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- Hide Preview | 142 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by WildcardShaco_ [Post Locked]


I want to give a quick field report about my experience in the last 4 months, as I believe informing other young lads my age aswell as older readers might be beneficial. English isn't my first language.

My LTR (17yo) of around 11 months broke up with me 4 months ago, I want to keep it short, I was spamming her messages how much she means to me while she was on vacation even though she became really disrespectful in the last few weeks before that. I basically broke frame, which resulted in her breaking up with me after she came back. I just told her "If that's what makes you happy, I won't hold you back".

I realised in this moment what I've been neglecting in the past weeks. I wasn't going to my boxing sport anymore, I gave her all my attention, I didn't meet my friends anymore, completely stopped talking to other chicks, I lost myself in her frame.

So what did I do? I focused ONLY on myself. Got back into my training, reconnected with my buddies and started talking to several new chicks. In the last 4 months I had sexual encounters with 6 new girls, 2 of them I am still meeting on a regular basis. I've never felt better in my life. And my Ex? She blew up my phone several times, calling, texting me with fake accounts with messages telling me how much she misses me and she's sorry. Even some of her hoe friends pressured me with quotes like "A real man would take his girlfriend back" or "Talk with her, you both know you need eachother".

Obviously this is a manipulative environment I don't want to be part of anymore. It was fun while it lasted but my turn is over.


I learned that the Redpill applies to any moment of your life and you should always stay focused and hold your frame.





[-] VasiliyZaitzev 389 Points 8 months ago

Congratulations on learning this all at 17-18. You have many happy years in front of you. Keep doing what you're doing.

[-] roadmaptonowhere 89 Points 8 months ago

Kid, you just got Uncle Vasya's approval.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 33 Points 8 months ago

I really appreciate this alot. My answer was a bit dry as it was written in a hurry, but his approval means ALOT to me, just makes me want to work more on myself

[-] Thunderbird93 1 Point 8 months ago

How do I post? Been lurking for over 5 years,read the sidebar. Looking to explore hedonism. Karma @ 165

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 1 Point 8 months ago

Look for the "create post" button on the right side (or "submit new text post" if you are looking at the "old" interface)

[-] Thunderbird93 1 Point 8 months ago

Thanks bro. Gave it a try but it says my karma is still low,thought the threshold was 100? Essentially I'm trying to ask whether sexual strategy is amoral or based on hedonism. What do you think?

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 1 Point 8 months ago

thought the threshold was 100?

I have no idea.

Essentially I'm trying to ask whether sexual strategy is amoral or based on hedonism. What do you think?

Yes on the first, and can be on the second.

[-] Thunderbird93 1 Point 7 months ago

Can you do me a solid and contact the mods for me? I intend to post in the spirit of the Socratic method of Maieutics, asking questions as much as making statements. If something is amoral that means it is indifferent, sexual strategy is geared towards pleasure. Think of short and long term pleasure in AF/BB. Advantage of being a hedonist is that it also allows one to accept the fact that women are sexual creatures without slut shaming them.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 1 Point 7 months ago

Just post it. Easier that way. And that's what they'd say to say to you.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] Ulysses88 282 Points 8 months ago

Jesus, understanding this so well at 18 ... You will be World Emperor by the time you'r 28.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 135 Points 8 months ago

I'm more than happy that I found this sub. It's sometimes really exhausting to see the cold truth, but I guess it's better than wandering around this world blindfolded. I appreciate your comment!

[-] witch_pimp 18 Points 8 months ago

Even if you get tired or fed up with our hard truths...never forget about TRP. Always keep it bookmarked.

[-] OfficerWade 5 Points 8 months ago

It doesn’t work like that. I had a mentor at 15 until I turned 23 and every guy I met in the game said I wish I knew this at your age. They werenot doing anything different than they were yesterday. Drinking beer, no friends, casual sex. Etc.

The thing I want to mention to the young man who wrote this post is you’re all the man you will ever be today. Don’t let the old guys fool you into believing who they were yesterday wasn’t good enough. Your self worth is priceless, brother.

[-] geo_gan 1 Point 8 months ago

Yes, lucky him. Unfortunately for me, I was 25 years too late to learn the truth

[-] Ulysses88 10 Points 8 months ago

I was 27, completely broken, i knew the rules but never paid the price of the lesson till then.

I'm 29 today and i'm banging some 21-22yo pussy. Better late than never, trust me, most men never get to be red pilled.

[-] geo_gan 3 Points 8 months ago

most men never get to be red pilled.

Well I hope so (don't want more competition!), but I have awful feeling it is spreading like wildfire underground and every second loser guy out will be an 'expert' soon. What happens then I don't know.

[-] Ulysses88 5 Points 8 months ago

Civil War, the sexual market is so destabilized that our society will collapse at some point in the next 5-20 years.

New moral/standard will emerge amidst the ashes.

[-] Ulysses88 3 Points 8 months ago

I live in Europe, and trust me, you can smell sulfur in the air.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 7 months ago

You've got a good name for fighting a civil war haha

[-] [deleted] -2 Point 8 months ago


[-] Ulysses88 18 Points 8 months ago

You may have discover TRP but you don't look like you have takken TRP.

[-] oorobz 174 Points 8 months ago

yeah in nutshell TRP is self@improvement

[-] majaka1234 20 Points 8 months ago

And here I was thinking we were banding together in a common hate of women instead of learning the life skills our father's never taught us and encouraging personal responsibility for our actions and self value.

Now what am I going to do with all these flaming pitchforks?!


[-] MrInternetDetective 6 Points 8 months ago

Couldn’t convince my blue friend this, he’s convinced we just talk about beating women.

[-] [deleted] 7 months ago
[-] FPSM4N 4 Points 8 months ago

Its about seeing the the bigger picture and how things really are.

[-] MakeAmericaRichAgain 126 Points 8 months ago

Tell that ex-girlfriend to fuck off. That's not a metaphor. Literally tell her "fuck off". She had her chance and fucked it up. She can go be miserable somewhere else.

Now that you know that you pull girls by focusing on yourself and not them, you'll have a steady supply of tail for the next 25 years. Congrats, and don't forget to use protection.

[-] ChemicalGiraffe 58 Points 8 months ago

What happens when we hit 42?

[-] MakeAmericaRichAgain 154 Points 8 months ago

You die from toomuchpussyphoria.

[-] ChemicalGiraffe 32 Points 8 months ago

Lol, I know this in unrelated but I just received a msg that am banned from some stupid sub because of participating in this sub

[-] NightTripInsights 19 Points 8 months ago

Lol, what sub if you don't mind me asking

[-] ColdIceZero 22 Points 8 months ago

Data point: I'm banned from LateStageCapitalism because I participate in this community.

[-] gametheory94 14 Points 8 months ago

That's cuz sjws and commies are pussies who can't even fathom listening to someone with a different point of view than them

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] geo_gan 3 Points 8 months ago

How did they find out? Did you tell them or are they somehow monitoring subscriptions of all members? Scary and fucked up if they are.

[-] Tough_Connection 3 Points 8 months ago

They are monitoring. Never posted or interacted in any way on that sub. Pretty fucked up but its so petty I don't care.

[-] geo_gan 3 Points 8 months ago

That is fucked up alright. Don't try and join any sub run by blue haired harpies or brainwashed white-knights then it appears, but then again why would you want to...

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] StinkyDiaper 21 Points 8 months ago

You go gay after getting bored of women.

[-] HS-Thompson 10 Points 8 months ago

You're joking, but I actually was getting so much pussy in my early 40's that I started to wonder if I was some kind of addict. I've slowed down a little since then.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] JustLurkingIgnore 22 Points 8 months ago

I'm 42.

You keep doing what you're doing.

Focus on your career (educate, earn), health (lift, eat right) and preserve what wealth and freedom you have.

The older you get, the more you get your shit together, the wrong kind of women get desperate for your attention. (Ex's from your past, post-wall feminists, divorcees and/or carousel riders, single mothers.)

Use women for your enjoyment and when it starts feeling like a chore, next.


[-] AcidHappy 3 Points 8 months ago

The universe unfolds, and you can run for governor, or president, perchance supreme chancellor if the way things are continue.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 19 Points 8 months ago

I appreciate that alot! Her attempts getting back into contact with me have stopped around a month ago. So there's luckyly no need anymore.

Protection is a sure thing.

[-] tenXten 1 Point 8 months ago

Careful? I smell drunken night texts coming....

[-] killermike-el-P 68 Points 8 months ago

Take this from a 19 year old red piller who discovered this shit at 16. Just because youre young and have an edge, doesnt mean things will always go your way the way you want them too. The old men saying youll be a God by a certain time are projecting their own fantasies on to your life.

There's lots of smart niggas and crafty bitches out there. Discipline and confidence (abundance mentality with everything, not just women) are the most important things.

[-] blaseee 29 Points 8 months ago

This is so true and essential, coming from a 20 year old.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 13 Points 8 months ago

Abundance seems to be the hardest to master, I agree

[-] killermike-el-P 9 Points 8 months ago

Just always assume there are greener pastures elsewhere. Essentially always branch swing unless youre truly happy.

[-] hb8only 3 Points 8 months ago

for a 19yo you write very intelligently...

[-] No-Steppe-on-Pepe 52 Points 8 months ago

Yep, that's the secret. Women want men to act like men. Independent, active, and confident. They don't want men to be needy and clingy. That's what puppies and babies are for. Your woman should never feel like she needs to be motherly to you.


Your ex really didn't do anything wrong here. You went from being a man to being a child and she dumped you for it. There's no manipulation there. I wouldn't recommend going back though, she's already proven that she'll cut and run the next time there's some kind of issue.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 25 Points 8 months ago

I completely agree with your point.

I've replied to another comment with:

"I don't want to get into detail with the disrepectful part, but it left a bad image of her in my head, I don't want or even need to change. She can do whatever she pleases to do, but I'm not interested in any more contact with her"

The manipulative part mainly refered to her friends' attempts. My Ex was also manipulative at some points in our relationship but that's not relevant for this post.

[-] positiveredpill 1 Point 8 months ago

Agreed. Not cool to cheat on her. You got what you deserved. Props on not tripping up over it though.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 2 Points 8 months ago

Excuse me, but I didn't write anything about cheating lol

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] PorkyThePot 45 Points 8 months ago

This post just made me want to hit the gym. Thank you for that.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 42 Points 8 months ago

It takes a wise man to realize his turn is over.

[-] wxlx 39 Points 8 months ago

Been red pilled since 15. I can't thank this sub enough for my success.

[-] gains_o_clock 15 Points 8 months ago

Bro I thought 17 was early. Nice. Focus on getting insane grades that young and then throughout college too.

[-] wxlx 14 Points 8 months ago

Yeah I started learning programming at 13 years old so I was already ahead of the game back then haha

[-] 420KUSHBUSH 25 Points 8 months ago

Man's about to develop an algorithm for finding gold or curing world hunger and maintaining world peace

[-] xxWildbeast13xx 8 Points 8 months ago

Wow, I’m 15 now and taking AP computer science... I think we’re the same person

[-] Physfaxe 1 Point 7 months ago

i just turned 15 but no computer shiz, just sports

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] slurmfactory 13 Points 8 months ago

great job kiddo. youre gonna kill it in life. spread the message to willing friends and be the man.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 15 Points 8 months ago

I appreciate your comment. I got 2 of my best friends into TRP, it helped them to improve themselves.

[-] slurmfactory 12 Points 8 months ago

Yeah its awesome. Starting at a young age like you are is going to be immensely beneficial. Youll kill it in college esp if you are a regular boxer (fit, confident, can hold their own in a fight and wont be intimidated) girls love that shit.

I'm 33 and understood the red pill before I knew it existed, because "girls love alpha guys" became extremely obvious by the time I was in high school. I also got my buddy into TRP, he just got dumped, hes 28 and hes finally waking the fuck up and realizing that he needs to prioritize himself over random chicks that he will get oneitis with, and this is a great opportunity for him to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Best thing you can do is let a girl go, once they know that you will, they go nuts, and by then you've moved on as why the fuck would you keep the shitty ones around?

Great job. Keep it up. The world, and particularly your generation, needs more guys who will become real men instead of soul-sucked weaklings.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 6 Points 8 months ago

Comments like these are motivating me alot, I can't thank you and the Redpill enough. It just triggers me how feminized our generarion is, I'm trying to stand out and bring some masculine energy into my enviroment

[-] TheDonCap 11 Points 8 months ago

Be active on posting some of your experiences on this page man, it’d be interesting to follow.
I’m 22 only beginning to practice RP. Couldn’t imagine how far I’d go if I was as young as you, especially with knowing what you’ve come to already grasped.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 7 Points 8 months ago

I'm willing to do that, whenever I experience something that's postworthy!

[-] Platfus 8 Points 8 months ago

Hey my dude! Got dumped month before my 19 by a LTR of 3.5 years and that was a whole year ago. Approaching 20 now and I can't believe the changes. This is a great post for all the youngsters (myself included), who think they've won the lottery with the first one. My sex per week may have decreased, but I am feeling much better.
Hit the gym, learn a new skill and and most importantly: get your eductation (at least on some level)

[-] WildcardShaco_ 9 Points 8 months ago

Once we learn, that we only need ourselves to be happy, we start enjoying life much more.

I'm getting my A-Levels this schoolyear. Planning to go to university afterwards.

[-] Platfus 4 Points 8 months ago

Since this thread blew up I have a question as a fellow teen. How do you close the deal? I suppose you still live with parents? Also not sure if you’re from the US but here in Europe we can go to clubs with no problems and can drink, making it probably much easier. That being said, I still won’t take that HB8 to my parents’ home.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 2 Points 8 months ago

Hey! I'm from Europe aswell and still live with my parents. I close the deal by escalating at the right time. You know, strong eye contact, teasing, touching. If she replies to that with touching you too and being flirty, the cake usually been baked. I mean you can lead the chick out the club if she's into you. I'm not into outdoor fucking haha. I've actually been at the club only one time so far, I will write another field report when I visit it a second time, in around 2 weeks or so. Alcohol might make it alot easier, but you don't want to be that guy who only manages to pull drunk girls. The two times I actually had sex with the girls, wasn't when I was at the club. I just invited them over for Netflix, after I met them on birthdays, and followed basically the same escalation concept I described before. Much more comfortable and much more body contact. It's your decision if you want to bring thr HB8 to your parents home, my parents don't actually care.

[-] Deathrow22 1 Point 8 months ago

I‘m 19 and my parents would beat me up if i‘m fucking a girl at my parents home while they‘re at home lmao. I would suggest to go over the girls place or if you have a car you can fuck in the car.

Or if you have the money and the girls is down for it book a hotel room together. I did this myself one time it‘s pretty nice. You don‘t have to clear anything up or something and can have a long time lol

[-] caneyfan 8 Points 8 months ago

Congrats on awakening young. You’ll be walking through life with your eyes wide open now. I lost myself in her frame while married in my mid 30s. Different age, same results (divorce). Biology doesn’t discriminate. I cringe at who I was just a few years ago. I got lucky and made it out of the marriage unscathed compared to most people I know.

[-] kiwifx 7 Points 8 months ago

I'm laughing right now. No idea how much frame or game you actually have, but you seem to have had the typical BP to RP transformation, including break-up, all within 6 months and possibly before you're able to legally drink.

We old bastards are all glad we found TRP, but we'd be a whole lot more glad if we hadn't wasted a few decades getting here.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 3 Points 8 months ago

I've been lurking into TRP from time to time but started around 6 months ago to actually apply it more or less, but pussy makes us youngsters sometimes to percieve everything with a bluepilled mindset.

you seem to have had the typical BP to RP transformation, including break-up, all within 6 months and possibly before you're able to legally drink.

It's actually true

[-] Raknith 6 Points 8 months ago

It's great that you have learned this at 18.

[-] Aestheticcunt1996 6 Points 8 months ago

„A real man would take his girlfriend back“ LOL @ this one???? I can‘t help but laugh when I see women supporting each other in their hypergamic imperative so overtly. It‘s a shaming tactic which aims at manipulating you into the relationship with her, as you rightly see. Stepping back into that relationship again would mean she succeeded in manipulating you. I don‘t think you will, but: DON‘T DO IT!

Another thought concerning the quote: Gender is a social construct and feminism is there to compensate gender-based disadvantages in different environments. But in this case, you are a „real man“ when you take her back. Feminism only when it helps women; conservative gender understanding only when it helps women - I don‘t know but something seems odd there to me ????

[-] mrthrowaway413 5 Points 8 months ago

Go to college and spend that time well. Dorm if you can, its a different world for 4 years. It is its own secluded giant social circle, and with TRP you can navigate it much better than others your age I assure you.

Refer to my post about 2 years ago or so when I thanked the redpill at around 18, I'm 20 now and while I thought I knew a lot then, I know much more now, and in a few years I'll say that again.

You can always learn more more, congrats on you for starting early, it is probably one of the best decisions you will make in your life.

Edit: Oh and join a fraternity if you can. But the right one, don't go to a fraternity that is going to kill you in a pledge process. Its easily avoided if you just meet the brothers

[-] gains_o_clock 3 Points 8 months ago

18 y/o hear as well, discovered when I was early 17 I think. I am very grateful I got to this now instead of 10-20 years later and become some of the horror stories I read on here. Good luck with your journey bro!

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] d3g4d0 3 Points 8 months ago

Bang your ex again. Who cares? Or don't. IDGAF.

[-] Sexandswishers 3 Points 8 months ago

“It was fun while it lasted, but my turn is over” right on brother! Keep doing you. I’m planning on leaving my LTR soon. Good shit.

[-] InArt 2 Points 8 months ago

Real shit dude. Thanks for posting. Recently broke up with my girlfriend and in a shitty situation right now. Glad you got on the other side of it, and it doesn't matter what age you are as long as you understand the reality of women. I mean i guess the earlier you find out the more time you have to cultivate yourself to higher standards.

Keep it up!

[-] the-elixir 2 Points 8 months ago

I’m glad you are figuring it all out at a young age. I’m 21 and just discovered TRP 6 months ago. I had a terrible case of oneitis with this girl I lost my virginity to 2 years ago. Been obsessing over this dumb bitch for way too long. I dug deep into this sub, worked on self-improvement, and got rejected 30+ times on campus in two weeks to get over my fear of it. I got laid last night for the first time in way too long, and I am going on a date tomorrow with a different girl that I am certain wants me to blow her back out. God bless TRP.

[-] UpperRedSide 2 Points 8 months ago

I had a crash course on female behavior at age 17, thanks to a handful of female coworkers at my first, second, and third jobs. What I discovered left me shocked.

As an introspective individual, I noticed rather quickly that there was a chasm between the mainstream narrative and the real world truth which could not be closed.

So I searched.

It didn't take me long to end up here, swallowing the pill.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] oooKenshiooo 1 Point 8 months ago

Holy shit man, what would I give to have realized what you realized at that age. Please go out there and slay!

[-] marcusmccambridge 1 Point 8 months ago

You sound pretty blessed at 18. I'm 17 myself but all I'm doing is reading this sub and be an awkward angry fucker at school day to day

[-] javiercer20 1 Point 8 months ago

This man is going to be a king soon

[-] A_solo_tripper 1 Point 8 months ago

I'm glad you realized that you fell into her frame and lost yours. This happens a lot, A LOT! With men and women.

If you found your life is better without your ex, don't get back with her. You can keep her as a friend, now that you know the game.

Also, this isn't a field report in a traditional sense. A field report is generally a detailed experience of a day going out with the sole purpose of picking up women. It'll likely start out as "Yesterday, I decided to go to the mall/club/bar to pick up some women. The first women I talked to yadda yadda yadda."

[-] Lantisca 1 Point 8 months ago

Bless you man. Keep doing you. I'm sure there's a few of us who wish we'd picked up on TRP at your age.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] moltenw 1 Point 8 months ago

> Looks at username


Fellow LoL player I see, a dirty shaco one at that haha.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 3 Points 8 months ago

I'm actually a Rengar OTP for 3 years now haha

[-] moltenw 2 Points 8 months ago

If I hadn't quit video games, I'd duo with you if you were on EUW. Was a 2 trick Akali/Master yi at Diamond 1 20 points in season 3 when I was 14, which is a literal equivalent to Master these days, I think.

Anyways, short and simple post that probably helps some people here. Good start.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 2 Points 8 months ago

Damn sounds pretty good. I'm barely playing actually but managed to place myself in Plat 5. I'm even EUW haha

[-] WiFi-X 1 Point 8 months ago

Yeah man, you don't need that girl anymore. Tell her to get real already.


Or better yet, tell her to fuck off.

[-] therealpkg 1 Point 8 months ago

Them: "A real man would take his girlfriend back."

You: "THOT ain't my girlfriend."

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] uebermacht 1 Point 8 months ago

Good FR!
Reminds me of contributions of /u/TRPKiddo :)
Thouths from the anger phase

[-] M-em-o 1 Point 8 months ago

Atta boy. I too began to slip into a girls frame, caught myself literally today and this post gave me the support i needed. Never doubt the ability this community has of giving support.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 2 Points 8 months ago

We're all in this together

[-] AnimaCorpusLucra 1 Point 8 months ago

you're on the right path bro, keep up the good work and get the life you want

[-] Theseus_The_King 1 Point 8 months ago

You've got a good head upon you shoulders kid, keep it up!

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] kylerosa21 0 Points 8 months ago

Currently 20 and learning this. I have a really good idea of how things work now that sometimes it feels natural, but I don't want to be arrogant and call myself a natural.

We're basically in the same boat here, besides the 2 year age difference. Good job man. Keep it up and we'll be right there alongside you

[-] Kyoruzo 0 Points 8 months ago

As a 15yo starting his journey, I'm impressed. What are some key points you changes in your behavior and mentality ? Like a sort of before and after.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 8 Points 8 months ago

+Get into in martial arts. Something like boxing or Muay Thai. Helps you to build confidence, a athletic body and in emergency you can defend yourself. You get alot of respect, ofc you shouldn't try to swagger around with it obviously. Also it keeps you busy. Helped me to reduce the amount of time I spent playing video games for example.

+Eat healthy. You feel as good as your food is imo. If you eat alot of shit, you will feel like shit

+Surround yourself with people who got their shit together, which are true friends, so you have some back up, if you feel sick or mad about something. If you spend your time with 5 losers, you'll probably end up to be the 6th. But don't look for fake friends. You can laugh with everyone but only trust a few.

+Talk to girls. About anything literally. Start off with some in your class, bring some jokes on the table, just don't try too hard. The more often you talk to them, the more relaxed you get. You won't have any problems approaching chicks on a party then for example. Just don't get emotionally invested in any girl, as this generation is basically hypogamous.

+Don't drink (alot)/ smoke/do drugs. I sometimes drink a bit of alcohol on parties, not too much, so I still can think and act clearly. Smoking kills your lungs and I literally have no idea why you would do so. I didn't have one cigarette in my mouth yet. Don't get me started about drugs.

  • And I guess to hold your frame and have an abundance mindset. You don't owe anybody anything. Be egoistic and focused on yourself. Be confident, even a little bit cocky.

Mainly stay focused on yourself, and try to improve everyday. I'm far from perfect, but I'm sure these can help. Hit me up if you need anything

[-] Kyoruzo 1 Point 8 months ago

Thanks for the advice. I definitely need to get into martial arts. But I have problem finding quality friends in my new class. I have ~10 frienda from 8 years ago I still talk with daily but didn't find good personalities in my class. A bit of a problem if you ask me.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 2 Points 8 months ago

You don't need quality friends in class, imo. Just don't befriend people whose mentality don't match with yours. There are a lot of people outside your school you should probably meet

[-] EPGMDAWG -1 Point 8 months ago

If he requires to make numbers up for validation thats fine, as long as he realises that this isnt the “right” way as hard work and experience is the only way, but if he is talking legit then good on him, wish i stumbled the RP at 18

[-] Questionnaire7 -10 Point 8 months ago

Eh you recognized that you messed up and now you hold that as resentment against her? How.

Getting back with her isnt the worst idea. Don't do it if you dont want too but you shouldnt be pinning your self identified error on her.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 3 Points 8 months ago

I guess that's a valid point.

I don't want to get into detail with the disrepectful part, but it left a bad image of her in my head, I don't want or even need to change. She can do whatever she pleases to do, but I'm not interested in any more contact with her

[-] Questionnaire7 0 Points 8 months ago

Then dont get back with her. I think its senselessly negative to blame this on her.

Down votes on my comment are TRPrs going through the hatred stage :)

[-] Garathon 0 Points 8 months ago

He shouldn't get back with her because she fucked up and wasted her shot. It's a matter of dignity - he has many, better options. Why go back to something that didn't work? That smells of neediness

[-] [deleted] -12 Point 8 months ago


[-] Jaythe4th 35 Points 8 months ago

All girls are slutty if they find you attractive.

[-] AugustosGlup 4 Points 8 months ago

that my friend is the truth

[-] [deleted] -5 Point 8 months ago


[-] Garathon 2 Points 8 months ago

I'm sorry for you, that you need to project your shortcomings on others.

[-] WildcardShaco_ 15 Points 8 months ago

A solid mix of both your options made this possible. On 4 of the occasions it just got down to a bj or less

[-] [deleted] -7 Point 8 months ago


[-] idfctarro 7 Points 8 months ago

If you don’t have an ugly ass face, you don’t need to lift for 3 years to be attractive

[-] sea_weasel 12 Points 8 months ago


That's a very modest number for a young man engaged in a dynamic social environment, and if he's actively pursuing plates.

[-] SenorSwole 9 Points 8 months ago

The fuck are you talking about? It’s not hard when you’re RP’d

[-] [deleted] -4 Point 8 months ago


[-] scriptkiddie1337 10 Points 8 months ago

it is believable. Even learning basic PUA can get you a lot of snatcharoo

[-] daveed1297 3 Points 8 months ago

You sound salty that he's getting some and you never did. I know plenty of guys myself included that this isn't that crazy, but yes you have to be attractive and have game.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 8 months ago


[-] Garathon 2 Points 8 months ago

You're just talking shit out of your ass. You have no fucking idea how much ass other guys had in highschool.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 8 months ago


[-] whydib 0 Points 8 months ago

word did get around just not to you.

[-] NorthEasternNomad 7 Points 8 months ago


In High School, this is cake. Young, in shape, confident and just enough bad boy to get attention. Easy.

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[-] NorthEasternNomad 2 Points 8 months ago

The norm? No. Doesn't mean it was hard.