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- Hide Preview | 30 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by SKRedPill [Post Locked]

Regarding marriage, just consider this, the divorce to marriage ratio is more important than the absolute rates (which are based on per 1000 per year, which are declining, which the media will try to tell you is a sign of declining divorces). And that shows that cumulatively, in the last 115 years in the US, the net total of divorces / net total of marriages has reached 42% (I did the calculation a long time back, someone add the census data and verify). It used to be around 15% during World War I.

And it's still increasing. Despite the fact that absolute numbers are dropping, the D/M ratio actually went up from 40% to 48% in the last decade.

But why are the absolute numbers dropping? Because marriage and divorce are positively correlated, it means the divorce rate is decreasing because the marriage rate is also decreasing.

What about other countries? In Portugal, it's at 71%. Thought Russia was better? Nope. 52%. In India, which is claimed to have the lowest divorce rates on paper. it used to be at 0.1% two decades back, now it's 10x higher at 1.3%, which is minuscule in comparison, but the order of magnitude increase is a sign - it's actually skewed heavily towards big cities where nearly all the divorces occur, and the urban divorce rate is massively higher while the rural rate is nearly non-existent.

What about Islamic Bangladesh? Nope. 34% IIRC.

Before you cry fake, here you go :\_demography#Divorce%20statistics%20by%20country

Any country as it gets more affluent, becomes less stable as survival pressures decrease.

And these are first marriages. Contrary to what you think, the failure rates for second and third marriages are significantly higher than first marriages.

80% of all these divorces are initiated by women. 90% of the time, they win everything.

I wonder in which industry other than a program designed to weed out the weak is a failure rate of 50% is acceptable.

Weaken the masculine, weaken the family, and you have weakened the internal stability of a nation.

PS : And don't think everyone who isn't divorced is really as happily married as they seem. Maybe the guys at MRP are. A lot of people stay in shitty relationships that are deader than you think - only thing is that they aren't officially dead.