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As a disclosure, psychoanalysis not an exact science and this is just my amateur interpretation. I am not an expert and I have not studied everything there is to know about these things, this is just my experience with it from a 2020 perspective.

If you've watched Jordan Peterson videos you'll probably like this post.

I have been very lucky. I've always had a gift to explore my unconscious through my dreams. Not at first, at first I was just like anyone else, forgetting them every night, but over time through trying to lucid dream I got better at it extremely quickly. After I began lucid dreaming, I realized I could learn much more about myself, and humanity in general, through interpreting my dreams. After reading Freud's book (which by the way, is extremely verbose, even translated from German) I started to look for certain things in my dreams and in other people and realized many patterns society openly mocks and rejects in our current time.


I found the best way to represent the aspects easily found in your dreams are with Jung's model of The Shadow and the Anima, I think Freud calls the Shadow the trickster, but it's harder to grasp what he actually represents from that view. These terms are very easy to understand initially and if you start working with your dreams you will realize these 2 are always in every dream you ever have, this is proven cross culturally, it is an aspect of men. [The Shadow] ( is the repressed, therefore unknown, aspects of the personality including those often considered to be negative. And The Anima is the contrasexual aspect of a man's psyche, his inner personal feminine conceived both as a complex and an archetypal image. There are many other aspects of the psyche that interact with these, but this is all we really need to know in this context.

To make it easy if you actually try to spot them in your dream, the shadow is whatever is telling you that you are not dreaming, or the main character in the play that is being enacted that is not you, and the Anima is the female in your dream. If there are multiple female's, its the most fuckable one, cmon, you know it when you see it. So you're going to say, "I've had tons of dreams without any women in them" the Anima was present regardless, either you forgot about the girl or she's represented through something inhuman. She mostly watches and is acted on, the Shadow will drive your attention away from her.

The Anima

Since we are men on a discussion board about successfully understanding women, the Anima is critical to this process. The Anima is technically a part of the Shadow, because you repress the outwardly feminine parts of yourself, which makes it harder to access. Think of it like this, it's a little portal into the women world in the very back of the dark parts of your psyche.

Your Anima will most likely resemble your mom, if your mom was (of course) not related to you, young and very fuckable. The reason for this is that she is the "ideal femaine" that gets worshiped and simped for so often these days, and putting her above yourself makes you look weak because it's an extension of saying "I will never access the woman because I am unable to navigate the darkness, and thus she will always be the most unattainable goal". This is why putting her a pedestal is cringey.

I am also lucky in this aspect because I can never identify with my Anima. Many men make the mistake of, through integrating their shadow, confuse the Anima as a part of themselves. I cannot do this because I am motherless. My mom was not in my life after I was around 4 years old. Thus, my Anima is an idealized breedable version of my older sister.

So do you have to be motherless for this to be easy for you? No, but you need for your family to have operated in your father's frame. And that is the determination of your homosexual potential.


How do men who transition to women play into this? Well it's simple, when things aren't working out for you, when society's standards are pressured on you so heavily you have to begin integrating the shadow, you have to start digging through the rejected parts of yourself to try to find what is missing to make you whole. All men do this, it is normal. When Transmen do this, they find the Anima and wholly identify with it. They take that portal to views perspective and hold it to their face and say "these are my eyes now". I don't want to be more transphobic than necessary, and I am in no way calling this group of people invalid or undeserving of love. I think they deserve more understanding than anyone due the unique phenomenological behavior. But this explains the massively displays of sexualization from this group, it is another rejected aspect of the self that is being, now, identified with.

Why being Gay/Trans can break families apart.

It is a rejection of the father's frame. Take the classic example of a nuclear christian family (Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter). Often the masculine father interprets his son's homosexuality as a betrayal, and society currently defines this as ignorance or a phobia or hate. It is not. It would never be taken so personally if were as simple as any of these emotions. The Son is supposed to inherit the father's believes of the world, master them, and build to them after the father passes, and gift them to his sons. This is a rejection of those beliefs and identifying the mother of more importance than the father. "Yeah Dad acts tough, but Mom runs everything behind the scenes, he's useless without her" would be a good example of this expression. Compare a Son's coming out to a Mother's affair, they're met with the same level of reactionary disgust, shame and betrayal.

I do not agree with any of these reactions, but I'm offering my view of why this situation is so overwhelmingly common and is expressed cross-culturally.

For those of you who think the west is failing and we need to retreat somewhere else, this is around the world right now, it is an extreme problem in the Asian world. A boyish son can easily pedestallize his mother so unhealthily because women are even more a sign of status in an environment like China, where everything is ranked. His father could even enhance this process by being unnecessarily punishing and holding women over the son, "You'll never get a girlfriend acting like this!". Just increases the chance of the son setting the femanine as his ideal state. When "exploring his sexuality" (as we call it nowadays) he will realize this belief to be true, and take the place of a female in the sexual marketplace his father has stabled into his worldview. On top of that Asian women are remarkably unattracted to men of their own race, their features are considered premature and boyish. I feel for all you Asain TRP dudes out there. But this is my understanding of why countries like Taiwan have such an obvious and overwhelming problem with ladyboys.

So do I think this is bad?

No, I think you should disrespect your father's frame. You should throw it away and build your own if his is unfit, you are the son, you hold the future in your hands, you decide what comes with you. And if banging dudes is part of that, by all means smash that ass. I love gay people because I love people, and gay people are usually very loving and open, very transparent, harmless and easy to understand, but every single one from a mother's frame.

Being LGBT+ is more and more common these days, and the reason for it from society is "well theres always been this many gay people, but now we are more accepting and that is a good thing". I don't believe so. From my understanding, this, along with all the other obvious signs, stems from Fatherhood.

So all this has been true for almost the entirety of human history, besides maybe the collapse of Rome, and now. We understood all of these things so evidently they never need to be explained. This is why being Gay was extremely shameful, and synonymous with an insult to your father until now. We have a counter movement to accept people of all sexuality in order to undo the damage that has been done. But in my opinion that really doesn't work. We don't stop trying it, for example in a reddit AMA with a prostitute, you'll see nothing but "I'm sorry you had to go through this", "you are so strong", "I can't believe you're so brave". This is nice, I guess, but it's not solving any problems and its not healing any psychological wounds the woman has endured and continues to suffer from. We have to understand what is going on in order to offer real help and relief.

Why does this matter?

You should have an understanding of your Anima so you can navigate the world of the women, as a man, and know what you actually want. You should see how your Anima sees and use that vision to align yourself with the good. If your ideal woman values something, you would gain a great sense of purpose by providing it to the world. I like to see it as a problem to be solved, because my brain is very pragmatic. So theres a problem of young women finding something like 80% of young men unattractive or something, instead of having emotion about it, try to understand that problem and solve it in you actions. It's not enough to understand the language of women with the Red Pill, you have to sell them what they want to buy.

Think about it like a Mexican man approaching you, shouting in Spanish, begging you on his hands and knees. First you have to learn Spanish, then when you realize he is telling you his family has not eaten in a week, you have to provide him with food. And then you will experience great satisfaction, not through empathizing with the Mexican man's family, but by being proud of yourself for making things better. That is what we do as men, explore the shadow, for the sake of the Anima. We save the princess from the dragon. We. solve. problems.

As a note at the bottom I'd like to say I do not support homophobia or any expression of this perspective in the real world. I do not think this should be the way it is, I just think this is how it is. I do not believe a Father should be offended by his son being gay, but I think thats the way it is. And if you are in agreement with my understand I would NOT voice in outside of an extremely open minded discussion. I've talked to gay people about this who just thought "wow that makes so much sense" and then continued their lives as normal. But a less understanding crowd would see this post as "Hate Facts" or something and immediate respond with violence so don't be socially inept.

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