We have a lot of posts rightfully scoffing at chicks and their penis envy.

Women are so turned around that they think the path to happiness is by acting like a man.

The Modern Woman: I will become highly educated. I will build a successful career and make lots of money. I will have sex with as many partners as I can

Women who enter their masculine frame and start acting like men end up miserable and lonely. We all know it, and we clearly see it playing out in society.

But there is a much more nefarious and less-frequently discussed phenomenon that I find much more disturbing.

Vagina envy.

Men are cutting off their own balls, their own masculinity, and acting like they wish they had a vagina.

The Modern Man: I can't wait to find a chick to settle down with. I will sit around doing nothing meaningful with myself, praying for Mrs. Right to save me from my boring life. I want to cuddle on the couch with her and whisper sweet nothings. My greatest ambition in life is to find the Right One.


When our boys stop acting like chicks, maybe our women will stop acting like dudes.

Final thought:

You don't become the King by chasing after the Queen. The Queen comes naturally, as a byproduct of you being the fucking King.

So chase the crown, never a bitch.