I was inspired by a post on ASKtrp recently. A guy was having trouble, because he’d mastered the art of Tinder whores. It appeared he was fucking a new girl every few days, was plating new girls and having sex every night. However, he was unfulfilled. Yet, he didn’t seem to be able to stop doing it.

It got me thinking how many guys don’t read between the lines, or the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that is Red Pill. So enamoured with ‘getting pussy’ and fucking bitches they miss one of the absolute key parts of swallowing the pill.

Women, sex, female attention and validation will not fulfill you. So many Blue Pillers come here, indoctrined into the idea that female attention will suddenly solve whatever self-worth and self esteem issues they have.

I’ve seen many guys who post talking of depression, lack of fulfillment and emptiness once they start plating and fucking on overdrive. They missed the disclaimer.

Female validation, sex and approval will not solve what you need to from within. If you misread Red Pill and put women as the focal point of your life and start doing everything you need to do to be attractive as your priority, you’re going to wind up empty.

Making your number one thing in life self-improvement, plating and fucking is another version of the Blue. The blue can teach that women are princesses on pedestals and the ultimate source of happiness and fulfillment for men. A lot of bloopers have spent years chasing oneitis’s, LTR’s. They have worked to get the perfect job, become the perfect supplicating nice guy, give over their agency to women. All in the blue pill vein hope of securing this female validation that will make life worth it.

Cue Red Pill. Guys learn new behaviours, attitudes and tactics to get a LOT of sex. It becomes their focus. The thing that takes up most of their life. The Red Pill unaware blooper spends years pining for the female gift of validation. The Red Pill guy who doesn’t read the disclaimer spends his time trying to fuck his way to the fulfillment female validation was promised. Both end up depressed, empty and bordering crisis.

The way I’ve always seen the pill, is a deeper and deeper rejection of the system. Part of that system is the belief that women hold the key to men’s self-esteem, and they should be a man’s mission. If you’re pining away in a basement trying to get your oneitis, or spending most of your time fucking and plating then either way women have become your mission. Telling, isn’t it, that both these guys end up depressed.

I’ve always seen Red Pill as a wake up. A reminder that women’s, or anyone’s validation and approval is ultimately empty. If we don’t accept that, then we just keep trying harder. Fucking more, plating more, Tindering more. It can lead to addictive behaviours, and a lot of new Red Pillers don’t realise they’re actually harbouring a sex addiction. Empty, but not able to stop the behaviour that gives them a temporary feeling of relief.

We all know that a man without sex gets a hole in the stomach. He’s hungry, and not satisfied. It takes up his mind and eventually has negative effects.

Red Pill is about rejecting the system. Realising that women’s sexual validation does NOT fill a man’s void. It gives us truths, tactics, behaviours, game so we can get our sexual needs met and so have time and attention to give the OTHER things in our life that CAN lead to fulfillment.

The 80/20 rule. 80% of your time goes towards whatever path you’re carving to bring you some happiness and fulfillment. The other 20% goes towards women. And that 20% is merely satisfying the distraction from sticking to the other 80%. The 20% is satisfying an itch, so you’re free for the 80%. Don’t fall into the trap of making the 80% all about getting the 20%.

IF you don’t know what your 80% is and what your mission is, your goals, your priorities and what gives you fulfillment then cut back on the fucking until you do.

I have some highly attractive plates. One in particular. I don’t care. They get 20% of my time, effort and attention. The other 80% I consciously CHOOSE to do more important things. Yes, nutting on a girl’s face is great. It isn’t fulfilling. It doesn’t give me meaning or purpose. Upsetting the balance and giving them more than the 20% will only give me more experiences that don’t lead to fulfillment.

Where are you seeking fulfillment? Are women and sex your mission? Do you need to re-balance the scales?

*Edit - A reminder, that if you disagree or have opposing beliefs and theory by all means challenge what I write. I welcome anything that helps me evolve and learn. Use logic, form an idea and communicate it intelligently. Responses of 'muh, I don't like these feelz and muh I'm gonna emotionally react' get nobody anywhere.