Let's take an imaginary man, let's give him an average body, not too skinny/fat not too aesthetic. An average face, not Ian Somerhalder but not triple chinned neck beard either. An average sense of fashion, not Zayn Malik but not a clown either. Not 6'2 but not a minion.

Now theoretically roughly 50% of the men should be better than him and roughly 50% should be worse. But is that truly the case ? What I did was I made this imaginary guy in my head and measured him against all the men who I personally knew on my Instagram. This guy beat 68% of the men. So the guy with 'average' looks is roughly 32nd percentile by being 'average'.

Now let's look at the number of things he can control to shoot up higher. +Add good fashion ( create " a look " ) +Add tattoos +Add muscle +Top notch grooming, eyebrows cleaned up and shaped, beard done with a nice fade, haircut suitable to his face shape.

I compared the new guy to the same group of men. Results ? 6th percentile.

The black pill is real for some people. I have seen people who weigh 125 kgs and bad eating habits was not the problem. People who've been through a terrible accident.

But seriously, consider this post before you throw the red pill will work for you only if you were born with the dreaded top 20% genes argument. Do this experiment yourself by your own standards,then do the same experiment but with you in your mind (what would you become like if you did all the things you can) you will be surprised and motivated. This is a form of fear, and it's a natural human tendency to make the situation worse in the head than it really is when the mind is colored by the emotion of fear.