Our modern western culture has nailed in our heads the belief that the woman’s love comes by mere retribution to our love and desire. On this way, it would be enough if we sincerely loved them so that we would be reciprocated. This error caused a lot of damage.

In fact, the woman, except exceptionally, loves no man in himself and by himself but rather the attractive features that he has. When the man presents certain attributes that correspond to the feminine craziness the woman says she loves him. In fact, she is fascinated by the attributes that she has encountered. We are not loved for who we are but for what they desire and imagine that we are:

“The women are psychics seeing her beloved more as eros, in his role of god of love, than as the man they know and could love for what he is.” (JOHNSON, 1987)

If there appear in front of them a hundred men with the same attributes (or some even better at their eyes) they will all be madly loved and at the same time. The cheating is not exclusive nor higher masculine propensity, as everyone believes. This is pure prejudice against us. This prejudice dictates that we are all barefaced cowards while they are all little saints.

All females are highly selective but this does not mean that they are naturally faithful or monogamous. They only want to offer their sex to those who look better in their eyes. They are highly selective and they get the best what they can. They are not like us, which look like pigs and eat any crap.

To understand this dynamic we have to understand which are the feminine selective criteria. Be prepared because I will dissect it without pity

When the woman is young and, at the same time, silly, her main selective criterion is the emphasis given by the imprestability, the delinquency, and by the boy’s clothes and car brands. The superman archetype is still not matured in her imagination and her poor brain makes it believe that the worst will be the best. At this stage, the good and sincere, who truly love them, are rejected and ridiculed. When happens the miracle of being accepted, is only for the function of emotional slaves and nothing else, and because there was not really any little rich playboy accessible nearby. Then, in the future, she mess herself, becomes pregnant, loses her beauty, youth and attractions and, of course, the guy who had been chosen exchange her by another brand new, abandoning it without protection. Then the woman will wake up but, at this stage will be more “ugly” and therefore, less demanding, accepting the sincere. In other words: emotionally honest ones eat the rest rejected by the playboys and sleazes.

About the height: women are never fascinated by men who are inferior. This can be seen, for example, by their taste to men who are taller or at least as tall as them. The men who marry much taller women must gather a great sum of other attributes to be superior to the big ones and avoid the horns. Between two absolutely equal suitors in everything, less in height, the preferred will be the highest.

However, do not believe that only height is enough. The female is crazy to give their sex to superior men in any sense but, if the guy is superior only in height, will also take horn. Most of the committed women whom a colleague of mine had conquered belong it to tall men and he was short. It turns out that they often engage exclusively only with the tall guys when they are still very young and, at the same time, silly but later discover that they are normal human beings and can sometimes be so childish, stupid, coarse and uninteresting as the shorts. How madly they want to give sex for a superman, they put horn in the gorilla if appears a smarter chimpanzee that knows how to seduce them.

What every woman wants, unconsciously, is to be amazed, to lose reason completely. But she only does this with whom she considers special. So, if you want some, what you have to do is to stand out in their eyes in a positive way, preferably, or negative, if no other resource is available. But it takes skill to do that. Do not go out boasting because they will simply mock and you will look like an idiot.

To begin with, the man must have real attractions and not simply pretend to have them. If you think that only by pretending will be able to eat all of them, then, you can throw your brain in the toilet and flush it because you are very mistaken. The woman will watch you and will perceive your pretense and your weaknesses through your attitudes. Then will pretend to be deceived and then will screw you over somehow.

The fact that women generally do not address the problems of life by the rational and intellectual way does not in any way mean that they are not very intelligent, but on the contrary, it indicates that they are much more intelligent than us, because in the dangerous field of love it is not the intellect that counts but the capacity to not be emotionally destroyed and also, unfortunately, the ability to attain the other in the feelings. The intellect must be passive:

“The intellect is a beautiful servant, but a terrible master. It is the instrument of power of our separateness.” (DASS, 1997, p. 201)

The intellect only serves to analyze, classify, identify causes and consequences, systematize, argue, theorize for, finally and after all this, comprehend and understand. However, all this is secondary in the war of passion because instinct is much faster.

The man who conceives intelligence only intellectually, underestimates the power of intuition and emotional intelligence, which it will not always be used for good and may even destroy you emotionally. The ability to intuit is related to sensitivity (KANT, 1992), which is highly developed in women, which does not mean that this cognitive faculty is intrinsically selfless.

This greater emotional and intuitive intelligence in women makes that they will almost always win the war of love. The ability and how often they win is so great that they usually give this victory as certain. The men often underestimates the feminine intelligence by visible absence of analytical teor, conceptual, argumentative, etc, in its behaviors and that is why they screwed up themselves. The error may sometimes be fatal.

The women are not stupid as men think, induced by appearance. They are highly intelligent. Just pretend naivete to appear foolish because they deceive them and may claim ignorance and lack of understanding about what they do. Their intelligence takes place in a way that we barely perceive to exist and which they purposely hide us from. The feminine intelligence is predominantly emotional and not intellectual. They are so smart that they can convince anyone when they pretend naivety, innocence and ignorance. The feminine illogicality is a sign of cleverness and not of lack of intelligence.

The interesting male to the feminine eye is the one who stands out positively as broadly as possible. They want to make love to a blend of the mythical superhuman hero and the villain of the pink-color-romances, and water-with-sugar novels. This is the ideal man. Watch it and study it because there is the key. This is the “main monkey of the bunch”. Do not be deceived into thinking that goodness will be recognized.

In the Paleolithic, the ideal man was physically stronger and stiff because it gave the feeling of protection. Today this attribute has been transferred to other spheres but in essence it remains the same because the woman wants a man who gives the sense of security in many ways. If you doubt, it is enough to observe the outstanding men: artists, businessmen, gangsters and others. They own real harems.:

“The objective observation and with no prejudices of reality show to us that there are only a few categories of men who have beautiful women: charismatic leaders, millionaires, famous stars, great actors, great directors, and gangsters.

The beauty, great beauty, is inexorably drawn to power, and power inexorably tends to monopolize it. It is this deep, ancestral bond, but always alive and renewed, that makes ordinary men prudent.” (ALBERONI, 1986/undated, page 32)

If you are shy, fearful, sentimental, sensitive or needy and wants to be like this forever, stubbornly refusing to change, give up because women are not for you. Renounce your masculinity and forget them, because fragility is a feminine attribute and not a masculine one. Of course, we males have limits and weaknesses, but they do not want to see them. They want to know only our strengths, our attractions. They are intolerant of our weaknesses and frailties, although they say the opposite.

If you are not willing to be strong and is not inwardly brave, it is best to give up being a man and become a butterfly… or else change your mind and be willing to gain courage

A first attribute that drives the females mad is the masculine ability in making money. This is because they have an ancestral instinct to unconscious prostitution since the paleolithic and they want to give the sex for those who have greater material resources, as well as females of other mammals. The prostitution is the oldest female carrer that exists and we should not have prejudices against prostitutes. Of course no smarty will assume this and will even simulate outrage but the observation will reveal it with mathematical accuracy. Note that richer males have the ones that others would like to have. Verify such fact and then conclude for yourself whether or not I am lying about it. But make no mistake: if you only have money and nothing else, it will also carry horns because she will not be filled. In case you just want to have fun without compromise, there will be no problem, but do not invent for yourself to marry because you will be used only to be a material provider and other guys will take her to the motel.

A second attractive attribute is indifference. If you keep flerting like a desperate, the only thing you will accomplish is to making them believe that you are incompetent and unskilled in conquest, a mere harasser. The fascinating man does not attack, does not flert and does not touch anyone. It simply exists with its attractions and observes them as if is not observing, keeping himself indifferent while they go mad. Search and narrows the contact without having any pretension.

If you are already regularly interacting with a delicious woman, a good way to achieve indifference is to work in the death of the egos involved in passion. When your partner starts with games, tests and sessions of mental torture, do not occupy your mind with it and you will see that soon she will be after you, madly.

These guys who keep touching women on the streets, harassing them in every place, chasing them or passing their hands without them to authorize are no more than incompetent beasts. It is because of them that it is so difficult to win the hottest, who think men are all alike.

A third attribute is to be sociable. You see, you must be indifferent but friendly. If you get retracted, hatching egg in your house and waiting for some beautiful creature to fall from the sky with the vagina open above your head, you will age grouchy. You must meet many women, be a real friend and gradually become more and more intimate. In order to make her crazy to give you sex, you have to go talk to her about herself, understanding it more and more. Soon she will be telling you her intimacies. Do not judge her.

The women, as well as men, have a gigantic need to be understood without understanding the other. But do not think that this means we should do everything they want. When man really understands the feminine psyche, knows all its malice and tests. You should know that, if you be submissive, you will be considered a poor guy who needs to be better than her in every field to be attractive.

A fourth attribute is intelligence. A dumb guy is a good-for-nothing. But do not go boasting of erudition because it will also become irritant. Learn to measure what you say, be deep in dialogue and have her life in the center of the conversation, as if you knew her better than she does. Try to study, have at least a reasonable degree of instruction, so that the feminine unconscious considers you superior to the other hominids.

A fifth attribute is the highlight. Any male standing before a group is desired by the females of the flock. The lecturers, for example, when they are good and impressive, they almost always draw some sluts of the audience. The messiest kids are the school’s hotties because they challenge authority and serve the collective longing of fool adolescents, standing out in this way. The same happens with great men who are genius leaders, for good or bad, and stand out, like Che Guevara, gangsters, business owners or gang leaders, famous artists etc, which are also eminent from the others. But it does not have to you to come to that… just be better than your rivals in the right aspects.

A sixth attribute is speech. Try to intonate your voice and use the words in a very masculine and superior way, but not coarse. Avoid swearing or talking as if you were a country man or an illiterate. If your degree is low, get your act together, train and start reading to enrich your vocabulary (without using words that sound weird). Avoid also an unmasculine speech. If you live with women a lot, take careful for not to unconsciously introject intonations and expressions of women in speech.

A seventh attribute is the decision. The women like men determined, who take actions. You know those guys who take the right attitude when it comes to the crunch, when no one knows what to do? So… Do not be hesitant. Always do the right thing. For example, show firmness to achieve work, to achieve personal and material achievements. Do not stay hesitating or she will take it for a bundle.

The more “beautiful” the woman is, the harder to deal with and the more fussy she is. The more “ugly”, the easier. Unfortunately, the social value of women is given by their physical beauty and the most beautiful women are usually the most complicated to relate to. The beautiful women are hardly for marriage. In general, it seems to me, they are mere pieces of meat and serve only for sex because they can easily commit adultery when better males than you come close. The “ugly” woman is more suitable for marriage because, as she has no choice, she is more reluctant to cheating, although they also have the ancient natural tendency to unconscious prostitution. Eliane Calligaris describes this tendency of the unconscious in a interesting way:

“Many women find barriers to share their sexual fantasies with the man they love. Sometimes they imagine, ‘What will he think of me? Will he continue to love me as the wife and mother of his children?’ (Calligaris, 2006)

“The fantasy of prostitution allows the woman to develop her sexuality without the strings of her father and give herself to the relationship with a man or even with a woman” (Calligaris, 2006)

“If she establishes for the other man the same value of desire she ascribed to her father, she will have to be just a lady — and not sexually surrender to him [which explains the husbands’ claim that wives remain distant] because the last thing she wants to lose is love [received unilaterally, however], but the woman can also understand the opposite: when she must overcome the desire for her father, she feels betrayed and thinks this: I want all men in the place of one. So she chooses another option, that of the prostitute, not the real prostitution, but the surrender to unknown men [and, therefore, it is the one who does not let himself be known, the mysterious, which arouses the sexual attraction, and not the sincere person who shows himself and lets himself to know].” (Calligaris, 2006)

“The love relationship between a man and a woman can be pernicious because it produces an intimacy between two people that should never happen, the desire is ashamed to exist, the prostitute is the one who does not ask where the man comes from. It is a stranger. The men like to be in this position.” (Calligaris, 2006)

In prostitution, unconscious fantasies related to the total sexual delivery exteriorizes (Calligaris, 2005). We should not nurture negative feelings against prostitutes; they simply fulfill a important social function and, as regards the sincerity of the love feelings and faithfulness, they show themselves as they are from the beginning, not deceiving anyone. No man could protest against a prostitute, accusing her of cheating on his feelings for having maintained sexual relationships with other men, that would be simply ridiculous. In this sense, they are very honest, unlike the smart ones who want to look like naive, pure, holy and faithful.

If you think that some woman will love you out of pity, simply because it want to repay your love and desire, you are lost. They do not love after you give the heart, just pretend to love it before the self-giving.

Such women are envious and evil. The guys who think they are going conquering them on being nice just screw themselves. These women torture them and lead them to madness. I know some who even killed themselves for it. And you think they felt sorry?

Envious by nature, these women throw themselves at a man when they see him accompanied by a beautiful girlfriend to take him. According to Claudia Pacheco (1987), what motivates them to this is envy. You can take advantage of this fact by getting a beautiful girlfriend or paying some pretty chaperone to walk with you somewhere where there are one that you want to conquer. In this way, the unconscious of your “prey” will believe that if you have a wonderful and superior female, you can only be very good. Then you will have it conquered.

Evil as they are, they tirelessly subject the man to tests and sessions of disguised mental torture to know their reactions. They mark dates and do not attend, provoke jealousy with attitudes of kindness to other males without admitting it, they promise wonders in the sexual field and they do not fulfill it, etc, all with the purpose of seeing the reactions of the man. The most interesting is the game of approach and move away which they do to make the man confused, insecure and crazy. For all this, it is extremely important to not fall in love but sometimes, pretending perfectly that you are in love, at least until you sign well the bond. The passionate is seen as a dying man worthy of pity and women are not attracted to poor people.

If you are not in love, you will go through all these tests and the woman will surrender, beaten. But for this it is important that you have eliminated at least a good part of the psychic aggregates involved in the passion to be able to endure, otherwise will bend the knee. When the games happen, accompany them without disturbance. As she approaches, receive her and when she walks away, pretending to despise you, ignore her until she comes back.

The man who becomes emotionally dependent causes revulsion. Is seen as weak, as one who deserves only crumbs of love and for whom she will only make small erotic and affective “concessions” once a while, but will never fully surrender because in her eyes the self-giving is only intended for those who are inaccessible.

When a male is considered inaccessible or semi-inaccessible by his superiority, then awakens the craziest passions. The female will try by all possible means to knock him down, bring down and fold it. Will simulate fragility, sadness, vulnerability to try to stimulate the masculine protector instinct. If this fails, she will start teasing him with cleavage and short skirts, observing his reactions. She will try to irritate, embarrass, infuriate him… If none of this works, she will send out love letters, will call. Between these attempts, she can try to ridicule him to get revenge for being rejected. If the male accept it, should do it as if it were a mere momentary concession of his precious time and was not very interested in it.

What makes some of them so greedy for better males is their envious nature and its natural tendency to unconscious prostitution. They want the most prominent males to exhibit it and to obtain material guarantees. The feminine love smells like material goods and exhibitionism. Note that there are no enchanted beggars but only enchanted princes. Have you noticed?

All of this is part of the charming attributes of the superior man that women look after like crazy but almost never find it. In the background, it all boils down to working positively on the beliefs that they hold about us, installing them favorably and shielding ourselves against their spells, which are powerful and can not be underestimated. It is no wonder that medieval and islamic culture were prevented both against this refractory, ambiguous, fascinating, fleeting and delicious being!