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- Hide Preview | 42 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by Skizzy4325 [Post Locked]

Democracy = populism.

There are elections coming up in my country, and I see a lot of political ads, which mostly consist of just the politicans face and some random slogan - as if that is supposed to make me vote for them? This isn't the miss universe elections, this is serious business and society seems completely retarded about politics, which is something that affects everyone.

And the sad thing is that some of these douchebags will be elected to govern the country's future, and everybody seems to be okay with that. Democracy will never be effective because the vast majority of people are completely politically unaware.

The only way to fix democracy would be to make some mandatory IQ test and only people above a certain IQ could vote, but that will obviously never happen.

Who would you vote for to be your representative on a marathon? Obviously the best marathon runner in your country. Who would you vote for to represent you in a chess game? Obviously the best chess player in your country. But who do people vote for to govern the country? most people just vote for someone who promises them some things they like, but never really carries out the promises. And a lot of people don't even look at politics at all they just vote for a pretty face or somebody who is charismatic.

And another thing is that nobody is held responsible in politics. If I fuck up my life I will always be held responsible for it, if a business owner fucks up his business he will feel the consequences, but if a political faction fucks up the entire country then nobody will be held responsible.

Realistically speaking the only person who I could ever vote for would be a successful, independent business owner/economist, but even then it wouldn't really matter because he wouldn't rule alone and would be heavily influenced by his political party which consists of dumbass career politicians.

So yeah democracy is an absolute JOKE and I can't believe that society is okay with that, just proves what a bunch of morons most people are.