Alright gentleman I have a burning question to ask.

I'm pretty new to the red pill but I don't have anything to complain regarding attraction and female attention. I do would love your insight about how to treat your 'friends' / 'brothers' in certain situations.

Since I'm dating this new girl and she comes over he always seems to make fun of me or play me down. He's a housemate. I know this is an easy way to have a sense of being an alpha male. I'm trying to stay grounded in these situations...

For example; I wanted to cook something and the cutting board disappeared. He says out loud: It always happens to him. He clears up but then forgets's where the stuff is.

The last time when he did this in front of me and the girl, I kinda used the method of over-exaggerating (About how unbelievably awesome he is) and it seemed to work. If he will do it again I chat with him in person next time and tell him straight up. But I'm wondering what to do in a situation when the girl you're dating is there?

I like him as a person but something seems off.. I also know that we as a man have this tendency to downplay man (in a fun kind of way), even if it's your friend.

Now, this doesn't seem to painfully but the intention behind this makes me wonder.. It seems to happen more and more where he wants to bring me off guard. I sense it quickly but can't seem to respond fast enough.

I do have a fear of somebody running off with my girl because this happened to my dad. I'm working on this core belief through inner child work!

I'm wondering: How would you react? What would you do in these kinds of situations? Or should I just calm the f*k down?

Thanks in advance!