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- Hide Preview | 30 Comments | submitted about a year ago by TheCripplingDevice [Post Locked]

I’m quitting my smoking habit, after 15 years of chainsmoking it’s been enough. I’ve been smokefree for 6 days and I need advice from red pilled men.


I discovered this sub about 2 years ago and the message of self improvement and building your power and frame resonated with me. You see I was as blue pilled as they come and it ended up costing me a marriage and making me miserable. I was chainsmoking tobacco and weed joints for the last couple of years, wasting my time watching Youtube and generally being surrounded by people who shared my lack of ambition. This was a glorious recipe for dreading the future and I started to feel like an old man in my twenties. I was stuck in a mediocre existence with only a depreciating health to look forwards to in my future.

So when the ex-wife monkeybranched I went on a search for information and ended up on the Red Pilled side of the internet. Yes, game and frame worked and I never had a shortage of women afterwards. To be fair, I didn’t before but I had no clue on how to keep control in a relationship and getting what I wanted. After understanding the concept of focussing on your goals and not putting women on a pedestal, having an abundance mentality and maintaining frame all aspects of life started to improve.


I always was active in martial arts and changing my eating habits helped me advance tremendously but now I’m tackling the next big issue, which is my smoking behaviour. If I’m to take my health (and wealth) seriously I can’t stay blind to this aspect of my lifestyle. More specifically it’s a symptom of seeking instant satisfaction by sacrificing your long term goals and ambitions. Who cares if my future is attached to an oxigen tank if I get a quick way to keep my mind off of my current misery, right? So by stripping my addictions away I’m forced to take a deepr look at the underlying psychological aspects which caused me to start in the first place.


My logical side knows that smoking is bad for me in a numer of different ways but it did have a significant role in my game. For many, myself included, smoking has the bad-boy connotation. It helped me pull even the most hardcore anti-smoking chicks by giving them a smirk, lighting one up and showing that I couldn’t care less about their opinion. Aside from the obious flirt with danger that chicks enjoy it also gave me an easy out when someone started to act up. If you’re going to be annoying I’m just going to ignore you while I go and take a smoke. Smoking also gave me an easy approach route to the slutty chicks standing outside the bar, you’ve become part of one of the bigger social groups by sacrificing your health.


So I need some encouragement or advice on how to keep my game strong and stay focussed on my goals while quitting smoking. Did anybody else experience similar changes while kicking an addiction?

[-] Aurochbull 17 Points about a year ago

It took me a long time to actually admit that I was an addict. I smoked 3 packs / day, then switched to chewing snuff when I realized that I needed my lungs. I got up to chewing over 3 cans / day. I couldn't take being a slave to the shit any more, so (after several failed attempts) I eventually was able to quit. I used the lozenges, FWIW - they just worked for me I guess.

Immediately, I began drinking way more. I got up to drinking damn near a case of beer just about every day. I have a lot going for me in life; at least, I think I'm very fortunate, anyway. Why in the fuck do I constantly have to harm myself to the point that I don't even actually enjoy it?

Then, I came to realize: I'm obsessive. I always have to find something to be 1000%, balls-to-the-wall, involved in. Once I found something that was healthy and positive to obsess over (for me, it's currently cryptocurrency theory and mining, as well as "prepping"), I realized that I can still satisfy my "desire" for an addiction/obsession and be a better/best version of myself at the same time.

Lastly, attempting to practice "functional minimalism" really works for me too. Since I obsess over things, it only makes sense that the more "things" that I physically own, the more I feel overwhelmed in organizing, maintaining, etc. I'm married with a kid and career, but if I weren't, I'd probably be living in a tiny house and living off of the land or some shit....haha.

Best of luck to ya!

[-] SolvEtCoagula 7 Points about a year ago

This was very insightful to me

[-] ahackercalled4chan 2 Points about a year ago

by "prepping", do you mean meal-prepping or something else?

[-] tunsku 5 Points about a year ago

Prepping the bull, of course.

[-] Jussie_Mullet 1 Point about a year ago

He means prepping for zombie apocalypse...etc. SHTF= shit hits the fan

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Aurochbull 3 Points about a year ago

Thank you for the insight. There's a lot of food for thought there.

[-] ChadowyFigure 12 Points about a year ago

The thing that helped me not buy more smokes when I was trying to quit was feeling like a sucker. Make yourself really think about how you are taking the money that you have already sold a part of your life to earn, and giving it to unscrupulous fucks for the privilege of being poisoned. The idea of being that much of a sap was enough to keep me from buying until I could slowly quit bumming them from friends.


And make no mistake, it is killing you. I bought a couple of packs for the first time in years after taking the pill, and I could feel it draining my energy and destroying my lungs. You have no idea how much better you will feel physically after you give it up.


I understand missing having an excuse to go outside or talk to smokers, but this is a crutch. You can still go outside and shoot the shit, you don't need a special reason to get some air and talk to people. If anything, giving it up will force you to work on schmoozing without props. And you could always just keep a vape to use a bit when you are out instead, if you really can't let go of the social aspects.

[-] TheCripplingDevice 2 Points about a year ago

Thanks for the advice. It's a good reminder, and even after a couple of days without smoking I feel so much better. So looking forwards to the improvement is a good motivator.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 8 Points about a year ago

Personally, I just Decided that I was not going to pay $2/pack. So I stopped, though my smoking addiction was a side effect of drinking a fifth or a case a night. They just seemed to go 'hand in hand'

Later I quit drinking because I was just paying for a headache, nausea and dehydration

[-] engalf 4 Points about a year ago

my mates and I like to say alcohol + nicotine go hand in hand like bread and butter

[-] RightHandWolf 6 Points about a year ago

The Holy Trinity of the American Experience:

1) Caffeine

2) Gasoline

3) Nicotine

[-] Jussie_Mullet 2 Points about a year ago

Send lawyers guns and money

[-] RightHandWolf 2 Points about a year ago

The shit has hit the fan!

[-] halfback910 7 Points about a year ago

I mean, no philosophical theory is going to help you overcoming what is ultimately a chemical addiction. My advice is:

-Consider quitting using medical aid. The less you rely on it, the better, but better to resort to a patch than resort to lighting up. And there is a substantial amount of evidence to show that quitting with medical assistance is more likely to stick.

-Consider an oral fixation to help you quit.

-Stay busy. Stay occupied. Physical activity is best to get those endorphins up.

Stay strong. Cigarettes are fucking insidious little demons. I've never smoked one, but I can see the power they have. The first two weeks are the hardest. You're already halfway there.

[-] engalf 5 Points about a year ago

I read Allen Carr’s ‘Easy way to stop smoking’, and have reduced my smoking by ~80% since. Now I only smoke when I’m out drinking with my buddies (uncommon).

These ideas from the book helped me most:

  1. Smokers inherently believe they are missing out on something when they give up smoking. But this is not true. We smoke only to temporarily return to our ‘normal’ state, of which was a static state before we touched cigarettes.

  2. Smoking cigarettes is like wearing shoes two sizes too small, to feel good when we take them off those few times a day.

Best of luck!

[-] TheCripplingDevice 2 Points about a year ago

Thank you! His book is what pushed me to make a serious attempt at stopping smoking.

[-] CollegeGambler 5 Points about a year ago

Congratulations on quitting!

Something that worked for me, personally, was to quit the action and instead replace it with something else. You see this in people quitting smoking, but instead chewing copious amounts of gum or instead drinking much more alcohol.

An alternative would be to replace it with something much more productive and constructive. Like card magic. Take the total time in a day devoted to smoking and instead invest it in a hobby or activity that will yield benefits later. I always liked magic, it helped with nervous hands, and it provides you with more instances talk to more people. Something to get you thinking about. Good luck on this endeavor!

[-] maha420 3 Points about a year ago

Cold turkey is tough. I vaped salt nicotine for a while at 25mg/ml. I'm down to 3mg on the regular juice, and about to start mixing 3mg and 0mg to get to 1.5mg. Haven't touched a cigarette in almost a year after 20 years of smoking a pack of newports a day.

[-] Andrew54321 3 Points about a year ago

Go to boston, look for the “Mad Russian”. Get a treatment done. Never crave nicotine again.

[-] MostSolidFrame 1 Point about a year ago

As a doc, not quite sure why so many are downvoting. It's a commendable step, and the willpower involved is exactly what will aid a redpill transformation

[-] TheCripplingDevice 1 Point about a year ago

Thank you doc. I'm shocked by realising how smoking infiltrated all different aspects of my life and personality but by reclaiming my health by quitting cold turkey it will help me become a better version of myself. Can't have the results without putting the work in.

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[-] Hjalmbere 1 Point about a year ago

Anything is better than smoking. If you can’t quit tobacco, have you considered switching to skoal, vaping, or nicotine chewing gum?

[-] TheCripplingDevice 1 Point about a year ago

I used a vape in the past but it felt retarded so I checked out the Allen Carr book and am trying to quit without any replacement.

[-] Hjalmbere 1 Point about a year ago

All the alternatives I listed are less detrimental to your health regardless of whether they feel retarded or not. You should seriously consider switching to them while trying to quit. Best of luck.

[-] andreas-mgtow 1 Point about a year ago

Congrats on quitting smoking, weed can be beneficial if done in a controlled manner, but it can also destroy your sex drive, impair your judgement and your ability to perform at your job.

[-] TheCripplingDevice 2 Points about a year ago

Thanks, I'm aware so I'm tackling that as well!