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- Hide Preview | 135 Comments | submitted 12 months ago by clausternn [Post Locked]

This post was submitted today in another subreddit. The guy was asking for validation that he made the right choice. Well, he clearly made a lot of wrong choices, but that's beside the point. Let's forget about him, let's look at his woman.

This is a woman who has been dealt a bad hand in life. Both her parents are poor, and debt from an ongoing health problem rendered her unable to take student loans for her education (the OP mentioned both these things in the comments).

But even through all that hardship, life hands her a silver lining when she manages to snag the king of the betas. Because let me tell you, I've never been to Hong Kong (OP says this is where they are in the comments), but I know that the cost of living is very high. Stacy here didn't just snag your "fancy restaurant twice a month, maybe a bouquet of flowers once in a while" run-of-the-mill beta. No, she snagged the real deal. She seduced a guy who pays for their rent, their food, and her medical school tuition. That's the jackpot. That's a guy who's loaded. That's a guy who could easily sign up for one of those sugar daddy sites and have a new 20yo prostitute girlfriend within a week.

All she has to do is keep being a mediocre girlfriend. Notice how I didn't say a good girlfriend. I didn't say she has to cook him nice meals, give him blowjobs, or even laugh at his dumb jokes. Nope, she can be a nagging prudish bitch, and Billy here will still eat that up. Hell, she can even buy a vibrator and moan Chad's name while Billy is at work, that doesn't matter. All she has to do is stay away from Chad's actual cock, and she has it all. Food, shelter, education, money. Hell, she could even stay with Billy a couple more years until the marriage, then divorce rape him and do whatever she wants after that.

That would be the rational (albeit morally bankrupt) thing to do from her perspective. It would be logical. But women aren't those things. That's not who they care. They're slaves to their biology (just like men are, but that's a story for another day). And women's biology dictates that Billy's comfort is all fine and dandy, but what she really needs is the cock of the Chad who pump-and-dumped her in high school. She craves it, she yearns for it. And now she had another opportunity for it, and when that happens, it doesn't matter if she's in a 7-year relationship. Her medical school debt doesn't matter. The high COL of the city she lives in doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the alpha cock. It's not rational. It's not smart. But women aren't those things. Don't expect them to be.

So forget about the beta game. Forget about buying her flowers, paying for dinner, or whatever the fuck. Hypergamy doesn't give a shit about your romance. These things may have worked 50 years ago, I bet they did, but they don't in the age of online dating and social media.

Become alpha instead. Learn to lift and diet, be thoroughly consistent at the gym, learn game, reread the sidebar. Women aren't rational, the only choice you have left is to learn how to revel in their irrationality. Or die.

[-] CainPrice 238 Points 12 months ago

This is a huge mental shift for most men. Because most men think about a relationship as an "investment".

If you're with a woman for 7 years, then you think you're "investing" time, money, attention, and so on into this woman and your relationship with her. And when you "invest", you tend to think about it like money in the bank. Like you're building up equity in your relationship and like everything you've invested over the years has value.

This is not how women see relationships. It's really not how relationships work at all. It's how men wish relationships worked, and how things ought to work in a just and rational and logical world.

But that's not how life works. Not with women, not with your boss, not even with most of your friends. Investing in your relationship with someone doesn't mean that he or she owes you for your investment.

"Investing" in your relationship doesn't buy you tomorrow. It's the cost you're paying for today, right now. And once you've paid the cost and you've received today, this moment, she doesn't owe you anything. If you think that a place to live, food, and medical school tuition is too high of a cost for this one moment, today with a woman, but you pay it anyway, that's your own fault. Because you're only buying today, this minute. You're not buying tomorrow.

Relationships aren't really an "investment". They're more of a purchase. You want to pay as little as possible to buy her today. To buy her moment right now. Because if you pay her extra, that's not buying tomorrow for you. That's just giving her a good tip.

Tomorrow, if she feels it for someone else, like a light switch, everything you've done with her for the past however many years becomes meaningless. She'll throw it away in a single moment if that other guy is more attractive to her and is paying her price to buy today from her. And when you cock an eyebrow over how little he had to pay, maybe you learn that all you really had to do was buy today and not try to make her feel like she owed you tomorrow as well. Women hate feeling like they owe you. That makes them act out.

[-] clausternn 75 Points 12 months ago

You invest in yourself, and you reap the rewards in those relationships. Be them with plates, your LTR, your boss, your clients.

[-] 25russianbear25 20 Points 12 months ago

This is why ive always been investing im myself first. No use throwing money at random people hoping one will stick (not that i had money to begin with).

Anyone who cares about me will meet me half way and make equal sacrifices.

[-] _Tactleneck_ 15 Points 12 months ago

The tip analogy was a refreshing perspective. You feel like you’re building equity, but you’re not. This needs to be preached louder.

[-] BlindingTwilight 12 Points 12 months ago

In other words they are all whores

[-] omega_dawg93 35 Points 12 months ago

as i've read on reddit:

"all women are sluts... with the exception of your sister (out of ignorance) and your mother (out of respect)."

no matter what YOU think of them, there's a guy somewhere that's tired of fucking her... and that same guy can get ALL of her body with zero investment besides his hard cock and 45 min.

don't 'kill' yourself trying to impress any woman.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] FineCopy2 9 Points 12 months ago

Oh boy. Only if I had read this 5 years ago I would have made my life so much better. After 5 years of relationship and break up all I could think of was the "investment" I put in the girl. Even more than the regret of loosing her, I felt worse about the investment I put. This was before I found out about red pill. Thanks for the solid perspective man. Never gonna happen again

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 7 Points 12 months ago

This is a great post. As you say, men think they're "investing" in the relationship.

But women just think you're maintaining it. When the time comes to leave, they will do so in an instant. And your investment? Why, you owed them that money and food and time just for the privilege of her company, she thinks. So you "invested" nothing as far as she is concerned; all you did was pay the upkeep for her presence in your life. Because she is valuable, whereas you are just a man. Therefore in her mind she owes you nothing - instead of being upset she is leaving, she may expect you to be grateful for whatever time she gave you!

[-] RealMcGonzo 3 Points 11 months ago

From her perspective, she's right. If she's leaving, then she is swinging to a higher branch - or thinks she is, anyway. So you actually did owe her more since she can do better than you. Of course, women swing to a higher branch then discover it doesn't hold - Chad's just down for some fuckin'. Then she falls and this metaphor gets tortured to death.

[-] Cazken 7 Points 12 months ago

Pretty sure I read this somewhere just rephrased

[-] zyqkvx 12 Points 12 months ago

He did make a point that Briffault's Law works because men see women as an investment. My correlation.. your investment in a woman should not exceed the value she can offer in return EXCLUSIVELY IN THE PRESENT. Sounds like something a Bad Boy would believe.

You could construct a male-version mirror image of Briffault's law..


The amount of resources given to a woman should not exceed the present utility of said woman.

If there is an amount of time between giving a woman resources and when woman bares her utility, that amount of time should be in relation to how much you trust her to bare her utility (pretty much 0. Extremely little or no time / extremely little or no trust)


Briffaults Law works both ways; men can do the same. Men suck at it, are way behind. Women are far ahead of us, mastered it eons ago.

Added hypothesis: A Bad Boy is merely the male equivalent of a hypergamous woman with game, except the pay off is sex (and other perks) instead of resources (and other perks)

[-] Compeliminator 6 Points 12 months ago

you can do everything for them you can imagine or concentrate completely on yourself and use her when its convinient. odds are she will stay with you longer in the second scenario but most of all you will save boatloads of cash and aggrivation. fuck women then FUCK women

[-] DreamExpedite 6 Points 12 months ago

Fuck yes man. Because I was getting kinda obsessed with my girlfriend AFTER I'd cheated (wtf right) and then she, rationally, had started to cut me off. And then after like a week I realized nobody owes you any fucking thing. They might BELIEVE that they owe you but that's all. That also extrapolated over to my best friend, with whom I'd cheated on my girlfriend and then I'd also started to become obsessed with her (see a pattern here ?). And this applied over to SO MANY things. Once I realized and really internalized that nobody fucking owes my anything, not even my own mother, anything that anyone ever did for me became a source of gratitude and anything that anyone DIDN'T do, became meh. This one principle has transformed my year. And I hope I can internalize much of the other stuff I'm learning here and elsewhere rather than just remember/learn it. Thanks man! And have a great Sunday.

[-] Yashugan00 4 Points 12 months ago

Briffault's Law is universal

[-] aherrns 3 Points 12 months ago

Anyhow, the only person you can invest on is yourself.

[-] SeasonedRP 201 Points 12 months ago

Billy just may be learning. I like how he changed the lock, boxed her things, and put them outside.

[-] KeffirLime 70 Points 12 months ago

In all honesty I've seen this play out a thousand times. In the moment he's angry so makes a strong reaction, but a man so deep in it, so beta will probably be swayed into giving her "another chance".

Her parents will push for it, his parents will push for it, their friends will push for it. Eventually he'll be coerced into thinking he's over reacting and that he's being the bad guy in the situation.

He has zero abundance mentality, and he's invested seven years into this, so getting no return out of it would be too soul destroying.

When he's done boasting about his bold displays on reddit he'll probably take her back and it will be worse. He'll have set a terrible precedent of zero consequence in his relationship.

[-] organicfluxx 27 Points 12 months ago

Why are his parents trying to fuck him up?

[-] Scorptice 44 Points 12 months ago

It's an ongoing loop of beta conditioning. His parents are betas raised by betas raised by betas raised by betas... they just don't know better.

[-] morehumblethanyou 1 Point 11 months ago

In their eyes, he’s also throwing away an easy shot at a family of his own and grandkids for them.

[-] SilenceOnTheWire 40 Points 12 months ago

From my experience, Billy most likely has a narcissistic mother and a simping enabling father. Mommy knows Stacy doesn't threaten her and that she will keep hurting Billy, and every time Billy is hurt he will come crying back to her. The father enables all this because misery loves company and because he doesn't want to see his son succeeding where he failed.

Of course I'm making assumptions, but this is a very likely scenario.

[-] p3n1x 5 Points 12 months ago

Sure, there are some deadbeat dads out there, but I have never met a father that didn't want his son to be a better version. Most of the generalized 'alcoholic' type abusers aren't "beta" in their own home. They speak with their fists.

Just because dad may not wear the pants with his wife, doesn't mean he wants bitter salty things for his son. That is some fucking ignorant ass reasoning you just blurted out and not backed by any researched material.

[-] SilenceOnTheWire 6 Points 12 months ago

The researched material is my personal experience.

I have never met a father that didn't want his son to be a better version.

Good for you. I've met more than I cared to.

I wasn't talking about alcoholics by the way, just simps in general.

[-] p3n1x 0 Points 12 months ago

Can you provide more than the "eye test" though (avoid the association fallacy)? Where are you that you run across a majority of fathers that resent their son's success?

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 12 Points 12 months ago

My father is an extreme form of this and his brothers and sisters are the same although not as bad. The worst I remember is how he would down play and ridicule anything I achieved, I was never allowed to have pride in my accomplishments and I still am not. He can't even hide his jealousy and resentment at anything I achieve, his face completely betrays his disgust.

Point is he is the way he is because his father did it to him and his siblings, and they do it to their kids. The cycle is clear and self evident. Go and do a little research on narcissistic parents and how they brow beat and bully their kids in order to maintain control over them. The information is free and open source, the amount of documented proof is gigantic, if you don't want to believe it that is your prerogative. I am simply informing, not attempting to convince.

Narcissists have extremely low self esteem due to being bullied and put down by their closest role models during childhood. They cannot stand for other people to be happy and emotionally stable, they can only increase their own emotional stability by putting down and destroying those who are already emotionally stable and happy.

The only relation ship they are comfortable in is a parasitic one, they are emotional vampires. Spouse, son, daughter, sibling, parent or friend it makes no difference, the relationship can not ever be anything more than that of host and parasite, and their main source of sustinence is those who care for them the most, those who they are closest to.

The red pill was easy for me to swallow, I was always aware of the world that existed covertly under all the feel good fluff and pretense, my father made damn sure of it. The elephant in the room is my friend and sometimes I laugh at people when the deny the obvious in favor of feel good pipe dreams. I suppose it's made me mentally strong yes, but it was hell. I'm so fucking afraid of having kids because I'm so scared ill do the same to them.

Anyway, it happens buddy, and more often than you think. Usually nobody knows the narcissist for the abusive sick bastards they are but those they torment, the put on a very convincing show. Be glad you do not know the wrath of narcissistic parents or close friends and family members.

[-] p3n1x 2 Points 11 months ago

I was specifically asking about the father comment. Many of the guys here are dealing with the narcissistic/bully Mothers coupled with a father that doesn't run the household.

In my scenario, my dad did everything to the limitation of his capabilities to make sure I had every opportunity to "get the fuck out" and never walk in his shoes. My mom was the "never impressed" ball buster.

I can totally explain why my mom pushed for marriage after an ex cheated. I honestly thought you were making a bitter comment about weak dads, I never really gave it thought that the beta could be the bully also.

[-] Synthetic_Citizen 3 Points 11 months ago

Your mum pushed you to get married to a girl who cheated on you? Now that's what I call a cunt.

[-] SilenceOnTheWire 2 Points 12 months ago

I never said it was a majority. Look up the dynamics of narcissistic families.

[-] [deleted] 12 months ago
[-] RedPillFreedom 12 Points 12 months ago

I think it's the grandparents syndrome where they don't care about anything besides potential grandkids. I noticed my mom does this and will quickly overlook women's flaws but of course will not deny a man should have this this and that and be capable of such and such duties.

[-] organicfluxx 4 Points 12 months ago

Good point. I see this too.

[-] RichKingOfBangmar 3 Points 11 months ago

That doesn't make sense here. He's their son. If he's cucked, they're grand-cucked. Those would not be their grandchildren.

[-] dr_warlock 2 Points 11 months ago

A moms job is to make sure her son survives, not thrive. To create grandchildren. Not be a self made man with power and get attractive women. Betas dont cause trouble and get by just fine. Theres only competition in the pursuit of higher ambitions. Thats her priority, the safe guranteed way.

[-] p3n1x 3 Points 12 months ago

Grandchildren, settle down, do the right thing, blah blah blah. Do you assume mom and dad are "happily married"? Misery loves company.

And last, don't worry about why, blame in this situation is a waste of your energy and health. Accept that parents will be parents and in the parent's eye they are giving the appropriate advice.

[-] organicfluxx 2 Points 11 months ago

I see this in my real life too, this isn't something I can just ignore, but you and others have a explained it well to me.

[-] Churningaway 3 Points 11 months ago

This. It takes a certain kind of man to become redpill. You have to be able to put aside your own Ego, be a knowledge seeker, and be able to admit you were wrong in the past to be able to accept the truth going forward.

To me the above is less than 1/1000 men

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] O--- 60 Points 12 months ago

Yes, hardcore. My appreciation for him jumped up at that paragraph.

[-] ideserveall 10 Points 12 months ago

She was cheating on him the entire time. Billy was just a means to an end to finance her studies. I hope he learned from it, but i doubt it.

[-] IV78 10 Points 11 months ago

I saw a cartoon once. A sexy girl was in bed with a regular looking guy, both smoking cigs, dreamy smiles on their faces, clearly right after sex, a nurses uniform and doc's scope were on the floor. His thought bubble said something like "She'll be an MD soon and not only will that save us a bunch of money in tuition, we'll be living like kings between the two of us."

Her thought bubble read "I'll be an MD soon, if I play my cards right, this is the last time I have to sleep with this pig."

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 9 Points 12 months ago

Me too. Good for him.

The other thing is, he needs to tell her parents to fuck off, and he needs to have words with his own parents too. Where do they get off supporting her against him? What's wrong with them?

I'd be asking them to support me instead. And if they didn't, then next time they'd be getting cut off as well.

[-] p3n1x 6 Points 12 months ago

What's wrong with them?

Mom runs the show. Mom understands female desires. Mom knows the Billy Beta Provider she raised. Mom more than likely cheated on dad. Mom is empathetic to the shit that poor little girlfriend must have to deal with.

Mom = AWALT, and she is in charge.

[-] ZeppKfw 3 Points 11 months ago

I think if not for the bluepill conditioning that asian families put into their children, he would've been better off.

[-] RealMcGonzo 105 Points 12 months ago

Guy's own fucking parents were calling him up, telling him to take the bitch back. Dayum. My parents would get an earful if they tried that.

[-] DramaticGolf 56 Points 12 months ago

idk if op's parents are asian, apparently they're in HK but i wouldnt be surprised. It's a whole different breed of insane mothers and beat down emotionally drained fathers who give terrible advice out there

[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 28 Points 12 months ago

Living in Asian and I agree. OP's parents are probably holding their breaths waiting for a grand kid to pop out of OP's ex. They only care about what they want and not what OP wants.

[-] majaka1234 34 Points 12 months ago

This. Fucking horrendous toxic society when it comes to parental relationships.

Heard this uttered by a mother who sends her 7 year old to piano class, ballet class, Chinese class, drawing class and an expensive international school and who has a second house closer to school specifically to reduce commute time... After her daughter brought home a B+ because she's a fucking 7 year old dying from stress:

"now how am I going to compete with the other moms?!"

They don't give a shiiiiiiiiit.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 11 Points 12 months ago

I was born in China myself with chinese parents and this is so true. Parental narcissism is both nurture and nature, but in asia this is just culture. It brings out the worst in parents.

[-] omega_dawg93 18 Points 12 months ago

this is true... had an Asian gf years ago.

if her mom likes you, you're a god... and mom will TELL her to stay with you no matter how shitty you act or treat her.

asian women (usually) take being faithful to a whole new level.

as for the Asian guys, her brothers were absolute haters that couldn't get pussy if it was knocking on their door.

[-] DramaticGolf 4 Points 11 months ago

i'm the guy you replied to and i'm an asian guy. i've dated white girls and had my fair share of white guys who were haters. it goes both ways bud

[-] omega_dawg93 4 Points 11 months ago

i didn't say it didn't go both ways. haters come in every shade.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] 420KUSHBUSH 4 Points 12 months ago

oh yeah absolutely, perhaps stems from their culture being more dependent and intertwined with others

[-] KeffirLime 12 Points 12 months ago

Points strongly towards the feminization of society.

The instinctive action is to protect the women and remove consequences for her actions, even by the victims own parents.

Older societies would have had her parents wrecking her for dishonoring their family name, while his parents would encourage a swift separation.

[-] loloLogic 8 Points 12 months ago

I know I wouldn't be above telling mine to get fucked in that situation.

[-] SemperPrimus 74 Points 12 months ago

I do hope she has to drop out of medical school because of that. That would be fucking sweet.

[-] KeffirLime 19 Points 12 months ago

You'd assume a woman studying medicine was fairly intelligent and therefore would make intelligent decisions, but this doesn't ring true, it's a common societal fallacy.

It doesn't make a difference weathers she's a nuclear physicist or a waitress, her emotions will always rule.

[-] Don_Himself 30 Points 12 months ago

women will run to an ex for sex because A) he may be more alpha in her eyes now that he broke up with her (they always do) and B) she doesnt run up her body count - comfort + low risk.


every single woman you meet is an Alpha Widow yearning to have sex with an asshole ex. she is never yours, ever, even if youre a famous celebrity (see katy perry STILL thinking about some HS ex who married someone hotter than her - google story)

[-] canadianentman 28 Points 12 months ago

Focus on your own financial goals first with woman out of the equation. You can be a bum, loser, and criminal and still be deemed to have 'alpha traits' that attract woman yet the rest of your life is a reck. Monetary gain is the only recorded value that contemporary society runs off, the rest is wishy-washy spiritual bullshit.


Think beyond your donger, or stay a closed minded monkey. Your only rival is your own mentality, not women which are a waste of time.

[-] Rimefang 16 Points 12 months ago

If anything, get money to do whatever the fuck you wanna do. Go eat some tasty food. Go to a concert. Travel. Buy some legos.

I know I would.

[-] volvostupidshit 1 Point 11 months ago

Heck you can even perform cosmetic surgery to enhance your features and get more girls. That would be more satisfying than investing on a single girl and finding out later that she is AWALT. Always invest on yourself folks, let them go if they try to manipulate you into investing on them.

[-] Mr7FootCock 5 Points 12 months ago

Very good advice friend. Money improves your quality of life more than any other factor

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Chaddeus_Rex 3 Points 11 months ago

You can be a bum, loser, and criminal and still be deemed to have 'alpha traits' that attract woman yet the rest of your life is a reck

So why get money and finances in order and support the fucked up society if its irrelevant to getting women? I've known guys who didn't have a dime to their name but women would let them live in their expensive downtown condos, drive their car and would pay for their shit and all the guy did was give them dick and cheat.

Sounds like a much better lifestyle then slaving away making money.

[-] volvostupidshit 1 Point 11 months ago

Sounds like a much better lifestyle then slaving away making money.

You don't have to slave away in order to make money.

[-] Alirei 22 Points 12 months ago

What I find the most fascinating, if it's true, is that after making what seems to be the first manly choice of his life in packing her stuff and kicking her out, his family immediately turns on him. His flesh and blood literally tells him to take back a woman who knowingly cheated on him. It wasn't an accident, it wasn't a mistake, it was a deliberate decision, she knew what she was doing and her only actual screw up in this story was leaving WhatsApp open.

Here we observe the "Catch 22, Family Resentment Edition." As described, the choices are to take that cheating hoe back and cuck yourself; or begin uncucking yourself and stick to your guns, but in the process be hounded by your relatives. Poor sod is looking for validation from one of the most cucked platforms on the internet, might not know anyone unbiased enough to ask for the right thing to do. What a position to be in.

[-] byronshadow 18 Points 12 months ago

He's lucky he's not in the USA. She'd have a case for illegal eviction. People have had to go to court to get rid of house guests who just needed "a few weeks" to "get back on their feet" and then refused to leave.

ex-BF from high school

First, social media really is poison. Second, if sex really is just a fun hobby and not an intense bonding experience, why do people keep falling into bed with exes? A woman from my work started banging her high school boyfriend after reconnecting on Facebook. And this was a 50ish year old woman, Baptist, and Republican, not exactly the stereotypical adulteress profile...

my parents and hers have been relentlessly calling

I get her parents not wanting their daughter to lose her meal ticket, but you'd think his parents would want the slut gone. From a primal point of view, could you be sure that your grandkids were really yours?

[-] 360_no_scope_upvote 15 Points 12 months ago

Some parents are fucked in the head and just want Grand children they don't care beyond that

[-] It_just_got_Worse 3 Points 12 months ago

Those parents are old school, plain and simple. This is the new age tho.

[-] areq13 4 Points 12 months ago

And this was a 50ish year old woman, Baptist, and Republican, not exactly the stereotypical adulteress profile...

AWALT. That's the demographic which has the highest divorce rate.

[-] Mr7FootCock 18 Points 12 months ago

Sounds like he dated a whore but only realised after 7+ years.

As other high IQ individuals have pointed out here, you never invest so heavily into a woman. If the investment isn't an equal 50/50(it never is), don't go over it, always balance it out e.g. if you are paying the rent, is she paying the electricity, water and other bills amounting to a similar amount? No? Then she better be waking you up with michelin star blowjobs every morning and cooking you wonderful meals everyday. Input === Output

[-] Black_Jesup 13 Points 12 months ago

I would love to read the comments on the OP. Is the guy being supported or ripped for his actions?

[-] DramaticGolf 15 Points 12 months ago

surprisingly supported especially consider that subreddit's riddled with doing anything to say women are the best

[-] gabeangelo 2 Points 12 months ago

Not at all surprising when it comes to cheating. The AITA subreddit is full of very rational and objective people with great down to earth advice.

[-] Gearski 4 Points 12 months ago

I've seen otherwise, although I don't frequent the sub just see some of the stuff that gets posted here.

[-] [deleted] 8 Points 12 months ago

I would love to read the comments on the OP. Is the guy being supported or ripped for his actions?

I dodged it, but am curious. I also wonder if it's a plant. I mean, the story is.....just so.

Edit: Brand new throwaway account....he seems sincere, but it's hard to tell.

[-] SterlingMace 4 Points 12 months ago

Well even if it's a fictional story, it has probably happened just like this many times before.

[-] volvostupidshit 2 Points 11 months ago

Someone out there could use the whole discussion as a reference.

[-] Vraboxin 12 Points 12 months ago

Learn to revel in their irrationality, or die?

Why not simply leave if one is not willing to revel in women's irrationality?

[-] poopdeck 17 Points 12 months ago

If you don't revel you'll die bro you heard it first. do you even lift frames bro?

[-] Vraboxin 11 Points 12 months ago

I don't care about women at all. Wasting my time in dealing with their irrationality is like submitting to a game rigged against me.

I'd rather just leave and let them bitch at some other guy who is willing to listen to their nonsense.

[-] Sirkisskindofman -7 Point 12 months ago

Good for you! Door's on the left, sir. Please make sure you have all of your belongings and that you didn't leave anything behind. Have a wonderful day! ????

[-] Vraboxin 21 Points 12 months ago

You're encouraging me to unsub because I don't desire female validation..?

Isn't the red pill community about becoming the best man you can be for yourself?

[-] [deleted] 6 Points 12 months ago


[-] Vraboxin 12 Points 12 months ago

Benefiting a woman by transforming your entire being for her in the hopes of being able to experience happy feels whenever she calls you a 'good boy' and making that your lifestyle.

Isn't that the essence of being blue-pilled?

[-] CainPrice -9 Point 12 months ago

If women don't want to fuck you, you're not the best anything.

[-] Vraboxin 21 Points 12 months ago

Why does a woman's validation determine your manhood and not your male self?

[-] Thynome 9 Points 12 months ago

These guys are the reason we are quarantined. They don't understand it at all...

The Red Pill is about improving yourself (physically and mentally) for the sake of yourself. Becoming more successfull with women may be byproduct of that, but it's not the main goal here.

[-] Vraboxin 6 Points 12 months ago

I agree whole-heartedly!

Being red-pilled simply means you understand female nature and the gynocentric society. It's knowledge you can use to your advantage.

Possessing red-pilled knowledge doesn't automatically excuse one from being a simp, the right actions do.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 12 months ago

The Red Pill is about improving yourself (physically and mentally) for the sake of yourself.

From the literal introduction in the "new here" section of the sidebar:

The Red Pill is men's sexual strategy. Reality is happening, and we need to make sure that we adjust our strategy accordingly.

One of these things is not like the other.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] CainPrice -3 Point 12 months ago

Because if nobody is fucking you, paying you, or rushing to be your friend, all you're doing is spinning your wheels, reveling in self satisfaction about how true to yourself you're being while you waste away not mattering at all.

You can do better than that. You owe yourself better than mental masturbation and wasting your life being worthless while pretending you don't care.

[-] Vraboxin 10 Points 12 months ago

So what I'm getting out of your argument is that internal validation isn't worth pursuing because external validation is worth more?

What if an individual is genuinely happy with not getting laid because of how little value it has to him?

And I'm unsure why you brought up getting paid or having friends. I don't see what that has to do with female validation.

[-] TheRoosterDentist 11 Points 12 months ago

Don’t argue with a beta dude not worth the time

[-] CainPrice 1 Point 12 months ago

By that logic, you might as well be a cheeto-crusted video gamer living with your mom as long as you're happy.

If women aren't fucking you, you're not as valuable as someone women want to fuck. Sorry, dude. You live and die by the judgments of others. Other people determine whether you get laid, whether you have friends or relationships, whether you get hired or promoted, whether you get clients or customers.

If women literally don't want to fuck you, pretending that's your choice doesn't hide the fact that you suck.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 12 months ago

If women don't want to fuck you, you're not the best anything.

Why the fuck are you guys downvoting this? Fucking seriously? If you don't believe this to be true, why the fuck even come to this sub? I mean, this is TRP 101. Hell, this is remedial TRP.

[-] Vraboxin 9 Points 12 months ago

I'm of the opinion that believing that a woman's good opinion of you, validates your masculinity, is blue-pill 101.

[-] [deleted] -3 Point 12 months ago

believing that a woman's good opinion of you, validates your masculinity

One more try.....women spreading their legs for you when provisioning is off the table is the ultimate validation of your masculinity.

[-] Vraboxin 7 Points 12 months ago

That's one of the most blue-pilled things I've ever heard in my life. Men determine what's masculine, not women.

Women's definition of masculinity is simply shaming you into their submission with "Man up, do the right thing, stop complaining, be a real man" etc..

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 12 months ago


[-] clausternn 12 Points 12 months ago

Figure of speech mate. By all means give up on women if you want. But if you don't want to, well you only have one other choice.

[-] [deleted] 10 Points 12 months ago

I tend to avoid posts on female irrationality because it often implies male rationality, but this one is just so obvious. I mean, yeah....of all the moves available to her, fucking another guy was one of the few that would have been a deal breaker. Your analysis of the game between these two is spot on, in my opinion.

[-] gabeangelo 7 Points 12 months ago

You think he's a beta because he paid for her and got cheated on? Did you read how he expulsed her out of her life, no questions asked with a single swoop? Not so beta, bro.

[-] hearse223 2 Points 11 months ago

I think hes beta because he paid for her in the first place, even if he wasnt getting cheated on shes not a child why is she so dependant on him? He should have dropped her ass and found an equal partner.

[-] gabeangelo 3 Points 11 months ago

An equal partner can be a woman who is poor but is willing to reach your level of education and financial level, even when you pay for it. Too bad she was too stupid to not appreciate the ticket.

Besides, you just can't say someone is "beta" for paying. His attitude on the issue and how he handled it was alpha as fuck.

[-] Seagram7 6 Points 11 months ago

They're slaves to their biology (just like men are, but that's a story for another day). And women's biology dictates that Billy's comfort is all fine and dandy, but what she really needs is the cock of the Chad who pump-and-dumped her in high school. She craves it, she yearns for it. And now she had another opportunity for it, and when that happens, it doesn't matter if she's in a 7-year relationship. Her medical school debt doesn't matter. The high COL of the city she lives in doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the alpha cock. It's not rational. It's not smart. But women aren't those things. Don't expect them to be

As much RP posts and theory I have read, this is the one big thing I could never understand, I just accept it: her vag tingles are everything to her. It's like that movie Eyes Wide Shut when the main guy's wife confessed in a drug induced haze that she saw two men in uniform in the lobby of a hotel and the desire to fuck them was so bad, that she was willing to destroy her marriage, her kid, everything just to fuck those two guys.

But this also reminds me of a real life news story of that Female Astronaut that was also a very high rank in the Navy. She had a husband and three kids. She was fucking her Chad mission commander. Chad dumps her for hotter, and younger. So she drives nonstop from Houston to Orlando wearing an adult diaper so she wouldn't have to pull over to intercept the girl and her story was to try to scare her with a knife. Miss Astronaut got caught attempting to kidnap Miss Stacey and gets arrested.

I like the mugshot of her and you can see it in her eyes, the madness in her brain of vag tingles are gone and reality is setting in of how much she fucked up her life.

[-] InformalCriticism 5 Points 12 months ago

I'd caution romanticizing the last century of socially enforced monogamy. Female nature hasn't changed, but the social culture around it has. Whereas an affair that produces offspring in the past might have gone unnoticed, because education about genetics, and the ease with which people can be caught cheating (case in point, he accidentally discovered her slutting around), it went unseen.

It certainly helps when society is on the side of upright moral behavior, but it did nothing to female nature. Now we are just keenly aware of it, and it makes the women of the past look like saints, when there's very little evidence, and plenty to the contrary to suggest it was ever so.

[-] RichKingOfBangmar 4 Points 11 months ago

We actually can defeat female infidelity now. If we were to institute a patriarchy, paternity testing would just be one more cost of having a baby. If the baby's not yours, she's not your wife anymore.

[-] GirlsHateMtgplayers 5 Points 12 months ago

I hope some of you guys reading this went there and commented to let him know he did the right thing.

I know as a man, you're supposed to transcend external validation. But this is Billy Beta, making the first baby steps toward manhood. Hes not getting support from his parents, so he might as well get it from us.

[-] RPSilverfox 5 Points 12 months ago

Another lesson fellas: never get married and never move in with any girl.

[-] aherrns 5 Points 12 months ago

I hate the fact that she complained to both, her parents AND HIS. And that they minimize the fact he was going to marry a whore.

[-] PlsbptntIhavAutism 4 Points 12 months ago

But she won't have time to be a good girlfriend and cook and clean and have sex with him, she's too busy studying for med school.


Tee hee.

[-] ratpoison987 4 Points 12 months ago

I read this post too.

Was red flag city.

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[-] jamesistheman7 3 Points 12 months ago

Commitment in general is for betas

[-] chacalate-smoovie 2 Points 12 months ago

Women aren't rational

Many women aren't rational, and many men aren't either, if you look at the number of men who cheat on their partners.

Ultimately it comes down to your desires. Do you give into them? Yes or no?

Let's do a man test. You and your long-term partner haven't been having a lot of sex lately, maybe the last time you did it was a month ago, perhaps more. You've got a solid relationship. But at work there's this young hot new employee and she's really into you; she comes into work wearing a hot little black dress, and starts pulling you into a meeting room, closes the door, and wants you. What are you going to do?

Truth is temptation is temptation. And temptation vs logic is an eternal battle. Men turn into monks to avoid temptation figuring that is easier than fighting their own logic.

So yeah, you can be the "temptress" by lifting your game, becoming "alpha" or whatever, and get all the girls to cheat on their partners with you. Great. Is that what you want? Just sex?

[-] RichKingOfBangmar 2 Points 11 months ago

Many women aren't rational, and many men aren't either, if you look at the number of men who cheat on their partners.

Cheating is not irrational in the least for a man. He's able to potentially get a free baby out of it, particularly if she's coupled with someone else, if they don't get caught.

This is irrational behavior for a woman because she is (typically) dependent on a man to provide for her and risks losing that just to scam her provider.

[-] Duelist_Roger 2 Points 12 months ago

I kind of see this OP mindset. We before swallowing a pill are so brain-washed, that we think that being a GOOD MAN is enough. Not being GOOD AT BEING A MAN, but just being a person what can be dependable, caring, nurturing, honest etc.

Thats a complete bullshit.

I laugh at myself thinking back when I was GOOD guy. At least I had a rule, that I will not spend on a woman more than she spends on me (Cus I knew, that It would mean being a provider and she would use me). So my GFs/female friends even when I was fcking pussy spend more money on me than I was on them.

Send OP link to RP. Maybe he would be saved (y).

[-] VivekPC 2 Points 12 months ago

To play the role of a provider is to literally sign a contract to get cucked. Men really need to wake up.

[-] volvostupidshit 1 Point 11 months ago

Exactly. Why provide when you can use all of those money for your self? Build your own gym if you are lazy as fuck, buy supplements, even go as far as performing cosmetic surgery just to make you more confident, buy a decent car and get more pussy than committing to one woman who can branch swing any time.

[-] Hjalmbere 2 Points 11 months ago

Read the post. The dude spent 7 years in a relationship and invested his most valuable commodity, his own time, but you can’t treat relationships like property investments. That fixer upper where you spent time and money to rebuild the kitchen will not run off with Chad. Always be prepared to walk out on a woman on a short notice.

[-] [deleted] 12 months ago
[-] Lambdal7 1 Point 11 months ago

That’s only true for half of women who are not completely helpless women with zero self-control. Half of women are like this though, but not all.

[-] SilenceOnTheWire 1 Point 12 months ago

Stacy here didn't just snag your "fancy restaurant twice a month, maybe a bouquet of flowers once in a while" run-of-the-mill beta. No, she snagged the real deal. She seduced a guy who pays for their rent, their food, and her medical school tuition. That's the jackpot. That's a guy who's loaded. That's a guy who could easily sign up for one of those sugar daddy sites and have a new 20yo prostitute girlfriend within a week.

All she has to do is keep being a mediocre girlfriend.


It's not rational. It's not smart. But women aren't those things. Don't expect them to be.

How can you say she isn't rational or smart? Seriously?

I haven't read the original linked post but assuming she gets together with Chad, Billy is still going to be there for her. She doesn't lose anything. Quite the contrary, she gets exactly what she wants.

[-] therapistGetsSocial 1 Point 11 months ago

"reread the sidebar..."

Let me save you the time: ...

a) if you want women to want your genes, lifting and muscles.

b) if you want women to want your money, don't go to the gym, make money.

In these modern days lifting and making money are not that compatible, so in general you'll have to choose.

I'd go for a), since betas will provide for my children.

[-] clausternn 1 Point 11 months ago

You only need 6, at most 10 hours per week of investment to lift and build muscle. Then you need to do that for over a year. But the point is, you have another 102 waking hours every week to spend making money and managing your girls.

Making money is important too, you just shouldn't spend it on fancy dinners and flower bouquets for your girlfriend, of course.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 1 Point 11 months ago

The Hamster isn't logical. The Hamster does what it wants and finds excuses for it. I am basically 100% sure that this girl told her friends that her bf "made her" bang the other guy because he "didn't pay attention to her" or some bullshit, probably because he was at work, earning money to support them and pay her tuition.

No Hamster ever accepts responsibility.

[-] [deleted] 12 months ago
[-] Verythrowawayvery 0 Points 11 months ago

Lol at your delusion that being muscular and learning game is being alpha.


not giving a shit is being alpha, even an ugly turd can be alpha and it always will be temporary.


I am an athletic ex world champion in some sport. I am super alpha by any reasonable definition. Your definition isn‘t reasonable. What you guys don’t see is that each individual has a different definition of any concept, including alpha. Alpha for humans is red pill mgtow moronic lingo, it isn’t a fact of biology. Alpha and beta exist in animals, and no humans aren’t not just animals. You guys are just animals, and obsessing about alpha is monkey behavior.


Lift if you like, ‘learn game’, but don’t expect me to think you’re alpha because of that...

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 12 months ago


[-] Mr7FootCock 3 Points 12 months ago

You are naive. She would have dumped him as soon as her uni fees were payed off. She never would have married him and following your advice, OP would have just been become more poor

[-] Whatdoin27 1 Point 12 months ago

Well, that depends on how dumb the chick is. Given this time, she did leave the WhatsApp on. I mean if you're going to cheat, erase your tracks man. It's not that difficult.

[-] [deleted] -2 Point 12 months ago

Here we go again .. "learn to lift". It would be the day that the same old tune isn't slipped into every single post on this subreddit.

The times in my life where I was banging 10 or 12 new women per month and had 4-6 plates at any given time, I didn't lift at all. Didn't have the time because I was either at work, banging a chick, or going on that first date before moving her to the beach or my place. There was no time at all to lift when you constantly had women around you. This is why I call BS on the lifting thing.

The times where I was aesthetic, V taper, low body fat, it was literally a part time job. Dieting, planning meals, lifting, cardio, etc. the time you have to spend plates exponentially goes down. I don't buy the BS advice because in the real world this isn't how it works.

The kid in high school and college who has all the free time in the world can probably lift and spin plates, but most of us are past the age of 22.