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- Hide Preview | 88 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by CainPrice [Post Locked]

Summary: If there's this girl you're not fucking, don't waste time analyzing what she's saying or doing to try to figure out if she's into you. There's a much simpler method for that: Touch her. Force the issue. Make your move. You'll find out in two seconds and save yourself a lot of time and energy. If there's this girl you're fucking who's doing something you don't like, the answer is even simpler: Enjoy the sex. Don't get married. Worrying about whether a girl is good wife material or good girlfriend material is her problem. Your problem is enjoying the sex.

If we distill most of the questions men have when they read the Red Pill to try to improve their lives down to the very basics, there are two main categories guys ask about:

1: “There’s this girl I’m not fucking. She said or did some stuff. What does it mean, and what do I do to get her to fuck me?”

2: “There’s this girl I’m fucking. She said or did some stuff I don’t like. What do I do about it?”

In response to number 1, the overwhelming response this man receives from Red Pill commentators is something like “She’s not into you. She’s just using you. If you were ten times hotter, she’d have sucked your dick thirty seconds after meeting you but you’re not, so any girl who’s not fucking you is just playing you because all women do that.”

In response to number 2, the overwhelming response the man receives is something like “Next the bitch. You should never tolerate anything you don’t like. If you were ten times hotter, she’d never pull shit like that, so any girl who’s pulling shit like that isn’t that into you and doesn’t respect you and you should teach her a lesson, because all women are like that.”

That all sounds great on the internet, where we can give advice that costs another guy getting his dick wet while we mentally masturbate about sticking it to some girl we’ve never met, but the real world isn’t so black and white. Most guys don’t want to sell themselves short and throw in the towel the second something gets a little difficult. After all, how could the kind of man who gives up immediately (often in a butt-hurt manner) without a fight be a man that women think is fuckable?

So lets look a little more critically at number 1. There’s a girl you’re not fucking. At this point, she’s adding next to zero value to your life, because there’s no sex involved, and women don’t make very good friends. If she doesn’t end up fucking you, anything you invest with this woman is just effort you’re throwing down a black hole. You’re spending energy to keep the fantasy alive that maybe one day she’ll like you. And that energy would be more useful literally anywhere else.

But she’s still a girl, and she’s still in your life, and while maybe your odds are slim, they’re not zero, right? For whatever reason, you don’t want to give up hope. So what do you do?

The answer is: force the issue. The next time you see her, you touch her. You say flirty things to her. If she responds positively to your touch, you move in for a kiss. You escalate. Yes, there’s a 99% chance she’s going to reject your advances, but that’s fine, because that’s doing you a favor. That’s killing your stupid fantasy for you. You’ve been sitting on your hands for weeks or months not making a move because you know and have always known she’s not really into you, but you wanted to keep the fantasy alive. Don’t wait six months until you overhear her talking with her friends about the guy she fucked last night. Force the issue today. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but even if you don’t, her rejection will move you forward.

If there’s a girl you’re not fucking, it doesn’t matter what stuff she said or did or what she meant by it. Don’t run to The Red Pill and post a question asking us to decipher her behavior for you when you haven’t even touched this woman before. Force the issue. Make her accept or reject you.

There’s not always something you can do to get her to fuck you. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t. If you want to find out, force the issue. Touch the girl, make your move. Sitting around wondering what she meant by this or that while planning exactly how you’re going to make your move one day is just hiding from the rejection you know is coming because you’d rather keep the fantasy alive instead of killing it and moving on. Make your move today.

Then, the next time you’re with some girl you want to fuck, making your move will be easier. And the time after that, even easier. Until hitting on girls and getting rejected isn’t something you sit around worrying about.

So what about number 2? There’s a girl you’ve been fucking, but she said or did some stuff you don’t like. Maybe you found out about her slutty past. Maybe she’s been flirting with or fucking other guys. Maybe she’s been getting bitchy with you. Maybe she’s been pushing for commitment. Maybe you’d been hoping she’d push for commitment but she hasn’t and has been fucking other guys instead.

Once a man gets to the point where he’s having sex with a woman, the game doesn’t end. A woman a man is fucking is going to try to exert power over that man even more strongly than she would over some random guy at a bar she’s trying to con into drinks or some male friend she’ll flirt with when she needs help moving.

So what do you do when you’re fucking a girl and she says or does something or you find out something you don’t like? The answer is far simpler than you think: Enjoy the sex.

That’s right. That's all there is to it. Keep fucking her. Enjoy the sex.

Don’t engage her crap. Don’t stamp your foot and demand respect. Don’t confront her. Don’t argue with her. Don’t even acknowledge her crap. Just keep fucking her like normal. Act like it never happened. And if she’s refusing to fuck you as part of her crap? Fuck someone else.

99.9999 percent of women aren’t wife material. It’s stupid to get pissed off about this one woman you’re fucking being like 99.9999 percent of women. You knew she wasn’t wife material before you started, so what’s the big deal if she’s not acting like a good wife? Enjoy the sex, don’t marry her.

If you want to keep getting your dick wet, don’t make things weird for a woman by arguing about stupid stuff or making demands on her or constraining her behavior. If you try to impose your expectations on a woman and hold her to certain standards, you lose. All you’re doing is telling her what to hide from you and what to lie about.

If you really want to know what a woman is like, watch what she does when you’re not judging her – the standards she holds herself to. Enjoy the sex, and let her be who she’s going to be. She’s doing you a favor. Two favors actually – one is fucking you, the other is letting you know that fucking is all she’s good for.

So if there's this girl you're not fucking and you want to fuck her, make your move. Today. And if there's this girl you're fucking who's doing something you don't like? Enjoy the sex. Don't get married. It's that simple.