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- Hide Preview | 75 Comments | submitted 3 days ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

As the United States slides into chaos, while the statues go crack, the money printers go brrr and TRP goes boop, there is only one person on this Earth who you can trust to give you the Red Pill on the situation. You can't trust the universities, the media or the president. Your friends and family don't know what's going on or why. There is only one person that you can rely upon to have your back and his name is Gaylubeoil.

Who warned you of the impending lockdown back in January? Gaylubeoil. Who gave you the heads up on easy protest pussy long before things turned violent? Gaylubeoil. As the world tumbles into upside-down clown world, Court Jester Gaylubeoil holds the keys of truth stolen from people with the small hats.

While everyone here knows Wilfried Pareto's 80 20 rule. Few of you were taught his much more controversial Elite Theory. Here's how it works. Society can be broken down into four groups—the Masses, Elites, Anti-Elites, and the Counter-Elites.

The majority of people are as the name suggests: Masses. The Masses aka Normies lack agency and react to the world in a simple, predictable, instinctual way like a sheep. Wherever the media barks at them to go they go. Think of your goofy beer dad who rages at the black athletes kneeling during sportsball. He doesn't understand the politics behind what's happening and needs Tyrone to stop kneeling and dribble! Beer-Dad is only good for two things. Participating in Wage Cage Mortgage Middle Class Leased BMW Tax Farm and voting for a pre-approved candidate every four years.

The Elites, are those who hold power and have the will to use it. They set the music and write the script for the performance the masses must dance in. This group is comprised of the extremely wealthy, the Deep State, and those in political office at a high level—Senators, Congressmen, etc.

The Anti-Elites are those who rebel against the status quo but have no desire for an alternative. They don't like what's happening and if circumstances were completely reversed they still wouldn't. This group includes BLM, Antifa and that one kid in the back of class who could never stop yelling.

The final and most dangerous group are the Counter-Elites. These are the SpicyBois with the means and the will to overthrow a present order and establish an alternative. Lenin, Fidel, Mustache Man, Moses and our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, fit the bill.

In the Good Old Days, Universities were places of learning, partying, and easy sex. Their purpose was to create a highly skilled technical class of engineers and programmers and a managerial class to rule over them. Life was easy because jobs were plentiful. Then Financialization happened. The Elites realized that funny money stock market games, were much more profitable then jocking the middle class for their surplus value. In other words the Elites realized they didn't need a middle class to make money anymore, which is to say they didn't need a middle class. If they didn't need a middle class then they certainly didn't need a university system who's function it was to create a middle class.

2013 was the beginning of the cultural revolution known as The Great Awokening characterized by Affluent White Female Liberals aka AWFLs shifting to the left of black women on social issues. The Elite tricked the AWFLs into believing middle class white men were the Elite and should be harrassed endlessly. Occupy Wallstreet stopped thinking about Wallstreet and instead focused on trannies and BLM. This took the heat off the real Elite and gave them room to play their Financialization games in peace. In short universities went from graduating capable middle class workers to producing debt slaves, Anti Elite blue haired diversity specialists and false rape accusations. The effect of all of this on the sexual marketplace is obvious to everyone but the autists of askTRP.

As the contradictions of the system intensify in 2020 the ire of the Anti Elite must be kept firmly on the Masses and not on the Elite who created the situation. Tearing down Confederate monuments, renaming military bases, making police LGBT+ friendly, and ending “systematic racism” are all symbolic gestures which maintain the status quo, make people feel important but ultimately change nothing. These protests are fully supported by the political establishment, the Deep State, Silicon Valley, and Tranny Corporatism. Just as the Jeffrey Epstein Netflix documentary was meant to give people closure without disclosing his involvement with an intelligence service that rhymes with the word applaud, these BLM protests fulfill a similar need: these are the pre-approved anti-elite protests explicitly created so that nothing will change and everything will remain the same.

This brings me to my final point. Something like the Red Pill can not be allowed to exist. Billions of dollars are spent to construct the media smokescreen that I just pulled you out of in a few humerus paragraphs. You really think Reddit is going to allow me and my team to use a bunch of under-sexed nerd virgins as child as soldiers in a culture war they can't understand like it's 2015? No. RedditCorp needs to purge this site of wrongthink long before bumbling Biden steps on stage and anyone says anything about it. If Reddit wants DNC checks, it has timetables, targets, and expectations to meet. The way forward is through forming a secret group of men who can help to redirect the political energy and flow of history toward its own ends. We have to learn how to avoid the censors as if we were living in the 1930s Soviet Union. The future has been canceled, and any direct conflict against the system is going to fail. We have to move beyond our current situation and accelerate capital to its breaking point.

As Reddit executes it's ban wave this is the final opportunity to enroll in my fitness and philosphy coaching here on Red Pill. I've mentored thousands of men through fitness and philosophy coaching, here are a few of their experiences in their own words. You can contact me through that link or shoot me a PM if interested.

If you want to stay in touch with me, fill out this short form (for my eyes only) and I’ll hit you up with more information soon.

[-] arakouzo 49 Points 3 days ago

Holy shit! Yes, around 2013 is when things started getting really crazy.

Suddenly, a white man with a variety of viewpoints on multiple issues, one or two of which aren't hard-left crazy viewpoints, is regarded as more of a potential terrorist than an Arab with a gun.

And anybody who disagrees with a hard-left crazy "woke" viewpoint is offensive and lesser for having his viewpoint. The viewpoint is not what is regarded as wrong. The person is. If you have a viewpoint that is not agreed upon, it is because you the middle class white male human are bad, wrong, and irrelevant. And when you are a bad, wrong human, you are lesser. It is now okay to call your employer and get you fired, harass your spouse and children with death and rape threats, and throw rocks at your windows. Because you are lesser.

It is not safe to be what we are any more. They are not just laughing at us on the internet. If they find you in the real world, you are in actual danger.

[-] Think4Yoself 38 Points 2 days ago

If you have a chance read The Coddling of the American Mind by Haidts and Lukianoff, they lay out six different factors that all sort of converged at the same time to get us here. It's a really insightful book.

1) Intense political polarization. This goes all the way back to the Bork confirmation, Newt Gingrich's takeover of the Republican Party, Clinton impeachment, and basically 15 years of outright obstructionism by both parties. You used to be able to disagree respectfully, now there is pressure to hate those who disagree. Now, the far left on campus and the far right off campus have a vicious cycle of hate going back and forth. Neither side is interested in discourse, both are interested in vilifying the other.

2) The rise of smartphone driven mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are chief among these issues. 2013 is the year that the iGen entered college, they happened to be 12, just entering middle school, when the iPhone was released. Suicide by teenage girls has doubled since the iPhone was released. Kids raised with it are terribly fragile. Their sense of self-esteem is determined by the number of likes they get on their Instagram pictures, and they see every event that other people went to that they missed out on.

3) Terrible parenting. Children are safer today in the US than they have ever been. Ever. Crime against children committed by strangers is virtually nonexistent, but parents are more fearful for their kids than ever before. Part of the reason is parents have less children to fret over now (if 100% of your focus is on your kids, but you have 6 of them they are all getting 16%, if you have 100% focus on 2 kids they are each getting 50%). There's also intense pressure to baby your kids. I'm a late millennial, but I was a latch key kid. Those kids don't exist anymore. Parents don't let their kids out of sight. Therefore these kids never have to take on any level of responsibility.

4) The loss of play. Kids don't go out and play with their neighbors anymore. Certainly without supervision. Play is important for teaching kids how to socialize, how to solve problems without outside interference, and how to cooperate. It's largely why you see young people complaining about everything, but not solving anything. It's what they did as kids, they appealed to the supervising parent to solve their problem instead of solving the problem with the other kids. All they know how to do is appeal to power.

5) Safetyism. The rise of frivolous lawsuits led to new policies and regulations that require the babying of everybody involved for the purposes of limiting liability. That has fostered a mindset where everybody needs to be protected at all times. Hence, the rise of the "safe space". Kids, who are terribly prepared, enter college aware from parents who have protected them. They are already more anxious than ever before and they are uncomfortable taking risks and have never had any significant level of responsibility. Jean Twenge estimated that a millennial was more mature at 15 than an iGen is at 18. They lose their virginity later in life, get the driver's license later in life, and get their first job later in life. All these things are "rights of passage" to adulthood in many ways. The iGen never had to grow up. They enter college unprepared and anxious, and incapable of handling responsibility so they seek out something/somebody to keep them "safe", which has evolved as a word to also mean mentally unhurt.

6) The rise of social justice. There has been a rise in ____ rights movements in a way that we haven't seen in more than 50 years. Students feel passionately about these topics, yet in many cases they lack the maturity to have a civil discourse about it and they lack the intelligence to differentiate between correlation and causation. We've also seen the rise of a desire for equal outcomes (read: Marxism) as opposed to equal opportunity, mostly because the people asking for it don't actually know what they're asking for.

A couple of these issues have been slowly building over a number of years, like overprotective parents, safetyism and political polarization. Combine them with the rise of the smartphone, which affects play and increases anxiety, and the increase in high profile issues to ignite the illiberal left, and you get the perfect storm for what you have on campus today.

[-] arakouzo 2 Points 2 days ago

Thanks for the book recommendation. Just downloaded it. I work with families and was recently skimming How to Raise an Adult (Julie LythCott-Haims), and the author says a lot of the same things about kids.

Over-parenting is destroying the next generation.

Parents literally think that the second their back is turned, a creepy molester is going to leap out of the bushes (a white male molester of course) and run off with their child. I grew up getting on my bike at 8 in the morning on a Saturday, hanging out with any neighborhood kids I happened to run into, and coming home by dinner time. Today, if a neighbor sees a lone kid, police are called, CPS gets involved, parents are shamed. Many parents today feel almost required to be helicopter parents. They spend their kid's childhoods manufacturing perfect little Harvard applications from within safe bubbles while never actually teaching their kids how to stop being kids. They equate being a adult with having a degree and a job and pat themselves on the back for being a successful parent when that happens.

Next generation is going to be even worse than this one.

[-] CJ090 11 Points 2 days ago

You should listen to John Mcwhorter, he also believes 2013 was the flashpoint. I theororized 2014 because I remember the hub bub over fat acceptance around that time but those were really the jumping off years

[-] drewr007 -38 Point 3 days ago

Its so hard to be a white male Hahah cry me a river. You are clearly a beta soy boi.

[-] arakouzo 30 Points 3 days ago

It is very hard to be a white male. You have no culture. Nothing is exclusively a white male thing. If it were, it would be bigotry.

No matter what you accomplish, it is assumed you did not earn it.

No matter how true blue you are, you are the enemy of all that is right and good. You have a special obligation to go out of your way and sacrifice for others, or else you are the devil. And when you do sacrifice, it is never good enough and never done in the right way and you are still the devil.

If I were a woman or a minority (or both), but everything else in my life were exactly the same, I would have gone much farther, and society would have cheered me on as I did it. We hold back white males in our society, but pretend that white males are holding everyone else back. And use that as an excuse to hold back white males even more.

[-] LiveAFTSOV 10 Points 3 days ago

What do you mean white men have no culture. Look at all the great white empires.

Maybe you American whites have lost your culture and identity but European whites still know their roots and who they are

[-] FatChopSticks 7 Points 2 days ago

There’s a quote that goes something like

“Every other country thinks “ancient” means thousands of years old

To Americans, a 150 year old building is ancient.”

[-] arakouzo 5 Points 3 days ago

True. The US is on a mission to try to make the melting pot thing work by pretending being white isn't a culture. If anything in the US is declared a white cultural thing, even if the thing is not a racist or anti-minority thing, you are being non-inclusive and a bigot for having a white culture.

What's funny is that if you ask most people, they think Europe is less racist than the US. Europe is way more racist when it comes to direct racism, like making monkey jokes and cussing out black people for being black. That crap doesn't fly in the US. But in Europe, they tax everyone into oblivion and have huge social programs, so poor black families can live in a flat, often in the same building as working class white families who can't afford anything nicer because of the high taxes. Give black people the same quality of life as the white people and they don't care if anybody's racist. It's all about the money.

In the US, racism is a nice distraction. It makes everyone hate white people without having to actually spend money.

[-] itiswr1tten 1 Point 2 days ago

Whiteness is made up. My British and Belgian ancestors would absolutely oppress the shit out of any Italians, catholics, Irish, and poles they found in their OG American communities.

Don't play by the narrative of someone who wants to castrate you. Figure out your ancestry

[-] itiswr1tten 1 Point 2 days ago

Yeah, the larval brains don't bother to figure out who their ancestors are. They are then haunted by someone else's version of the story and victimize themselves like that guy above.

Truly sad. My ancestors were colonizers and homebuilders. Cultural narrative can't tell me shit, I'm here to conquer and build.

[-] Gardener4Life4ever 3 Points 2 days ago

You have no culture. Nothing is exclusively a white male thing

Building the best countries in the world? List the countries that have ruled the world, how many by white men vs % of the world being white?

[-] drewr007 -14 Point 3 days ago

I'm a doctor with a gorgeous wife who lives in a amazing neighborhood. I'm happy and could care less what anyone else thinks. Maybe I'm just one of those rare examples of a white male beating the odds.

[-] trollreign 11 Points 3 days ago

Or maybe you're one of the normies (NPCs) mentioned in this post who can't see the forest for the trees?

[-] drewr007 -16 Point 3 days ago

Enjoy your conspiracy theory consolation prize. Alphas like me have beaten you in real life for everything you actually want.

[-] functionalghost 11 Points 3 days ago

The only thing you beat Is your 3 inch dong. Enjoy your land whale wife cuck.

[-] drewr007 0 Points 3 days ago

Haha It's actually 2.5 inches. If you really want to own me let's see a pic of who your sleeping with, assuming she exists..

[-] Onein1024th 2 Points 2 days ago

Your fragile ego is showing.

Why do you need validation from your medical degree?

Disagree and take the downvotes on the chin for standing up for what you think. Don't get all butthurt and personal about it. Weak and sensitive, no frame

[-] arakouzo 7 Points 3 days ago

There are many who genuinely believe that the only reason you have accomplished anything is due to the privilege of being a white male, and that you have not truly worked hard to get what you have earned. There are some who look at you and see the devil, despite the fact that you help people who are in need of medical care.

If some innocuous thing you posted on Facebook 20 years ago that could be interpreted as racist under the current dead black guy in Minnesota climate, if taken completely out of context, were to be discovered, you'd lose your job and crazy people would be calling and harassing your wife and neighbors.

Having a good job is expected for a white male. That is normal. But you are still seen as the devil, and you must walk carefully and never be discovered. If anybody in your real life knew you read and posted here, it could be bad for you. In some ways, your money, job, and wife force you deeper into hiding because you have things to lose.

[-] Short-changedChad 2 Points 2 days ago

I AM A DOCTOR! Worship me damn you.

[-] drewr007 1 Point 2 days ago
[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] Landsherr 24 Points 3 days ago

Historically speaking, there is no nation which is destroyed merely by attacks from an external enemy. This thing, called a nation, starts to rot from the top down instead. There is not one exception.

In times like these, we must observe actors, not merely see ideal illusions of them.

[-] fanfanye 3 Points 2 days ago

That's generally because any Nations that are united, but weak enough to get conquered

Never survived long enough to be more than a blip in history

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 20 Points 3 days ago

Lmao, and most guys here are stuck thinking feminism and the womanz are what they should be fighting

Good work, Rollo...leading them to swallow the bait; hook, line and sinker.

[-] Zaoismus 4 Points 2 days ago

How does Rollo lead them to swallow the bait?

[-] chopping_livers 3 Points 2 days ago

I never got why other flairs like building power and finance are not popular on this sub.

[-] itiswr1tten 7 Points 2 days ago

Because our 2020 audience is obsessed with the fast food philosophy of "how do I get laid give me the pussy password no I wont read or seriously lift"

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] cglehosit 18 Points 3 days ago

An ironic/eastern reading of Plato’s Republic uncovers a similar doctrine of the four classes. His satirical antidote for the conflict, the Soldier class, is a great exercise in demonstrating the effects of forcing men and women into a similar working class that only listen to the virtue of the city. It’s not good. I see the modern University as a conduit for this same technology, disregarding gender differences in order to feed the working class money debt machine. Good post, as always.

[-] THOT_Analytica 15 Points 3 days ago

This might be your best post yet, or maybe 2nd after the Herd Nerd one. With all the censorship happening, you should put your posts together in a book like Delicious Tacos did before it's too late.

[-] Hjalmbere 14 Points 2 days ago

It’s hit and miss with GayLubeOil but he’s hardly ever boring. And this post was spot on. These are the times we live in.

[-] Zaoismus 13 Points 3 days ago

TRP will die.

TRP represents the birth of the manosphere. It's followers will be from a coffin birth.

However it's ideas will be spread through its followers. Using guerrilla warfare essentially to tackle all the pussys.

Question is will they prevail?

The manosphere is up against the divide and conquer algorithm: recursively breaking down a problem into two or more sub-problems of the same or related type, until these become simple enough to be solved directly.

[-] CountBarlow 9 Points 2 days ago

Bruh the last thing people in power wana do is shut down people’s access to their comforts. If you can type all your opinions on the internet, you can pretend like something is actually being accomplished and never take real action. The fact that the focal point of this forum is GIRLS is proof positive that the way things are is because the life of modern men is too easy, not because we are being oppressed. If the greatest threat to your sense of wellbeing is women, your country is already dead.

[-] itiswr1tten 1 Point 2 days ago

The focal point is yourself. Only a misunderstanding or outright failure to read the material could reach the conclusion it's about women.

[-] CountBarlow 1 Point 2 days ago

Even the header says “a discussion of sexual strategy”. Are you having sex with yourself?

[-] Zaoismus 1 Point 2 days ago


Not a bad point. True

Alot of the manosphere focuses mainly on women. Only a couple content creators haven't. However talking about women attracts those who desperately want them.

The better content creators usually dont get as popular.

[-] THOT_Analytica 9 Points 2 days ago

Uber-skeptics like the people who will survive this dark era in history tend to view all human interactions as businesses. This is not because they like business, but because they are realists: all people act in self-interest, and in civilization, since the primary skill required is to induce others to do things for us, self-interest requires acting for personal gain usually through deception.

In this mindset, we can debunk ideology by pointing out that it is a business, specifically a variation of the entertainment business. In entertainment, one creates images that makes consumers feel safe and content, and in order to experience that feeling again, they buy the product. However, in order to make the product appealing, the sellers must ensure that it never appears to be a product.

One notices over time that successful products center around a few themes. These involve what humans wish were true, including eternal youth, sudden wealth, narcotic romances, and other fantasies that involve the human being as the center of life, more important than its context, so that the brain feels safe in its significance as if that would hold back or at least diminish mortality and individuality. Essentially, entertainment fantasies focus on the individual being God or god-like,

If you wonder why Leftism resembles a religion, this is why: it is a replacement religion with human intent at its center instead of a divine being.

The central idea of Leftism is control, which one might describe as the replacement of structure with a linear centralized authority. Under control, the intent of this authority alone matters; it removes anything which competes with it by using the device of “equality,” which reduces those under its command to atomized beings who can be commanded with identical mandates.

This serves the convenience for control and in the case of people, isolates them in their own fears of offending control or missing its rewards, eliminating the structures of organic civilization which nurture it from within. Instead, they must become dependent on the controller and act as a mass that waits on control for commands.

Through this hybrid of religion and tyranny, Leftism Inc. runs itself as a successful business that makes itself essential to the function of a civilization, but in so doing, removes any other option for order in a society. Like a parasitic worm, it enters through the heart, where people long for an end to risk, war, differences of ability and other sources of stress. Then it makes its way to the brain, where it rips out the nervous system and replaces it with a remote control that directly manipulates every part of the body to act in unison. This abolishes differences between the organs, turning the body to mush that responds jerkily and ineptly to commands, but the controller does not care. The zombie serves its intent, and therefore can be sacrificed, because only the intent matters.

This represents a different type of “game.” Normal healthy people seek to win the game of life by playing well and making themselves better in the process. Those who are dead inside instead quest for control, power and other tangible things they can manipulate. To do this, they destroy all order outside of themselves because it competes with their intent for importance. In fact, they adore having chaos and destruction all around because these only serve to emphasize the necessity of their intent, choices, whims, feelings and judgments. The ego sits in a blaze of glory formed by the incineration of everything good — because only good, not bad — competes with the self.

If you wonder why your world is a wasteland, with every normal function — jobs, government, art, culture, family and friends — perverted into a replica of the larger control structure, this is why. The West is a ruin because it is existential misery with excellent shopping. The soulless person says, “Hotdogs only 5 dollars! I love this country, such a bargain!” and then goes through life ignoring crises, and rationalizing the loss of time and autonomy as necessary for the highest value, which is then justified as being the shopping itself. This type of reversed order of thought is essential to surviving this time, but the most important parts of each person — the inner self — does not survive it, because it, too, is perverted into a control structure.

Leftism sells a highly successful product, equality, which makes every individual feel that they are safe even if they fail or do something degenerate. The Left sells acceptance, and this quickly morphs into a sense of being “good,” and this encourages people to feel good about themselves without needing to do anything to that end.

Since this product is eternally popular, Leftism sells it with a catch — a Devil’s bargain — in that in order to enjoy the product, users must pass it on to others like multi-level marketing, drug addiction or a street gang. The group defends itself and spreads benefits among its people, who are presumed to be “good,” and by the converse assumption, others must be “bad.”

This gives Leftists an identity: They take from the bad and give to the good. This suppresses both concerns over the inherent immorality of theft and gives people a new identity as Robin Hood styled social reformers, instead of merely neurotics who find life difficult and want to scapegoat others in order to force their way into society despite being fundamentally irrelevant to it.

As soon as it achieves traction, Leftism begins to resemble any other business, which is to say that it collects incompetence and weaponizes it by making each person fear for their own position, thus driving them into doing symbolic acts for the sake of appearing important, busy and competent.

If you wonder why Leftists are such fanatics, the basis of that psychology can be found in this development. They now feel accepted by society, but they must still demonstrate their place in the gang, and they compete among one another in a game of Who Is The Most Egalitarian. If one person liberates orphans, the next liberates retarded orphans, and the winner grants freedom and welfare to gay minority retarded disabled orphans. Whoever shows the most pity is the champion.

At the same time, this Office Space like dimension to Leftism — and indeed, to all control — creates a situation where all other political actors become coworkers. People trade favors, and prioritize “getting along with” one another above whatever job they are doing. This serves to further Leftism by co-opting normal people in because the Leftist will approach them as a colleague, trade favors, and then expect loyalty. This is how conservative movements are quickly absorbed into the Leftist morass.

When the Leftist empire reaches monopoly status, it tends to do whatever any business does when its productive years are over, which is sell out to a wealthier but directionless concern that will absorb its assets as a type of long term cash cow. The Leftists have held their competitions, and those who rose to the top make off with the funds, and then everyone else goes home to their bleak apartments in what are now Venezuelan-Soviet conditions. The civilization they parasitized is now effectively destroyed, but this does not stop each new generation from rising up to see what it can steal.

The only way to stop Leftism is to recognize it for what it is: tyranny by the unimportant, miserable, unhappy, neurotic and obsessive. In other words, those who are not the productive contributors and creators in a civilization have become a growth within it that hopes to take over. The rest oppress the best, which causes the best to drop out or leave, and renders that civilization into a wasteland of incompetence and solipsism.

Our aristocrats were destabilized by events such as the Magna Carta, which limited their power and forced compromise with the commercial class. This in turn commercialized a great deal of the aristocracy, and gave rise to the shopkeeper class, who treated government as a business and not a quest to improve civilization in a gradual basis by rewarding its best and ejecting its worst.

The rise of the shopkeeper class was unfortunate because while these were clever, especially with “making” money, they were not intelligent in the sense of being able to see a dozen moves ahead in the game. As a result, they specialized in short term decisions which created long-term problems, destabilizing society and allowing the ideologues to take over.

As usually happens, the rise of ideologues brought about instability because now, in addition to the task of being a good person and performing a role, people had to defend against ideological suspicion which was like a constant witch-hunt. This in turn made people inauthentic and driven by appearance, which pushed them further toward the ideologues in the search for a protector.

This type of “defensive personality” afflicts all societies where authority and power are not closely tied to realistic and long-term thinking such as the aristocrats display. This is the root of control: by making all people isolated and afraid, it compels them to obey, but in such a way that they rationalize it as their own choice.

As we see in the world of commerce, the best products do this as well. People go to the store and buy the bread that is always there because it is the convenient option, then rationalize the purchase by convincing themselves that they like it. Eventually the company realizes it will profit even further if it buys up or drives out all other brands. Leftism behaves in the same manner.

[-] TakeHerToAGayBar 3 Points 2 days ago

The rise of the commercial class opened the doors of destabilization.

Subversion has never been easier as long as you're willing to pay high enough price for it. Why spend trillions on war, when you can pay the local opportunistic merchant poison the well from within?

As for if they're clever or not, that's not it, they just don't care. The mindset of these people is "if I have enough money and good enough connections I'll be able to overcome anything", and they will as long as there are no consequences for their actions.

The problem in US is that there are no powers that have grander ambitions than just money - the money is the solution to all problems it is the only god.

Reality is that isn't actually the case. There are instances where no matter how rich you are, you will come up short, a good example of that is the Putin's era Russia and the struggle of KGB vs the Daring Oligarchs that thought they could fight absolute power with money.

After a few heads started rolling, the others quickly understood that it would be better to play the game "with" the big dog, rather than against. In the end a bargain was reached where Oligarchs in order to keep their relative power, had to bow, align with and support KGB.

The only way out of this scenario is through abuse of power.

[-] OofxYikes 8 Points 3 days ago

Reposting since reddit did not like one of the articles I linked:

There is a lot of ongoing speculation as to why TRP survived this ban wave. Clearly the admin would prefer this subreddit removed, yet it remains. Part of it is likely because we "play ball" and do not condone anything that overtly goes against the rules. Assume this is true: it is a false sense of security. The left does not have any rules. This is what the mainstream right (which I assume covers about 80% of TRP) does not understand. You cannot Shapiro carpet bomb a Palestinian orphanage with facts and logic if the opposition's goal is total control, not compromise. Whatever "compromise" controversial subs like TRP have eeked out are a balance fallacy.

The stated goals of the left: equality, justice, improving society, are surrogates, are smokescreens, for a more over-arching program. The left's goal is the imposition of progressivism for the sake of progressivism. It is illogical; as a religion it requires no logical explanation- you either found Jesus and get it, or you don't. Of course, what is progressive or regressive is open to interpretation. In the 1910's, the temperance movement received the label of progressive, and ushered in the bootlegging 20's. By paying alms to the Popes of BLM and the academic left, globohomo corporations can continue using childhood slaves to make Air Jordans, poisoning the environment and unsustainably extracting resources and energy, or undercutting local Mom and Pops (the middle class ... ) a la Starbucks.

Dismantling the middle class, done under the guise of anti-white demogagury, has been blessed by the Priests of Progress. A weak or eliminated middle class serves the interests of both the extreme wealthy (as they attempt to concentrate power into fewer and fewer hands) as well as the revolutionary socialists (as they try to create conditions right for a "grassroots" rebellion), so they find themselves strange bedfellows in this program. I'm willing to bet that the majority of TRP is, or will be, or could be, middle class, so congrats, you're right in the middle of their crosshairs. For whatever reason, it's inherently progressive to put the brakes on the success of white males and their cohorts. Maybe they kept us around so they could keep tabs?

[-] CountBarlow 5 Points 2 days ago

Its a forum on reddit dude, some cool ideas in here for sure but nobody feels threatened. They just targeted racially specific stuff I think.

[-] vplatt -2 Point 2 days ago

Maybe they kept us around so they could keep tabs?

Or maybe it's just for the ad dollars and so they can watch us hamster in here while chortling over their cognac at night going over the days most ludicrous theories.

Seriously, the wingnut factor in here is off the charts. Y'all smoke too much weed. You know that stuff makes you paranoid right? Just saying.

[-] Redpiller77 6 Points 2 days ago

Anyone filling out that form deserves to continue being a blue pill bitch.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] Yakatonker 4 Points 2 days ago

Western Social Credit System: "PC" Edition

Did you guys think China was the only dystopian shit hole on the planet wanting regressive and totalitarian measures to manage the herd? The ruling "elites" in the West have been day dreaming of ways to implement many of these features in Western countries. Its not enough the NSA/CIA/FBI/DH fusion zones do not give a shit about your civil liberties, they want their corporations which supersede nations to have the exact same power to control you.

Its why the academia, the government and the corporations which are consolidated are moving in identical lockstep towards One World Order. Its why if you speak out against the narrative no matter how fucking re*arded it gets, you'll lose your job, you'll become a social outcaste and best of all this discrimination is government subsidized! God Bless Trump!(he can eat a fucking dick). Yes he does support this Orwellian bullshit, social media such as Facebook does ask the government for guidelines by which to censor people. Should we be surprised someone who's long associated with a pedophile and human smuggler(Epstein) would be this way? Or someone intimately associated with a high ranking global plutocrat, the devil himself Henry Kissinger?

In terms of the exercise of this system why're they cranking it up? Its a bit conspiratorial but some "former" freemasons I know claim they're unplugging the current centralized financial order for a digitized(XRP/coins/etc) variation with no centralization in any one particular nation. Consider it "Bretton Woods 2.0" for the new century. They also claim some cities might burn, like the financial hubs of New York and London. They also claim China will collapse into a "democracy", something I thought absurd has become increasingly possible.

[-] hockeyaddict87 4 Points 3 days ago

I look forward to reading your articles because they are enlightening. You successfully made Samantha b a joke on her own show.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] throwabcdaway4 3 Points 3 days ago

The Masses aka Normies lack agency and react to the world in a simple, predictable, instinctual way like a sheep

Or, they just lead and focus on their life without trying to be intellectuals / philosophers, which is probably less frustrating and lead to better happiness overall.

Whether you are elite or masses only depend on your level of specialisation in a given field. You, OP, are probably elite at lifting and intellectual masturbation, but are a 'mass' person wrt to maybe musical / cinematographical knowledge, and probably having any actual social and political influence (beside this internet forum of sexually akward people of course).

You cant be elite at everything... choose wisely.

[-] WaltzRoommate 9 Points 3 days ago

This comment is really quite the glorification of stupidity, now isn't it? Philosophy and intellectualization are the art of understanding your world and your relationship to it. Now, there's something to be said for bugman spreadsheet making too. Some of those spreadsheet makers are really smart people and whew, you should see how happy it makes their feminist boss that doesn't give a shit about them. However, spreadsheet making is not all there is to life and it's a really bad look to say it's a meaningful alternative to actual intellectual depth.

[-] TheH1dd3nFear 5 Points 2 days ago

Bugman spreadsheet making xD

[-] throwabcdaway4 -5 Point 3 days ago

This comment is really quite the glorification of stupidity, now isn't it?

Not at all. It's all about making the difference between being an "intellectual" and actually being smart. So many people think they are smart, but in their actions their are completely average.. for example with women but also in career. So what's the point in thinking you are smart if it leads you to no better life and only a sense of false superiority.

I think you got my point anyway. Personally the people I respect the most (military / political or even "simple" people i've met) are not "smart people" in the common sense of the word. In my opinion they are smarter than other but they don't even know it.. they just live their lives better, unconsciously.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] jtedd92 0 Points 3 days ago

Channeling my inner Cuomo hating ramen noodle eating guy. “It’s called Myers Briggs. Look it up.” 70% of the population are sensors, aka sheep. They are never going to wake up. 30% have the ability to wake up but only 1-3% are awake currently... maybe.

Or in gnostic circles, there are hylics, psychics, and pneumatics. Sheep are hylics and will never wake up.

[-] Redpiller77 -1 Point 2 days ago

You can only be elite if you have capital and power. Everyone here at best is anti-elite, or masses with "class consciousness". This post reeks of communism.

[-] GayLubeOil 5 Points 2 days ago

Lol you just called Villfred Pareto a communist. Look him up on Wikipedia and see why this is incredibly stupid. Hint: he supported Mussolini

[-] Jack0fDiamonds 3 Points 2 days ago

"as the world comes to an end buy my personal workout products here" real wise words from a true expert right?

[-] GayLubeOil 0 Points 2 days ago

Oh look a person who doesn't understand why being in excellent condition is important as civil and social structures collapse.

[-] backprop88 3 Points 2 days ago

This post contains too much nonsense. Companies hire risk analysts to model risks like a pandemic all the time. It’s not a conspiracy. As a business owner your job is to prevent or mitigate black swans.

Conspiracy theories are like fan fiction where institutions are competent and have definite goals.

[-] assa_ssin 2 Points 2 days ago

The way forward is through forming a secret group of men who can help to redirect the political energy and flow of history toward its own ends.

This secret group already exists and matures and is the trp movement.

These young dudes when they start getting pousi and fitness and some self respect they want to fight for their best interests.

We need to stop the infighting and spread the message. Power comes with numbers.


Don't take that as an advice because it isn't - I respect your choices, just want to post my message too in the sub.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] inbredostrptw 1 Point 2 days ago

Glad to hear other smart people saying this. I’ve talked about it with some friends but haven’t really had the space or resources to understand it. The only way I see that I can understand it is to myself become an elite. Then, depending on my morals, act accordingly. Not being ignorant is a good start tho

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[-] jacques_cousteau007 1 Point 2 days ago

Intersectional red pill >>

I miss u/NeoReactionSafe

[-] THOT_Analytica 2 Points 2 days ago

Completely forgot about him, the guy was ahead of his time.

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[-] hennieezu6yn4xgma0 -5 Point 3 days ago

I'm going to go ahead and disagree. It seems like a lot of stuff on this sub gives narratives to things that don't necessarily need them or flat out gives them the wrong narrative entirely. You do not make a convincing argument of anything. I'm gonna be real, this was poorly written in terms of prose and structure as well. I don't know what the fuck everyone else in the comments is talking about saying this shit is anything but shit.

The history you give just doesn't reflect reality at all. But good luck scamming people with your coaching.

[-] OofxYikes 3 Points 3 days ago

When you come to a place called the redpill about opening up your eyes to the reality around you but would rather see the trees and ignore the forest.

[-] drewr007 -20 Point 3 days ago

You sound pissed the elites have more money than you. Yawn. Conspiracy theories yadada get in the gym..

[-] ibmj 17 Points 3 days ago

It's not about money, GLO is anti-bourgeois not anti-money.

get in the gym..

Post fizeek.

[-] drewr007 -7 Point 3 days ago

Find me a broke person who is legit bourgeois ..

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago