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- Hide Preview | 38 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by dabausman [Post Locked]


In today's society, people are fake, it's all a constant facade.

You wanna fuck that girl but she has a boyfriend? Society tries to tell you this is impossible or at least that you should feel ashamed for feeling this way. We are forced since an early age to think that girls want to be faithful even if there are no kids or great commitments in her life. The truth is that if you are more alpha than her man or can provide for her better she will leave him and run right into your arms. Do you know what also acts exactly like this all the time but doesn't even attempt to hide it? That's right! Every mammal in existence.

Watch the Planet Earth documentary and observe the animal (mating) rituals closely. They have an uncanny resemblance with human rituals, in the end, the alpha gets the hoe. This is only one lesson, you can find many others, examples include:

Shit testing: Many mammal females try to fight the male off when he's trying to fuck them. But when the animal is the alpha or high-value (only if in that particular species more than one male mates every mating season) these fights are different. The female is not actually trying to get the alpha off with all her force her but resists anyway. Why? Because, although she wants to mate, she is testing the alpha to see if he truly deserves said position and test to see if he will resist these attempts to brush him off. It's the quintessential example of shit testing.

Hypergamy: Hypergamy exists in almost every species. It’s an essential evolutionary mechanism.
Sexual dimorphism in humans is profound compared to other primates or even other mammals but you can still see a clear picture of hypergamy without all the human facade bullshit when an ape fucks all the females because he has the most bananas and even gives the females food after mating.

Bullying and weakness: The weakest elephant in a herd is getting "bullied" (physically abused and ostracized) by the other little elephants. The mom is right there and does jack shit (which adults should also do with their kids) because she knows if her kid doesn't become stronger now he will die later. Simple as that. She knows the other elephants are doing him good and helping him in his journey through life. Mothers today want to "keep their babies safe" and there are few strong parents who control the household and tell the kid to fuck off and go play outside, that's why this generation is so weak.

Snowflakes: Every "special snowflake" should be dead according to nature. If a bird loses the flock, it dies. If a sheep loses the herd, it dies too. It's not good to be different (it's different to excel in something such as great scientist do and to be different in a way such as "my kid is different, he will never hit anybody; he's a pacifist" different). Why has humanity advanced so much and is right now getting fucked? Because special snowflakes are not special anymore. They are everywhere and are actively going against our society (e.g. feminists, antifa, transgenders...) and are not being killed by a bear when they should.

What we need need to understand about evolution is that we are fucking it up. Natural selection in humans is over, we are in fact, devolving. Because dumb people are alive they can have kids, the same goes for retards, autists, the deformed, depressed people (sorry but its true, depression would have meant you died 99 times out of 100 if you had to hunt and kill for your own life, depression makes you not wanna do things, which is imperative to survival in the wild obviously), etc... And intelligent people tend to pursue their careers so they tend to have fewer kids than the meth-addicted whore two blocks down. That was quite an unrelated rant but I just had to write it, just came to mind.

Anyways, if you truly want to grasp the sick, ritualistic nature of humans watch documentaries. Its incredible how much insight you can get from those animals seemingly running around aimlessly around in the savannah.