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- Hide Preview | 9 Comments | submitted 3 days ago by DoubleConversation4 [Post Locked]

Why are men feminists

- It's because men think women operate like men. It's because men think women operate "logically", like men. "If I'm thinking like this, she is probably thinking like this too."

How do you feel when a girl (or someone) treats you nice, as a man? It does feel good, right?

Or to be more specific, when someone (a girl) is on your side and supporting you, you feel good, and you feel better about that person. There are some girls out there who noticed this and treat the guy in the nicest way possible and mirror him in every conceivable way, and when the man is emotionally invested they show their true faces.

Men are logical, so they use logic to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that "if they treat women nice, they'll be attracted"

They wouldn't be way off if they knew about how it was in nature, and what both genders did to survive.

So, men become feminists just because to get pussy, or validation by more people

- Why feminine men are far likelier to be homosexuals

- An idea is that a feminine man will be ostracized by other men in a social circle because of his feminine features, he will be called "sissy, faggot" whatever you imagine, he will be bullied. He will be an outcast. This will make him polarize himself as a separate individual and take on the attraction similar to of girls. That's the basic explanation, a more detailed explanation would be about that man trying to emulate a mother to a man.

It works the other way around as well, homosexuals are going to spend more time with females and pick up on feminine traits, although there are masculine homosexuals too.

And, what are outcast people like? Broken, sad. Emotionally unstable.

They're easier to control.

[-] ebaymasochist 8 Points 2 days ago

Men are nice to women because if you are not, then someone could hurt you. That's another man's property after all. - majority of history.

Now. It feels good to be nice to people, including women. Hurting others feels bad, mostly. That is why we have civilization. Men should do it as much as possible but not after a certain point. It's when you are nice because you are afraid of speaking the truth when it becomes a problem.

Men are gay because they just are. Some of them were molested as kids by men, but others weren't.

If you could just choose to be gay, there would be millions of lonely men just being fat broke gay guys together instead of still trying to get with women and all their shit. There is just no way men would not exploit a loophole like that. The discomfort of sucking some dude with guarantee he suck back is probably nothing compared to some of the shit I have seen guys go through because they are driven so hard to be with women. I've lost friends to suicide because of women. I think they would rather be gay than dead. It's just not an option. Because we are straight.

[-] DoubleConversation4 -7 Point 2 days ago

Men are gay because they just are.

That sounds like the sort of explanation my dad would make.

[-] Jwin931 2 Points 3 days ago

These men can't compete within the male dominance hierarchy so they seek another way in. Usually taking up feminist causes is how they attempt to align themselves with a perspective female, it's not genuine obviously. Good luck with that....

[-] arakouzo 2 Points 2 days ago

Most men are not pretending to be feminine to try to trick girls into liking them. They are actually feminine. Men are no longer taught to be masculine. They are told that women do not like that, society does not need it, and that masculinity is all pretend and make-believe anyway. They are told that acting masculine is something fearful men do to avoid being called gay by our bigoted culture, and they are just pretending to be that way but really wish they were free to be feminine.

Masculine men are not pretending to be feminine to get girls. Masculine men get girls by being masculine. Feminine men are acting feminine and hoping to get girls because they know no other way to be.

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[-] zino193 0 Points 2 days ago

Why would a man fuck a fat woman? Men are made to fuck. Women is just naturally the easiest thing to hump - besides watermelons. If you find a sweet boy instead - and all your female collegues are full of attitude as a "hump anything" horny 14 year old - I find it more than reasonable.

Feminine boys as well, they just want that intimacy and contact, sometimes because their medium at home, a lonely dude, just makes a fake account and poses as a depresed girl - just to get that validation from cvasi pedos online. It feels good, why not give it a shot. Can the world be crueler? Can the world invalidate your more than being a child ignored and unloved?

[-] DoubleConversation4 1 Point 2 days ago

That usually leads to overcompensation and external addiction to attention

This is where self-love starts working

I can't believe self-love isn't still a major thing in TRP

[-] zino193 1 Point 2 days ago

Talk about gay - get out of here with that self love BS.

Like someone just says in a post I just read - it's OK to hate yourself.

Hating yourself moves you to change. Hating the world and thinking you are some special mad Testla or a fresh Musk is not healthy.

I think we are addicted to ourselfs already. The fact that a dude would rather shave his arse and pose like a slut for pedos on chans, rather than accept that daddy left and he has to step up and make a life for himself by themselfs in order to have the self confidene and rensurance that can allow him to be happy - is based on self love.

To deny yourself love, safety security and go out in the world despite this - is really hard. To be awkward and go to the gym and interact with manly men that intimidate you is hard. If you love yourself, you don't do it. If you love yourself you will actively convince yourself that any change is not only unnegesary but undesirable.

Girl won't fuck - she's just a chad slut, broken and addicted to the tingles - i am a perfect intelectual monk boy - that is studying the secrets of the universe - pussy is just weakening my resolve.

[-] drewr007 -4 Point 3 days ago

You sound like a whiny beta soy boi. You would be so easy to control if you were my boyfriend. I bet I can curl what you squat.