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- Hide Preview | 6 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by rosbergsessa420 [Post Locked]

I'm 25, three years into the process, and I only wish the concepts here were mandatory teaching.

Both of my parents weren't particularly attractive in their youth, never really had many options, and that's what I learned on my first years. "Be good! Be nice and good things will come to you! Always put the others first, it's polite! Be yourself and the right one will come! Stay away from the conflict and gossip! People are snakes". Oh the bullshit. Of course I would get bullied, come across as creepy/needy/insecure, everything about my upbringing had been autistic.

When the teen years came, I would send SMSs to 40-50 girls that I only met once (or even never - just numbers I got from others). I would go to parties where I knew some of these girls would be, and they probably didn't even know who I was. I would go to school one day, and find out that the entire group of girls that attended the same classroom on the previous day had written my name in HUGE letters on the whole blackboard, followed with saying that they hated me and really wanted me to stop sending messages.

At one point, life put me in place. I found out that sex matters, status matters, playing the game matters. Respect matters, competition matters, and to be a man you gotta be a man. Everything I had been taught was bullshit. I just didn't know how to take part in the real world. I goofed around for all of my teenage and early 20s with the exact results you'd expect. I had never been taught that your character in the real world is just as important as being good at your job or exams or whatever.

Then I found this, purely by accident, while trying to get over one girl that was the textbook example of all things wrong with women. Hard to accept at first, took me a year to entirely embrace it. Now, three years into it, with a whole new twist in my career, many hobbies, abundance mentality (not limited to sex partners but every other field) and essentially a whole make over to my lifestyle. For the first time it feels like I can see and do everything.

All I can say is thank you TRP.

[-] PUSSY_POUNDER_69 11 Points 6 months ago

Nice to see this kind of post once in a while. Keep up the good work man.

[-] btrpb 10 Points 6 months ago

Good for you young man.

Don't think you've missed out on anything. Your best years are laid out before you.

[-] meerita 2 Points 6 months ago

Now you need to use this power to bend the rules to your will. Start by healing yourself from the beta body you've been submitted off and the rest will come easily.

[-] potatoegg93 1 Point 6 months ago

I had a similar upbringing and I cant say how much TRP changed me for the better. Thanks to everybody, especially Endorsed Cntributers who put their free time in creating this posts for free. You guys are great.

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[-] [deleted] 6 months ago