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- Hide Preview | 30 Comments | submitted 3 days ago by DoubleConversation4 [Post Locked]

Is feminism completely bad?

Bad for who?

Women: Yes.

Horny women who have dreams about being gangbanged: No.

Men: Yes.

Masculine men: No and this is where it gets interesting.

Think of a society where a lot of the women are brainwashed feminists who don't hate men, and where a certain percent of the men are masculine men. Feminist girls will have no problem when it comes to worrying about being called a "slut" by the society because it's a free society where women can do everything they want with the amount of freedom Feminism gave them. So, girls will be comfortable about premarital sex and sex without commitment and all women will pick a masculine men as a sexual partner.

And masculine men will even be more valuable because of how scarce they are. It's all about demand-supply.

If you haven't noticed, the society I wanted you to think is identical to our current society.

Hypergamy in TRP men's cases is not a bug, it's a feature. It's a feature we as TRP men can work around and abuse it to our own will. We can have sex with far more girls who doesn't have expectations of commitment, marriage. That only happens when a society is feminist.

Then why does TRP actively and openly oppose feminism?

The problem is, with feminism all the gender roles are getting inverted and the whole thing is getting off balance. Females are taking up on masculine traits, males are taking up on feminine traits. And it's mostly the negative traits of both gender, it creates a conflict. Suffering becomes inevitable for your average Joe and plain Jane. Although, your average Bob suffers much more than Jane, because women despise a man who needs to be told to become dominant. Women don't want a woman for a partner, they want a man. And when their partner is feminized, they make them go through hell. This is why pretty much most of the bluepilled guys out there who are looking for a true love in their lives are suffering from heartbreak.

TRP thinks long-term, and opposes feminism because it fucks up the balance and polarity in gender roles. TRP thinks for all of the society, not only for masculine men.

[-] Whisper 23 Points 3 days ago

Being a man in a feminist society is a bit like being a girl at Caltech or MIT.

The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

[-] WaltzRoommate 19 Points 3 days ago

Casual sex with gross sluts is for retarded meat heads. Most men would prefer to live in a society that doesn't suck. I understand that there's something to be said for adapting towards the society you live in, but most men have their limits even on that. I personally have absolutely no urge to ever have one of these gangbangs you fantasize about and I have even less of an urge to meet the women who do.

[-] pacjax 4 Points 3 days ago

rotation is always the move over gay ass one night stands, do alpha males on their mission even have time for one night stands?

[-] WaltzRoommate 3 Points 3 days ago

Whether it's a one night stand or a rotation, those women are still pretty gross and I'm not sure why you'd want to live that sort of lifestyle.

[-] noNooodleArms 1 Point 2 days ago

Casual sex with gross sluts is for retarded meat heads.

I am horrified that you got 18 upvotes. This is why I'm fairly sanguine about the possibility of this place being banned.

Your moralistic words have no place on TRP.

I mean, if you were in Anger Mode, fine, but you seem to be a straight up tradcon.

[-] WaltzRoommate 2 Points 2 days ago

Nothing in that statement is morals. It's merely me having different sexual interests than you.

[-] therealsuH 18 Points 3 days ago

I noticed that once you're deemed as a guy "who gets it", even the most liberal and feminist girls will allow you to make sexist remarks and say whatever you want.

It's justified by their hamster because it's "playful", "he just talks like that", and it's just a "joke".

It's always sad to see when I crack a sexual/sexist joke in front of a girl, she laughs, then her bf tries to add a comment and immediately gets shamed and shut down.

[-] DoubleConversation4 6 Points 3 days ago

"What a misogynistic guy, I am attracted."

[-] PimpinLikeIceberg 12 Points 3 days ago

Straight facts. FUCKING FACTS.

It's beautiful tho. I'm literally telling a current Hardcore-vegan-feminist plate to not fuck me because I am a mysoginistic motherfucker and she still calls me to come fuck her...

I'm even being obnoxious about it pushing as far as possible in sexist comments and ideas and the bitch keeps coming back...

[-] arakouzo 12 Points 3 days ago

This conflates two issues.

Women want to have sex with masculine men. Women also want power.

Feminism is about women getting more power. There is some overlap with sexual liberation, because one power is the power to have sex without consequences. But feminism isn't just about sex. It's about power.

[-] TXJohn83 5 Points 2 days ago


I think the question is power over what. My ltr has a very high paying job with a large number of direct reports, at home she cooks every night, cleans the whole house daily, and sucks dick at the end of every day. A woman can't really know what they want in life until a man tells them what they want.

[-] DeakinFrost 8 Points 2 days ago

Men oppose feminism because it destroyed the nuclear family

Speaking for myself, I hate it because I wanted to raise a son

That dream was taken from me

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] TriggeringEveryone 6 Points 3 days ago

Horny women who have dreams about being gangbanged: No.

It's bad for them too. You shouldn't always get what you want.

[-] ebaymasochist 3 Points 2 days ago

Feminism.. When are people going to make the connection between this last wave of feminism and all these women who are being recorded doing naughty things on a regular basis?

No I don't mean porn. I mean the "Karens" who just can't act right now. Coughing on people during a pandemic, public racism, harassing employees, etc.. more women than men are fucking up now.

On a more serious note, it's kind of hard to enjoy the decline when you have good guys being destroyed by women and society's expectations clashing with our instincts and higher values. I know too many decent guys who are dead before reaching 30 and there's no amount of easy ass that can offset that. I'd rather be proud to be part of a group(town or state) that is not so fucked up. And if you want to bring attention to something minor that bothers you, it's hard for anyone to give a fuck since the rest is so much worse. You have to just get used to litter on the road, everyone being overweight and ADD, the national debt, shit like that, because 60% of people are in constant crisis.

[-] zino193 1 Point 2 days ago

Wow, I haven't seen someone with actual balls around here in 5 years.

Yes, that's basically it - socialism is dead - you don't get a wifey to blow you at the polically correct amount each year as deemed by the sex theraphists.

It's a market - I don't care your chin is weak, I don't care you went to artschool, i don't care you are a 300 pound feminist with a puppy fetish. It's a market. You can find your niche, you can stay in the mainstream and make your product better or you can sit on the sidelines and pray for a market crash so you can finally get yours with the help of a law or cultural norm.

Let's go into practice. Engaging with feminists means you are interacting on a one to one level. I don't care if you are giving her 9 inches of reason and logic or calling her R@p3 meat - if you are engaging her as a feminist - you are sending her validation- you are telling her instinctually: I respect and value the fact that you have pants, let's fight as equals. Shit test failed.

You are not someone deserving of her time, she needs to climb not waste time with someone at her level.

If you treat her like a woman, if you enfocer boundaries on her tone attitude and language - while leading as a example of proper tone attitude and language she will follow. If you observe, listen and take her energy unmoved. Then she will fall into the role of a woman. She might not like it, the setting might not be apropiate - especially if she is with some other women that want her to "tell it like it is", but she will still fall into that role. And you can see it, you can feel it. For those less astute - in terms of language she will either disingage, and adress the group - or she will justify and chase your respect.

Feminism is just low value female game. We apply man game, they apply feminist game - the goal is the same - make that slut (male or female) earn it.

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[-] TXJohn83 1 Point 2 days ago

True feminism is dead and died a long time ago, you can't have a constant change based platform and keep the rank and file happy forever. Case in point look at Obama.

[-] DoubleConversation4 1 Point 2 days ago

True Feminism(!)'s purpose wasn't to protect women too. Just that someone thought "Women can work in factories too and we can double the workforce"

So, they created it to make society accept it

[-] drewr007 -2 Point 3 days ago

Feminism is only a threat to weak men. If you can't appreciate a strong smart women its because you are weak and stupid.

[-] DoubleConversation4 7 Points 3 days ago

Sounds like your wife wears the pants in the relationship.

[-] drewr007 -2 Point 2 days ago

Just work on yourself man. When you develop elite value nothing can threaten it.

[-] DoubleConversation4 3 Points 2 days ago

Do you know what makes for a great bank robbing plan?

[-] drewr007 1 Point 2 days ago

My wife and I are both doctors so no need to rob anyone.

[-] DoubleConversation4 3 Points 2 days ago

What makes for a great robbing plan is that

You pick a relatively safe bank to rob - away from a police station, located in somewhere that is less crowded -

You keep it short.

Even if you are the best bank robber in the world, if you ignore these facts you are going to get caught because what you are dealing with is not a completely predictable system.

And FYI, high IQ women are like highly intelligent criminals. They are more dangerous than the stupid ones. They have the amazing means to rewrite reality.

I really came close to studying medicine but in the end money and traveling outweighed my passion and I'm not regretful

[-] drewr007 0 Points 2 days ago

Haha so you have beat the system by finding really stupid women. Sounds very dull.

Just get a sex worker and a maid no need for intelligent conversation.

[-] DoubleConversation4 2 Points 2 days ago

No, average women are fine

Just get a sex worker and a maid no need for intelligent conversation.

Why use your money when you could get both for free

And most of the women out there are too stupid to have intelligent conversation anyway

[-] drewr007 3 Points 2 days ago

Dating site : Amazing male seeking average women. Scared of the smart ones so I'm may have to test you.

[-] DoubleConversation4 3 Points 2 days ago

Why do you keep trying to say offensive stuff lol

Intellect-wise average women are just fine

Looks-wise? Should be Very attractive

I don't like stupid and ugly women who try to compensate for their ugliness by trying to sound smart

I don't like how bitchy smart and ugly women are

I don't like how egotist and selfish smart and good looking are, they seem humble but they drop their masks later in the relationship. Not even saying they have a good capacity to be bitches

I don't like how boring dumb and good looking women are

I don't like how unaesthetic ugly and average women are

I like good looking and average-brain women, because they have none of the traits I wrote above, and they show high compliance

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago