

Not really. Their sexual dynamics are completely different than ours.

[-] Wolveryn -1 Point 3 months ago

Alpha male gets to bang all the ladies? Really?

[-] Shaman6624 -2 Point 3 months ago

Bananas are also 60% genetically identical to us.