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- Hide Preview | 92 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by TrenGod37 [Post Locked]

Along with my post about overthinking, overcomplicating things (especially when it comes to meeting new women) happens entirely way to much on this sub. Sure we can go into depth about every text message, every little detail of an interaction. It makes for a good topic but it really isn't doing shit for your overall outcome. Pretty much everything you can think of when it come down to success with women, boils down to having these two things in check.

  1. Strong Frame - Confidence and a good vibe
  2. Non-neediness - Carefree and outcome independent

If you have these two things in check, you don't need to go into detail about every other little thing. These two things pretty much cover what mind frame you need when it comes to success with women. I'm not talking about the physical aspects we all know what they involve (lifting, style, hygiene, etc).

1. Strong Frame

The ability to recognize and pass all shit tests (Very important and there are TONS of post on this so I won't go into it). Create a good vibe and be a lot of fun, down to earth and relaxed. Be confident in who you are and what you like no matter what that is.

I see post about "only text girls for logistics and already have something going on and invite her to it." Yes this is showing good frame but this isn't the only way to do things. I text girls "what days are you free this week" this sub would have a heart attack if I told them I do this. But guess what if she says a day and I'm busy. I tell her I'm busy that day. Or I suggest a day I'm off and see if she's free. This has worked way more for actually getting her to hangout than saying. "I'm doing this on Tuesday I'd like you to join." Does this work? It has before but not always and not anymore than other ways.

The reason I'm saying this is because a lot of different shit can work for getting women. So to sit here and say only do this or say exactly that is overcomplicating things. We're turning newbies to this sub into robots. They read, "do this" and it gets a bunch of upvotes. And that's then all they do and never know if other ways can work better for them.

Tied in with this is being congruent in your actions, thoughts, and words. If you're congruent and confident with who you are, when you approach or no matter what you say. It's going to come off better than if you "say the right thing" but it's not something you would normally say or what you were told to say.

I've told women my career (I make good money) and have got both good and bad reactions to it. I have brought women home with no food in my fridge because I was broke as shit and still fucked them and had them want to date me. I have done everything "by the book" and failed/succeeded and went against the grain and succeeded/failed.

Instead of focusing on all the little details of everything you do (which will end up making your head explode anyway) just worry about keeping a strong frame and a good vibe. The women who react well to that are the ones you want in your life anyway. And the ones who don't, fuck em there are so many hot women out there. Move on.

You want to be unique that's what makes women want you over every other guy out there. And following or saying exactly what someone else told you to say is never going to get you there.

Side note - Now I know someone is going to say well I have been doing things my way and it never got me anywhere. And almost always the problem is you haven't been doing things YOUR way. It's the way society has programmed you, the way your mommy taught you, you should be. It has no connection to the deep roots of your masculinity. It's an expectation you have been programmed to have of yourself of how you should be acting instead of what you really want.

2. Non-neediness

Don't need anything from her. Don't expect anything from her. She can either join you on your sick adventure through life or she can miss out. Its not your responsibility and is a waste of time/energy to try and tweak every thing you do to better your chances of getting her. You don't fucking know what is going on with her emotionally or who she is, or what she will response to.

Do things for you, the way you want to do them and don't put an expectation of what people should be giving you in return. This is needy and unattractive.

I have a plate who already has a boyfriend. Shows up to an event with her EX boyfriend. Leaves both of them to sleep with me. Why? I didn't ask or care but she told me anyway. She said because "you do things your way, you do what you want to do and don't care what anyone says or does. And that's so fucking hot"

I could have been trying to "win her over" with her ex there. I could have tried to Overcomplicate things and over thought of the right things to say. But instead I didn't give a fuck. I did my own thing and her and all our friends followed me. She saw me having a blast, even in a weird situation for most men. We went to a bar I was dragging hot women to the dance floor. Meanwhile her ex was being anti social with everyone and lame as shit if you ask me. She lied to her friends about where she was going and came and fucked and sucked my god damn nuts out of my dick that night.

Have an abundance mentality fellas, this will allow you to not act needy. Realize and create a life filled with abundance. There's tons of women out there, never tweak yourself for just one or any for that matter.

I always would consider myself as somewhat of a "natural" and it wasn't until I started to overthink and Overcomplicate things for myself by reading what to do and not do on this sub that I started fucking myself up. Sometimes it pays to take a break from this shit. Get in touch with yourself, get these two things in check and figure out what works for you.

I'm also not saying don't learn from your mistakes either. When something doesn't work, learn from it and try it a different way. I'm not saying don't think about this stuff at all. I'm saying don't overcomplicate it and think every single text message or response has to be "alpha" or over analyzed. Or just because you didn't say the right thing is the reason she didn't fuck you. Or because one girl didn't respond well that another one won't. Stop trying to be perfect and afraid to fail.

TL;DR a slightly overcomplicated post about not overcomplicating things.

Have a strong frame, be a fun time, and have a good vibe. Don't be needy, be care free and outcome independent. Other than that you're overcomplicating things.