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- Hide Preview | 226 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by alphasquatch50 [Post Locked]

Lena is one of our bartenders, not a particularly competent one, but absolutely stunning, the whole package, from her petty green eyes to her pretty pink toe-nails. Lena “dates” the AMOG in our club, the MMA fighter I mentioned in an earlier post. I think she honestly believes he belongs to her, even though she is no more than a plate to him, albeit a hot one. When she is off on a Friday or Saturday night, taking care of her 2yo from another Alpha, he invariably shows up and leaves with 1-3 of the hottest semen-receptacles in attendance.

I have watched this going on since May.

Three weeks ago, she posted a picture of her bruised and swollen face; she looked like a bloated trash-panda. Evidently, her current Alpha had tried to kill her; at least that was her account. The white-knighting which followed was unprecedented. Almost a hundred guys gnashed their social-media teeth and wailed. Many of them promised to fuck our villain up, laughable considering I know most of them to be the throng of effete and flabby followers who leer across the bar at her every weekend. When I went to work the next Saturday, the beat-down was all the irate staff could talk about. I have to admit I was a bit angry too. One of the waitresses said, “I bet you could kick his ass; you should go find him for Lena when he get out on bail.”

For about a minute I considered it, but then changed my mind, partly because I wasn’t 100% sure I could do the job, but mostly because my wise wife whispered, “that’s not really your business; that’s what the cops are for.”

At any rate, everyone was livid ... well, everyone but Phil, our oldest bouncer. When he remarked, “there’s two sides to every story,” he immediately became a pariah.

Later that night I asked Phil what he meant and he told me the other side.

Phil lives in the same apartment complex at Lena, and it was him who Lena called the night of the incident. According to Phil, when he got there, Mr. MMA was sitting on his tailgate in the parking lot with his head in his hands. Phil walked past him and into Lena’s apartment. She was sitting on the couch crying with an obviously broken nose. Phil told Lena to call the police.

He went back to the lot to confront the abuser and when he looked at his face he couldn’t believe the claw-marks, scratches and dried blood.

MMA guy said he came to see Lena after a night about and when he came in the door, she confronted him about where he had been and latched on to his face like a hungry feline. MMA guy swore he threw one half-hearted chop which unfortunately had struck Lena on the bridge of her nose. Within a few minutes the cops took the pugilist away in cuffs.

My first response to Phil was, “he’s a 200lb pro fighter and she’s only a 120lb bartender with big tits.”

Then he showed me a pic of his face. Holy shit! It looked as if he had tangled with a Wolverine. He even had a large piece of pink nail broken off in his cheek. (Yeah, I know wolverines rarely wear pink, but still.)

Of course Lena told the police, and everyone else, that she scratched him because he was on top of her trying to kill her.

I wasn’t there, and I don’t know exactly what happened, but since MMA guy is a professional and had a fight with another guy a few years ago, the District Attorney said he was going do his best to make sure he would serve at least 10 years.

Be careful out there boys.