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- Hide Preview | 96 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by warlordchad [Post Locked]

Women today--especially beautiful women--don't want for attention. They literally have validation at their fingertips in the form of a smart phone, which of course can connect them to any number of social media apps, where the stupidest fucking snap chat photo will garner them hundreds of likes, along with a number of drooly comments from thirsty ass guys.

However, this attention is cheap, and deep down she knows it. Moreover, it doesn't scratch the itch we have as humans for visceral, physical, face-to-face interaction. We are, after all, the most social of all animals, which is why people who spend too much time on social media or trolling around on the internet have a sort of glazed, over-baked look about them, soulless eyes, and an inability to understand what's said to them unless it's repeated several times, and often not even then... but I digress.

The point here is that she wants your attention--real attention--as in your tongue in her mouth, your hands on her body, and your dick all over the place. And yes, that also means spending time with her going out to eat, watching movies, going on walks, etc.

The problem for most guys is that they are no different from anyone else, and so their attention is worthless to her--or if not worthless it's a cheap commodity at best. This is the conundrum for beta blue pill boys, who feel the need to defer to her constantly, think she wants to be treated like a princess, and bow to her every need like the white knight society has taught him to be.

The good news is that if you've been studying TRP (read the fucking sidebar if you haven't--and reread it occasionally), you're different in all the ways women crave, and therefore your attention is worth more to her than the average guy. I would submit that this is the basic decision point separating the guy in the friend zone, her boyfriend, and the hot guy she wants to fuck in a subway bathroom.

Another way to think of this is that what you are offering is of higher quality than what she can get elsewhere--drugs are a good analogy--and as soon as that stops being the case, you're dead in the water, and you've lost her.

So the point here is to be excellent when you're with her.

Be exciting, bordering on dangerous. Be sexual, bordering on inappropriate. Be courageous and dominant, bordering on arrogance. Make her laugh, make her swoon, but never, ever let her feel or believe that she's entitled to your high grade attention.

And then... you're gone.

Does that mean you never text her or ask her out or make a move? No--you're still the man, which means that if something is going to happen, it's up to you to make it sure it does. But leave her guessing at what you're doing when you're not with her. Leave her wondering what you're up to. Most of all, do what you want--not what she wants--because that's what Chad would do (maybe we should make bracelets guys? WWCD?).

That means sometimes ignoring her texts. Blowing her off. Making plans to do stuff without her. And yes: FUCKING OTHER WOMEN. As with all things, there's no secret formula--every girl is going to be different. Some need more attention to stay interested. Some need very little at all. It's your job to figure that shit out.

But if you're excellent when you're with her, and then you withdraw that attention, you'll have a good chance of keeping her around as long as you want to.

TL;DR--as the post says: be excellent, then be gone.