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- Hide Preview | 47 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by RedEmbrace [Post Locked]

I've been reading all these posts about a man marrying a bot and then some more and Jesus Christ, please her me out.

A robot is there to serve. A future super well designed and whatnot female robot is going to be really good for a low social value man because that said man gets to fuck something that is not his hand and with an AI engine on top there'd be some illusion of compassion. The trick is when the illusion is just too good it's no different from a real thing. There were (are?) text CHAT bots to which REAL human being were getting seriously emotionally attached to and talked to them all the time and these chat bots were affecting their life in a real way. Look that up.

While a great AIed sexbot is still not real flesh and blood you can dominate and play with like an alpha dog you are - for these, let's say, not the alphaest men out there it's WAY better than being completely alone and fucking your own hand. Solitary confinement is considered a torture and is used as a torture.

And don't forget said bot doesn't come with the innate woman bullshit so it might be even better in some sense.

HOWEVER for a woman the most important thing in life is HOW COOL HER MAN IS. It's TRP 101.

A robot can't be COOL because it's a bot and a bot, surprise-surprise, does not have a place on the sexual market place! IT'S A THING. It can't dominate a woman emotionally, because it does not compete with other MEN in any way and therefore a bot can't be SUCCESSFUL.

People always find it hilarious how men compete with each other and measure everything even their own fucking dicks, but women are doing the same exact shit with a caveat that they actually measure the dicks of their men and compare that with what other women have measured! The cars, the lifestyle - they dick contest everything there is, because they want, no, they NEED to figure out who's got the best deal, who got the best life, who got the best MAN that enables all that.

Men establish their man hierarchy by winning at something in life, women establish their woman hierarchy by whose man is the most winner, whose man is the most successful.

"Oh your husband got a promotion so you can fly to Hawaii twice this month? That's cool, Leslie, but did you know my husband got TWO promotions this month?"

That's what they do!

For a woman, her MAN should be the best MAN out of all other MEN, and especially in the eyes of her peer, "friends" and family. Not even in her own eyes. Her man's success is the EGO. In a sense, the better her man is doing in life - the better she wins at life in her eyes. That's why TRP tells you to be the best man you can be - because women will want you as a man! Because women want a cool man to life a cooler life than her peers!


Have you forgot that sex for a woman is worthless? Her reality is way different that yours: she can get sex in literally ONE swipe. Sex does not mean nor indicates anything for her. Winning the COMMITEMENT of a HIGH VALUE MALE does. A robot literally can't be "won over" because a robot is there to serve in the first place. A robot is not there to compete in life avenues. Because it does not compete it can't win and therefore can not be a winner! Not-a-winner is worthless for her.

"… No, I don't want no scrub

A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me".