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- Hide Preview | 57 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by Slajni [Post Locked]

Hi, as I was reading TRP for a long time and it helped me a lot creating my own strategy. I would gladly finally contribute.

Let's draw the situation. I've been plating a lot for some extended period of time, but there was a girl that I specifically liked - both as a person and as a sexual partner. As I started a time in my life when I wanted to focus more on work than on spinning plates I decided to go for LTR because why not. It was 1.5 year ago, and whole this time everything, especially sex, was great.

We are not living together, we meet fairly often like once a week, sex is always involved. However as there were holidays I decided to try my little idea and go for 7 days holiday trip with her.
The idea was to check how much I can go for her primal brain and rewire it as I want to.

We all know that women has some fucked up fantasies about rape, want to be dominated, being dirty talked to, etc.
However from what I experienced with women I had in my life - for the most part it's a fantasy, at least at the beginning. They DO WANT it, but not like right here like now. I think there is no a big chance you would find a girl that would go for some fucking hard bdsm on the first time you go with her to the bedroom. What I wanted to try is a technique I called 'boiling a frog'

Basically if you put a frog in hot water it will jump from it and run, if you put it in cold water and gradually increase heat it will not realise that it will soon be food. That's what I wanted to do with her brain.

I decided to go for more and more crazy stuff day after day, starting from some little stuff like slapping her ass or telling her I like it when she does something. The second very important thing - I made it time dependent. Basically we were doing some shit whole day with me making hints what I would do to her when we get to the bed. It was basically at least 6 hours every fucking day when I was verbally making her ready to be fucked but she knew it's not possible because we are in mall for example. Then, at the same time every day, around 10 pm I would give it up and actually do things with her.

I also took with me some gadgets we didn't use before and each day I introduced a new one. I was also going more and more forward with my talking to her until I basically was only insulting her, apart from the last night when I took a leash from the bag. I was not saying anything, just showed it to her, she put it on and then i took her to the bed with it. The day we were leaving I woke up by a blowjob with big moan when she swallowed my cum. It was so eye opening to see her turning into sex-driven zombie.

What's funny, we had a long trip home and were on the road at night. We were talking but after some time I saw that she was getting less chatty and started looking as she was think hard about something. I asked her about it and she said something like 'That's strange as fuck but we are not talking any sexual but since some time I'm getting wet as fuck and I don't know why.' At the moment I checked the time and it was almost fucking precisely 10pm.

Since the trip which was a little more than 1 month ago I am basically constantly getting messages about how horny she is, pics of her in poses like she wants to be fucked etc. We are back to the routine of meeting like once a week because my free time is over, but for fuck sake. The sex is like 3x better and I feel like she is even more lusty for it than I am.

Basically I turned my LTR into a freaking nympho and I NEVER had a so fucking turned on woman in my life and I'm not sure If I could replicate it with a woman I don't know for an extended period of time and been sexual with previously.

It's my first post so it may not be perfect, but I hope some of you could get something from it. For me it was very funny and educating experiment. And I like the result.

[-] MrTrizzles 186 Points 9 months ago

She was a nympho the whole time bro, you just didn't want a nympho for the first 1.5 years for some reason.

Good post.

[-] throwwayhubu 35 Points 9 months ago

This is borderline pedestalizing, u need to go Dr. Pavlov on a chick for a week just to get a blowie? Thats also not a nympho thing, nympho would be like her cleaning the house and cooking naked just so u'll let her blow u.

[-] trueliberal1 22 Points 9 months ago

Remember men, all women are nymphos. If she's not a nympho with you, she is one with another man.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 64 Points 9 months ago

Ah shit, here we go again.

Remember that it doesn't matter how much you think you've got her by the pussy. Be on the lookout and stay vigilant for strange dick. Click to see a cautionary tale from back in the day.

This is especially relevant for OP, because if this field report - which reads like some erotic fiction straight out of the ass of an armchair specialist, by the way, but isn't implausible - is actually legit, then you've got a huge problem on your hands. If we were to believe everything in OP to be true, then this bitch is now conditioned to have sex every day at 10 o'clock in the evening.

Take a look at the "Dirty Sheets" and see how bitches deal with horniness when unattended, even if they REALLY love you.

[-] Htowngetdown 30 Points 9 months ago

Yeah all i could think about was who is she seeing the other 6 days a week

[-] Lateralanouncer 12 Points 9 months ago

Damn, i read the dirty sheets and your right. The cold reality of how we live now days is a woman giving herself to you or any man means absolutely nothing. Just 10 mins in the back of a car with a random guy. A couple of drinks, hell some wake up after a night out and don’t know who the person is next to them.

[-] Slajni 7 Points 9 months ago

Hey, that's a good advice. The 10pm thing isn't that strict now. After some time it kinda blurred when we started normal routine, she is much more horny as the sex is better still, however.

For now I'm not that scared as we are rather young and she is still living with her parents that do not leave the home, also in small town. There is not much she can do to fuck someone else but I agree that's not the solution and even though I will be more aware of it and take a look.

[-] spungebawbswegpants 10 Points 9 months ago

There is not much she can do to fuck someone else

Listen man, there are billions of dicks on this planet and at least a billion want to be inside her at all times

Stay vigilant

[-] Slajni 7 Points 9 months ago

Frankly - sex is good, better than before. I don't see a reason why I would stop myself from doing what I did. Just as you said, if she will want it, she'll do it. What's the point in trying to prevent it. I mean, what actually could I do? The only way what I am willing to do is to make her realize that it won't pay off. In a way that if she does it I will break up and she won't have better than me, simple.

[-] LondonFox-jr 62 Points 9 months ago

I did something similar a couple years ago. Tried crazier and crazier shit, anal, spanking, slapping and tying up. It's fun while it lasts but if you lock her down it will most likely fizzle. Your relationship is still somewhat fresh at 1.5 years. And even more so bc you dont live together and have limited time together. Good for you man and enjoy that shit and push the limits because if you stay with this girl it will run its course.

Take the hottest woman in the world for example. If you are with her long enough, you will eventually get tired of fucking her. It doesn't matter who the girl is or how sexy and nympholike they are. You will get tired of fucking her. Its human nature. It's your bodies own genetic prerogative to make you bored so you can move on and impregnate other mates.

Thats what makes new relationships so juicy. It's all that potential raunchy sex that's waiting to be explored. But I think it after that part is through and you become more boring and stable in your relationship it leaves behind a certain amount of dissatisfaction in its wake. If you would want that relationship to ultimately succeed in terms of longevity and potentially marriage / life partner you cant expect that type of sex to last forever. It's like when you watch vanilla porn at first and keep graduating to raunchier shit because the thrill with the old regular stuff is gone. Its tough to go back to the vanilla shit and it can cause resentment, which sends you chasing for that new relationship sex and other partners. That's definitely a lifestyle choice that I have nothing against , but if you plan on the long road it might be unsustainable.

It really boils down to comfort too. That's why one of the golden rules is never shack up together unless you're getting married. Once she gets super comfortable with you and you're whereabouts and agenda you can kiss all that kinky shit goodbye. The fact you only see her once per week plays to your advantage. Scarcity can be a beautiful thing.

[-] Qba1994 2 Points 9 months ago

Does the same thing apply to women? They get bored with their partner after the initial phase of trying new things or their brains work differently?

[-] MrLowBot 58 Points 9 months ago

Pretty sure of that you could’ve done a lot more crazy shit with her if you really wanted too. Anyways, nice to read.

[-] Slajni 27 Points 9 months ago

Yeah, most likely. And that's what I'm intending to do in the future and actually doing at this time. The thing that shocked me most was how easy it is to make humans brain act like dog hearing the food is coming to his bowl. Her body is actually telling her when she is about to be fucked.

[-] [deleted] 40 Points 9 months ago

The main point is that you can go waaayy further with girls than you think possible, all you have to do is take the initiative. If you're already about to fuck a plate/LTR/whatever, start with something simple then work your way up. You will hit a limit, every girl is different, but you'll find that those limits are pretty high.

For example, I pushed my most recent LTR, did things she never did because no one took the initiative before; called her a slut during sex, tied her up, came on her face, etc. Her limit was when I called her my worthless sex slave while fucking her and told her to call me master. She immediately stopped the sex and communicated that that made her uncomfortable so I immediately stopped. We continued sex like normal .

I now knew her limit and learned she was game for everything below that limit. I never would have known that if I didn't take the initiative during sex.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] Uesugi1989 16 Points 9 months ago

From my experience, If two conditions are met, you can push for almost anything, as long as you take the initiative firmly

  • she is physically attracted to you and considers you sexy

  • she knows you can do better than her

One I am fucking currently, i have turned her into a pornstar in a matter of weeks. , booty slaps, she lets me cum on her face, she even asks for it now, does annal and is even willing to do a threesome with another girl.

Guys, don't be afraid just take the initiative, she will be obsessed with you after the first time you go dirty

[-] DeborahBinLaden 15 Points 9 months ago

What exactly were you saying to her throughout the day? I mean how are you “subtly” hinting what you’re going to do

[-] Slajni 10 Points 9 months ago

Well, actually this wasn't that subtle I just pretty much added something sexual to every other thing we were saying. The most dumb thing I remember was when we were food shopping and when we went for fruits I asked her if she wants a banana, she replied no and then I told her I'm not talking about fruits.

But basically, I was touching her slightly, like pushing her ass with my finger and telling her that I will push it later with something else, I was playing the gadgets card giving her hints what's coming next as she knew I had something for each day. And sometimes I was basically precisely telling her what we're going to do like that I want to fuck her in the shower and then for example when we were passing fountains I would tell her that she's going to be moaning along to similar sounds that this fountain makes in just few hours.

Actually it's hard to give specific examples as they were situational. I was just in mindset of talking like that and basically I could just look at almost anything around and think about something. You just have to have it in mind that you're going to do that and creativity comes by itself. I myself was amazed that I could go on and on and not run out of things to say.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] beachbbqlover 13 Points 9 months ago

I did this with my ex too. Getting her thinking about sex and what she needs to do to get it repeatedly throughout the day is the fastest way to drive them batshit crazy about you.

[-] jbpostv 11 Points 9 months ago

Although my game confidence is inconsistent and something I’m working on, in bed there’s a mental space I get into that let’s me go quite far with chicks on the first lay. Some call it domspace but for me it’s comes from the confidence that once she’s dtf she’s in the bag and I can go full runaway train alpha. Last two chicks I banged let me do things like shove 3 fingers in their ass, spanking, hair pulling, daddy name calling, face fucking with a vibrator, dirty talking and spitting on my dick. I think watching enough porn, developing this head space and having confidence in sex god method, I have no reservations or anxiety about ramping things way up first time. Really happy for you and your ltr. I feel like you become so close to and see women differently when you start getting kinky and animalistic with them in bed. Great use of anticipation, dm me for more mind games, moves and bedroom inner game, I’d love to share and above all, proud of you man.

[-] wviber 5 Points 9 months ago

Hey if you could share it as a post or DM me that would be great. I would definitely like some advice to spice up things in bedroom.

[-] Slajni 3 Points 9 months ago

Hey, I was the other way around. I'm writing to you.

[-] trueliberal1 10 Points 9 months ago

The idea was to check how much I can go for her primal brain and rewire it as I want to.

This summarizes how men have changed to compensate for how women have changed. Historical sequence follows.

  1. 2 MYA to [1,500 to 10,000] YA, women fuck the alpha male in the tribe.

  2. 1,500 to 10,000 YA depending on area, agricultural revolution takes place.

  3. [1,500 to 10,000] YA to 1960, monotheism and monogamy dominate societies to incentive all men to be economically productive. Any society that does not use this strategy remains in the Stone Age and is taken over or wiped out by a more technologically and economically advanced society. Men and women compromise, each giving up some of their more selfish desires in order to form a cooperative that is a net benefit to them both and to their children and grandchildren.

  4. 1960 the oral birth control pill is invented. Over the next ten years, its use by women goes to nearly 100%.

  5. 1960-1980 women shift from the strategy of pursuing long-term relationships exclusively -- and yes, there were always a few women who pursued short-term sexual relations, but they were rare -- to the strategy of pursuing short-term sex with alpha males until they (the women) reached 25 and then pursuing long-term relations with beta males.

  6. 1980-1990 most men shift their strategies in response to women's new behavior, pursuing sex exclusively in their 20s and long-term in their 30s. Some men continue looking for wives when they (the men) are in their late teens or early 20s.

  7. 1990-2000 the hookup culture takes over. Men and women fuck like crazy in high school and college. Women continue short-term sexual strategies until 30 and then switch to long-term partner searches. Men now view women as being just sex objects. Some men start looking for 20-year-old wife material when they (the men) are 30 or over. More and more men just start saying no to marriage.

  8. 2000-2010 men start learning evolutionary psychology and talking about their experiences anonymously on the Internet. Patterns are easily found and compared to predictions in evo psyc. The terms Red Pill, MGTOW, and the Marriage Strike are invented. Older men start saying no to marriage permanently. Women start noticing the change in men's behavior but do not understand what is going on. Women start asking, "where have all the good men gone?".

  9. 2010-2020 men in mass have switched to exclusively short-term sexual strategies. Women no longer have the choice to engage in long-term relationships or marriage with few exceptions. In order to prop up marriage, the press continues to site inflated statistics like 50% of people still get married and only 50% of marriages end in divorce. These statistics are arrived by including older generations that had more appealing statistics in with the younger generations that rarely marries and divorces when it does.

Executive summary...

Men have changed their behavior to using women exclusively for sex and not financially, legally, or emotionally committing themselves to women or their children in response to women changing their behavior to being polygamous. In a polygamous society, it only makes evolutionary sense for men to exclusively follow short-term mating strategies and to fiercely guard their resources for use in future mate acquisition.

This shit should be taught in junior high school science.

[-] Theorymeltfool1 7 Points 9 months ago

This is ill-advised unless you live together. Otherwise she's likely to cheat on you when you're not around.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] jing345 7 Points 9 months ago

Your 'boiling a frog' theory is petting, mind games, baiting, in my dictionary.

That '10pm thing' = Classical Conditioning & Operant Conditioning

Ring the bells. It's food time! Bitch!

[-] Bone_Coat 2 Points 9 months ago

it's called coditionated reflex

[-] Zech4riah 3 Points 9 months ago

They turn into nympho 99% of the time when the relationship has lasted 3-4 months and they have fell in love or started strongly doing so. This can be achieved with basic trp behavior or even sometimes non-needy blue pill behavior.

The twist is that when they run out of love and get familiar with you, suddenly the nympho disappears too. Usually this happens 2-3 year mark at the latest.

[-] QueefasaurusSex 1 Point 9 months ago

I'm curious about how you would handle prolonging that nympho stage as long as possible. Because once that fades, I'm assuming (I haven't experienced that long of a LTR) you gradually regress to boring, familiar, vanilla sex. I wouldn't want that.

How do you keep things interesting?

[-] Zech4riah 2 Points 9 months ago

Personally I find it more difficult for me to stay interested because i desire more variety than most girls so I'm actually trying to prolong my "horniness phase" as well. When I get to know the girl too well, my interest in investing sex goes from "I fuck you everywhere in every position" to "just lay on your back that I can finish quickly".

I think it's quite simple. You meet your LTR max ~twice a week. If you go for 3-4 months lasting everyday fuckfest, both will get too familiar with each other, excitement disappears and sex gets boring.

I see girls I date more seriously possible relationship in mind max twice a week. I couldn't do more with my schedule and 3 girls in rotation on average. This arrangement keeps the girls and sex for me interesting as long as possible and I'd say it's true vice versa (because the girls only see me max twice a week.).

Even tho you don't have other girls and your schedule is free most of the time - I'd still suggest that don't meet her more than twice a week. Give her chance to miss and think about you - crave for your attention. That keeps you desirable for her as long as possible.

The 48 Laws of Power - Create value through scarcity (being absent in this case).

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[-] undextrois 3 Points 9 months ago

can you create a step by step guide todo this man

[-] Slajni 4 Points 9 months ago

Like what was the progression every day?

[-] undextrois 5 Points 9 months ago

yes man kudos to your post!

[-] Slajni 2 Points 9 months ago

It's hard to give actual to-do. I kinda winged it as I said in the post. What I can say is that I just become more and more shameless with things I've been telling her. Everything was situational, I am big fun of natural game, it's hard to give precise phrases. I think if you try you will know what to do as appetite grows by eating. You will want to see how far you can go. For me it turned out I could go pretty far.

[-] UncleWarwick 3 Points 9 months ago

Yeah. There’s some grooming involved.

Literally just took a girl over the course of a couple months from tiny buttplug to her cumming from surprise anal the first time.

Shits dope.

[-] trueliberal1 3 Points 9 months ago

A lot of people have been commenting that women like the one in the OP are always nymphos and probably are cheating on their LTR if their not a nympho with him.

This is why I only LTR women named Alexa. That way I can tell if she's cheating on my by checking my Alexa history.

In the Alexa app or on the Alexa privacy page you can:

Review transcripts Listen to voice recordings Delete voice recordings one by one or all at once In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Alexa Privacy or visit

If she's cheating, you'll hear recordings of men saying: Alexa, oh yeah. Faster, Alexa, faster.

The more you know

[-] thiikn 2 Points 9 months ago

Man, I myself am considering LTRing a girl I'm fucking just so I can focus more on my career, how did that go for you?

The advantage for me is that I'll get access to a whole bunch of new friends (she's way popular), whilst I'll make more time for my self growth once I'll quit thinking about new pussy too much.

I know myself and my career should be my priority all along, but it gets hard sometimes when the anxiety of not spinning enough plates hits. Consider it as a one year "monk mode" with a hot LTR, working on my self improvement. Do you think it can go very wrong?

I totally lead the relationship cause she's so into me, to the point I can say/do whatever and get away with it.

[-] Slajni 3 Points 9 months ago

Well I think it turned out pretty well. I think the one big thing is that you must redefine your metrics for success. If you have a problem of anxiety hitting while not spinning enough plates I would say it's a problem with your abundance mentality. I think that the end goal of it is to just know that you are attractive and can get woman if you want it. If you need constant reassurance by getting new girls it seems like you still can't believe in your abilities.

Basically my mindset is like that - I definetely developed feelings for her and I don't find it a bad thing as it's a cool feeling and as it's a LTR. The thing is to just not be steered by them. Be okay with the thing that it may end and you will have to let go of her. You don't have to want it, just be okay with the possibility. Just like you are okay with the possibility of getting hit by a car but still you are not staying at home for whole life.

Think with your brain, not your heart, but do not overthink anything. If you rationalize and analyze things like "I am leading, she is into me, etc." you must be at some place insecure, needy. Just try to chill out, let the relationship go as it goes. Take care of it but don't analyze, just like you don't analyze if your friends like you or if they will leave you. That's still possible after all. Do you think about it?

[-] Rkingpin 2 Points 9 months ago

"Everything is about sex apart from sex, sex is about power" - Frank Underwood, House of Cards

She submits, you dominate, and everyone is happy

[-] GraveApparition 13 Points 9 months ago

That's a quote they stole from Oscar Wilde

[-] holeintheceiling 7 Points 9 months ago

Except he was referring to young boys

[-] Rkingpin 12 Points 9 months ago

You mean those kids in my basement should be set free?

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] adam-l 2 Points 9 months ago

Nice post, but...

Why would you do that to your LTR, i.e. a girl you plan on having around for a long time?

All women are like that, it's just that some haven't discovered it yet. Why would you want your stable girl to get there? Sure, she'll be better with you in bed - but remember there are a lot more sexual opportunities for women, in this world. Why shouldn't she grab some of them, now that she has the opportunity? Why not be wild with someone else, as well? Especially since you only meet once a week.

The whole rationale behind LTRs is the steady flow of sex. This practically means that LTRs are for vanilla sex, give or take. Extras, those are for wild sex: ONSs, FWBs, FBs, mini-relationships.

Just my opinion.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] HornsOfApathy 1 Point 9 months ago

This reeks of validation seeking behavior from her. You write here to supposedly shed some of that validation you got from her onto people here telling you "great job!"

You aren't repilled.

But are a pretty good sheep in wolf's clothing.

Kill the ego. Swallow the pill.

[-] Slajni 1 Point 9 months ago

Then what's the point of this sub anyway. I didn't post it to seek validation. I just wanted to share my story, no more. Apart from that we all like some validation, don't we? That's why we do anything in life, to feel it was worth it. I don't believe in actually 'killing your ego'. And even if it is possible I don't want it.

Anyway, if you actually killed your ego you wouldn't post that reply. You wouldn't care about it. That's not what 'swallowing the pill' is about. At least for me.

[-] HornsOfApathy 3 Points 9 months ago

Apart from that we all like some validation, don't we? That's why we do anything in life, to feel it was worth it. I don't believe in actually 'killing your ego'. And even if it is possible I don't want it.

Swallowing the pill means seeking validation from yourself only, forever.

You haven't done that. Which means you'll likely get burned on this chick down the road because of your beta seeking behaviors.

Anyway, if you actually killed your ego you wouldn't post that reply. You wouldn't care about it.

Don't take this an insult, but this really shows immaturity here. It's ok.

Part of my mission is to help others who are open to suggestions and want to seek a fulfilling life. I share that gift with those who seek it. That's part of my mission, my priority.

I'm going to guess you're younger than I am. You should want to kill your ego. Think of it as a shield that you carry around. We have multiple shields we put up so we dont have to look at ourselves so deeply and realize something that we do not like about ourselves. If we realized that, it would require more hard work.

You SHOULD want to kill your ego.

Then what's the point of this sub anyway.

Because some of us guys who have better shit to do than help others actually choose to help dudes like you because it became part of our mission to let other men who seek knowledge get a new perspective to find it.

I didn't post it to seek validation.

Drop the ego for just a second FOR YOURSELF. Not me. You dont have to answer it here... but you know that's a lie, right? Dig deep brother. You know it was your ego.

Best of luck.

[-] Slajni 1 Point 9 months ago

Maybe you are right in some places hower I still don't think I have posted it for validation. I said we like validation from others not only myself but it doesn't mean I seek it. But if it happens I won't try to not feel good. Wouldn't it be stupid? I will take your words to heart and do what I can to not be burned by this girl. And also maybe I will understand something I don't understand now. However I still think you missed the point of my post. I was just interested what I can do with an idea for a 'system' of as I called it rewiring her brain. It kinda worked so I decided to post about, maybe get some comments, like this one of yours. And mostly because I wanted not only to read but to give something from myself. I, too, like to share what I learned to work for me, and maybe help others.

[-] HornsOfApathy 2 Points 9 months ago

And here is the problem, your ego again:

I was just interested what I can do with an idea for a 'system' of as I called it rewiring her brain.

Women aren't a video game, dude. You think you can enter the konami code on her tits and she will suddenly be your slut through a series of exact sequences and cheat codes.

There aren't any cheat codes dude, except one. The cheat code is to focus on yourself and feel validated within, always.

It actually SHOULDN'T make you feel good when she gobbles your cum or asks you to fuck her ass with your fist. You should be thinking about how it was already yours and she never actually gave it to you. See... you gave it to her. What validation is in that?

I'm married and my wife and I have a D/s relationship, so I seek zero validation. Didn't always because I was a faggot. Until i wasn't anymore.

Good luck, check your ego.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] Patric_MasterBateman 1 Point 9 months ago

Pavlov's girlfriend

[-] spartan1337 1 Point 9 months ago

can you explain like im 5 what you did, i dont get it

[-] MattyAnon 1 Point 9 months ago

and I'm not sure If I could replicate it with a woman I don't know for an extended period of time and been sexual with previously

You can replicate all this with other women just as easily. Possibly easier as there is no previous expectation-momentum.