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- Hide Preview | 42 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by Skizzy4325 [Post Locked]

Democracy = populism.

There are elections coming up in my country, and I see a lot of political ads, which mostly consist of just the politicans face and some random slogan - as if that is supposed to make me vote for them? This isn't the miss universe elections, this is serious business and society seems completely retarded about politics, which is something that affects everyone.

And the sad thing is that some of these douchebags will be elected to govern the country's future, and everybody seems to be okay with that. Democracy will never be effective because the vast majority of people are completely politically unaware.

The only way to fix democracy would be to make some mandatory IQ test and only people above a certain IQ could vote, but that will obviously never happen.

Who would you vote for to be your representative on a marathon? Obviously the best marathon runner in your country. Who would you vote for to represent you in a chess game? Obviously the best chess player in your country. But who do people vote for to govern the country? most people just vote for someone who promises them some things they like, but never really carries out the promises. And a lot of people don't even look at politics at all they just vote for a pretty face or somebody who is charismatic.

And another thing is that nobody is held responsible in politics. If I fuck up my life I will always be held responsible for it, if a business owner fucks up his business he will feel the consequences, but if a political faction fucks up the entire country then nobody will be held responsible.

Realistically speaking the only person who I could ever vote for would be a successful, independent business owner/economist, but even then it wouldn't really matter because he wouldn't rule alone and would be heavily influenced by his political party which consists of dumbass career politicians.

So yeah democracy is an absolute JOKE and I can't believe that society is okay with that, just proves what a bunch of morons most people are.

[-] largepaycheckaddict 21 Points 2 months ago

Make monarchism and divine right of kings great again.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Smerdakas 18 Points 2 months ago

Your description of democracy is accurate. A few points:

Don't hate the people for their political cluelessness. Almost all of us have more pressing things to do in our daily lives than follow every single political story or worry about economic indexes with weird acronyms. Shallow political knowledge has always been, and will always be the rule, not the exception. Accept it.

IQ tests can't fix democracy. Smart people can be total idiots when it comes to politics - see how the best universities and the biggest internet platforms of the world spread tons of SJW poison, yet they're full of people who could do fairly well at an IQ test.

Also, modern democracy means mass voting. IQ tests would make the system oligarchic. Not that it isn't oligarchic enough already though - choosing once every 4-5 years which preselected dude is best to form a government isn't super democratic.

Look up the principle of the iron law of oligarchy, and the book it appeared in a 100 years ago. It's the red pill equivalent of political science.

[-] Vikingcel 17 Points 2 months ago

You don't need IQ tests. Even smart people can be mislead.

People are just very uninformed and thus easily swayed by populism. That's why Socrates was no fan of democracy. You would need to teach people unbiased, uncensored information on how the state is supposed to work under various regimes. The people would need a basic grasp of economy and so on. Only then you could trust the people to make good, honest decisions in the name of democracy. Testing people to make sure they grasp the needed subjects in order to vote would be a good idea too.

Hell, you could let everyone vote, but the votes of those who are educated should count as more than of some uneducated second generation migrant who barely speaks the local language.

[-] 4matting 3 Points 2 months ago

So we should let a bunch of college grads with useless degrees have higher voting power than someone with a trade?

[-] donquixoteesq 3 Points 2 months ago

That's why voting rights should be based in some form of skin in the game. You should have property, income, and some public service in your belt. Underemployed economists with no property and no previous public service should never be in the Congress. This is way too dangerous and we may end up screwed by incompetent people like AOC.

[-] oooKenshiooo 1 Point 2 months ago

Meh. Who decides what constitues worthwhile public service or enough property?

The state. That means the state gains more power and is there fore (even more) interesting to corrupt for those, who try to stack the odds in their favour. Any policy that endows the state with more power always comes back to bite the common man.

[-] donquixoteesq 2 Points 2 months ago

Read the history of the Roman republic and decide for yourself

[-] Skizzy4325 2 Points 2 months ago

Well yes that's exactly what I meant by that, I just simplified this example to an IQ test because obviously neither of these things will ever happen so there is no point to get into details.

[-] WarriorMonkMode 11 Points 2 months ago

Democracy is simply two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch.

[-] FereallyRed 9 Points 2 months ago

In Plato's "Republic", the idea of a ship of state is brought forth.

Basically he stated what you did, pure democracy by the unwashed masses is nearsighted.

His answer was to put the decision making in the hands of so called "philosopher kings" {wisdom-lovers) who would then make an informed choice of rule.

Which is what RPS has done here on TRP. There will always be unwashed masses voting up or down according to their feels, not by what's in TRP's best interest.

So he raised a cadre of philosopher kings (endorsed contributors) to guide the way, giving them each a little flag so others would know of their wisdom.

That's why watching for upvotes here, or on any unpopular topic, is asinine, watch for what the kings say.

Think of Facebook and the upvote only button. Like or don't participate. The Orville se01 ep07 did a commentary on social media where everybody got to instantly vote on whether someone suspected of a crime lived or died - even had little up and down arrow badges.

"Think of your average American. Then realize that 50% of the population is dumber than that. And they all can vote."

Pandering to the idiot class can generate elections and upvotes, but it's like riding a fat chick.

[-] Olram_Sacul 3 Points 2 months ago

Democracy is the best political system so far. It's not perfect tho

[-] MoDuReddit 8 Points 2 months ago

It's the worst possible political system ever invented! ... after all the others.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Nicolas0631 5 Points 2 months ago

It isn't clear if it work so well. It tend to be instable and be replaced many time by dictatorian regime. It also tend to favor shortsigthed decisions and to overly please the common people regarless of the real value in the proposition.

In time of war, history show that it isn't that resiliant.

Overall democry is the exception historically and didn't fare so well.

Even today we can see that totalitarian regimes are not necessarily less successfull. Just think of china.

[-] downvotesanimals 3 Points 2 months ago

LOL... democracy does not = populism. Populist revivals are quite rare. The world is experiencing one at the moment. There was another in the late 1800s.



[-] Kpwn88 3 Points 2 months ago

Only veterans and military should have the vote of Commander in Chief(President) and only Net Tax Contributors should have vote on the House. Problem solved.

[-] shaggyctes88 1 Point 2 months ago

Ah good old Roman Empire.....wait, who are the Barbarians?

[-] 4matting 3 Points 2 months ago

In the same manner that SJW push for socialism as a solution, your solution is even dumber than democracy.

We evolved for a tribe of a certain small population, which is why humans are struggling in this age of social media.

With that being said, imagine being a leader of a quarter million people and more. We aren't well adapted to lead such a monstrous population, even the most brilliant minds would struggle.

Democracy as we know it is far from being the perfect solution, but other forms of governance have their downfalls as well. I

[-] Ramp_Up_Then_Dump 3 Points 2 months ago

Taking away right to vote from a group will have consequences. If only the smart can vote, worker class will be doomed because politicians wont care about them and try to give a lot of advantages to smarts. Being stupid will turn you in to sub human. And lastly, who will decide the IQ, it will be easy to manipulate.

So that wont work. Democracy doesnt work perfectly too but it is more consistant than a monarch's sperm's race.

Problem is culture. Leftist act as invidualists when it comes to "who ever fuck is their business" but turn in to mao level social justicars that say "men kill women, men kill me more but it doesnt matter because it is in group". Every invidual men have to carry other men's mistake on their shoulders. But it is ok if society rot in degeneracy and children grow up without fathers because "it dont harm anyone".

Hard times make strong people, strong people make easy times, easy times makes weak people and they make hard times. Left=/=weak but it is left=weak right now.

[-] Terdmuffin 2 Points 2 months ago

In my country Democtratic decisions (policy wise) are held at the local level. We have a republic at the federal and the peron who has the most votes for president doesn't even always win. We recently elected a business man as president and a lot of people think it's not working out too well (though I think a majority here would disagree).

Also ITT: people really confuse the difference between a republic and a democracy.

[-] shaggyctes88 1 Point 2 months ago

Ah welcome fellow rediturro

[-] bakamoney 2 Points 2 months ago

I could ever vote for would be a successful, independent business owner/economist

Sounds like Trump. OmegaLuL

[-] funkyjunkymonkey 2 Points 2 months ago

Not sure what country you're in. But, if you look at US democracy, it's very clearly intended (as originally designed) for 1 thing and 1 thing only: To make sure that the leader can't act like a king, and has to be at least somewhat accountable to the masses. It's not intended to produce any more perfect result than that.

Look at the recent government shutdown in the US. Maybe you like Trump, maybe you hate him. But in the end, the political pain (declining opinion polls) made it too painful for him to keep on with the shutdown, so he had to fold. Maybe the US public was stupid in buying the line of the opposing party; maybe Trump had a wonderful idea about his wall. That's not the point. The point is to ensure the leader can't say F public opinion, I'm going to keep the government shut down forever because I'm in charge and that's what I want. As long as the US President is prevented from becoming a Henry VIII or Louis XVI, the founding fathers would consider their work done.

[-] kalq18 2 Points 2 months ago

What if everyone gets IQ tested and the score isn’t published, the state keeps all the data in a vault. Then everyone votes, but only the votes of the >110 IQ population will count.

I see how this could also lead to disaster

[-] Granite_Pill 2 Points 2 months ago

People are reading Democracy: The God That Failed.

[-] BackVan 2 Points 2 months ago

Tests were used in the 1950s and 60s to exclude certain people from voting (black people in this example). Essentially, the tests were rigged in such a way that they had nothing to do with IQ / intelligence, and were really there for screening out people the establishment then deemed to be undesirable. (

If intelligence testing was re-introduced, what is to say that this wouldn't happen today with election officials using testing as a means of screening out groups that are now seen as undesirable by the establishment - e.g. straight white males. There's plenty in authority right now that would love to make that happen.

[-] spooky-102 1 Point 2 months ago

Democracy is a necessary evil.

[-] death-loves-time 1 Point 2 months ago

the function of voting is not for the election of competent leaders!

its to retain the illusion of choice and thus illusion of freedom, as long as the mass thinks they have a voice in whats going on around them, this promotes feelings of control and thus security.

mass is stabilized, and you get to benefit from it everyday

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[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 2 months ago

Democracy is wonderful if your have a decent, moral, informed populace with a strong sense of community. Otherwise it pretty much sucks.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] NextBad 1 Point 2 months ago

You do realize in Feminist ran countries they past 50/50 custody laws, but it soon got removed. Look man getting into local politics isn't pointless. A lot of people will listen to you, and like you. Most people only vote in the presidential elections. It isn't for you or feminist. I mean Trump won, Never have feminist hated a man so much, he also spoke out against false accusations.


This generation, any time you are face with real problems, real oppression you try and back out the system , come back when you actually participated in democracy

[-] memer935115 1 Point 2 months ago

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

[-] F_Dingo 0 Points 2 months ago

”Fuck elections and FUCK democracy!” - You

You sound like a huge fucking retard who hasn’t thought about anything. What system of government do YOU plan on replacing our Republican form of government with?Monarchy? Autocracy? Oligarchy? Maybe an oppressive totalitarian state akin to North Korea or China?

[-] cryptonaut414 1 Point 2 months ago

China is actually doing very well compared to the usa and EU, which are doing a laughable job. Call china a “totalitarian” state or whatever other buzzword you are fed by your local news channel but regardless, a single party government gets the job done. Be it good or bad, well thats purely objective conditioning.

[-] F_Dingo 1 Point 2 months ago

Go move to China then. Enjoy your totalitarian surveillance state.

[-] death-loves-time 1 Point 2 months ago

he wants anarchy, until he doesn't