After deregulating the sexual market we saw a transition away from monogamous matriarchy, which has been the societal order for almost 2,000 years. This system has been instated by the Roman Empire and then perpetuated by the Roman-Catholic Church, before the availability of contraceptives essentially abolished it.

Monogamous matriarchy has several advantages for the ruling powers. It requires one man to pair up with one woman permanently. The men are required to provide for the women and that requirement can be taxed. The leftover men can be drafted as cannon-fodder into wars.

These small and powerless "family units" can be kept in tight control, which is the reason why the Roman Empire together with the church leaders chose this model. These units never grow large enough to become dangerous to the power structure. That's why even after the Roman Empire disappeared, the church kept this model around.

Now we're in a transition back to polygynous patriarchy, which was the previous system in the Western world. In that system there are two classes of women: wives and concubines. Both have to work for men. This is also mirrored in the corporate world, were women essentially are concubines of their corporate bosses, even if what they're doing is something different than sex work.

The slurs used to enforce the old order don't make much sense after the transition. For example being a "corporate whore" isn't even connotated negatively and the "incel" unable to acquire an exclusive matriarch needs just a $100 bill to get his concubine. The top 3 % men, patriarchs, gather both men and women (wives and concubines) around them and build powerful tribal empires instead of having to submit to religious elites or egalitarian governments.

The common narrative to sell monogamous matriarchy is that the remaining 97 % of men are losers in a polygynous patriarchy. However looking closer that's not really true. The remaining 97 % of men aren't weighted down by the burden of marriage, they don't have to provide and that not existing provision cannot be taxed either. Enforced monogamous matriarchy means that a man has no sex without entering marriage first, that doesn't apply once monogamous matriarchy is abolished completely.

In fact in a fully developed polygynous patriarchy it's mostly women who are working, and do so exclusively for men, that means if any government wants to collect taxes, they have to tax women instead of men. Men are mostly free to do whatever they want. Covert concubinages are already a reality described with terms like "LTR", since marriage has been abolished by most men.

tl;dr: The polygynous patriarchy in the process of being established in the West now is a total win for men (all of them): They gain real freedom from government control, taxes and provision requirements, while women do the majority of work. The top 3 % are going to have tribal empires on par with small countries.