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55 | 60 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by beachedseacow [Post Locked]
[-] AXCMC3 101 Points 2 months ago

Does that mean that women are useless after 33?

Btw, Jesus died for being useful.

[-] TheImpossible1 33 Points 2 months ago

Aren't they always useless?

Relationships are never worth it. Commitment is a trap.

[-] MoDuReddit 10 Points 2 months ago

Are you still in anger phase?

[-] livear 14 Points 2 months ago

Are you still in the euphoric because of your enlightenment phase?

[-] Viramont 3 Points 2 months ago

How do you even identify what phase you’re in. I stumbled here 5 years ago lmao

[-] livear 2 Points 2 months ago

Stoic apathy is the final phase.

[-] Viramont 3 Points 2 months ago

Yeah I think I hit that phase a while ago lol

[-] MoDuReddit 0 Points 2 months ago

No, I'm cool.

[-] death-loves-time 6 Points 2 months ago

commitment is only a trap is used on other people :)

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] TheRedPike 15 Points 2 months ago

Who hurt you?

Nix this shit or you're gone. Only warning.

[-] KronkIsLove 0 Points 2 months ago


Its not an insult?

[-] TheRedPike 8 Points 2 months ago

No shaming language. It muddles shit up.

Did you mother not like like or love you?

And this too. Everything after is fine.

[-] KronkIsLove 3 Points 2 months ago

Okay, fine, I will watch my language a bit more.

[-] Cavannah 3 Points 2 months ago

If you're too dumb to understand why blatant shaming language is an insult, it's probably best that you don't stick around.

[-] flagsblack 2 Points 2 months ago

Haha holy fuck this is the most autistic post ive ever read on here


[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] rexdor2010 1 Point 2 months ago

You got it fucked up bro. Apply your high SMV + dread game and make her your personal servant. Cook, clean, dishes, etc.

While you fuck more girls on the side

[-] pre-death 6 Points 2 months ago

Jesus' mum was a whore who banged a dude while on vacation. Poor guy was manipulated and his friends/frenemies had to bring up a body double after his death.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] PS2Errol 1 Point 2 months ago


[-] ChrimsonChin988 88 Points 2 months ago

"Especially if you're looking for commitment".

Yeah no shit mid 20 alpha's are useless if you're looking for commitment as a 29yo, better get some reliable mid 35 AFC with a laycount of 2 whom you can use as a ATM.

Useless article, like saying your grass will grow faster if you water it enough provided there's enough sunlight, well yeah no shit

[-] MoDuReddit 44 Points 2 months ago

I'm guessing when she was 21, she wasn't exactly getting fucked by future billy beta, but instead getting railed by chads. Surprise, Chad's don't commit, that's what makes them Chads, so after the wall they're "useless".


Pretty textbook.

[-] Crimson_Medicinal 10 Points 2 months ago

When I was younger and far more beta I never understood why women had such trouble getting "committed" men. I was 100% committed in every relationship, I thought everyone was. It took the red pill to make me realize that women would rather die than date betas like (the old) me. Our attention and commitment is absolutely worthless to high value women. They would rather be pumped and dumped by chad than live a 100% commitment life with billy beta.

[-] monsieurhire2 6 Points 2 months ago

The number of "alphas" in their twenties are vanishingly small, smaller even than the number of beautiful women.

In order to be an alpha, you must:

  1. Be good-looking,
  2. Be prosperous,
  3. Have status
  4. Have social skills
  5. Have talents
  6. Be good in bed

Most guys do not have all of those pieces together in their twenties. To have them all, is to be a prince. Therefore the men that have them come from wealthy families, and are essentially groomed from birth to be at the top of the food chain. An even smaller percentage of "alphas" are self-made men. A vanishingly small percentage are self-made by their twenties. And with all the snares and brainwashing going on, you really need to be a prodigy or a savant to get there.

Yet on TV, if the desirable men aren't portrayed as millionaires, they are portrayed living the millionaire lifestyle: nice clothes, immaculately groomed, perfect white teeth, nice home and car. These are the DEFAULT settings, not some office drone job, not some no-hope factory job. This is NORMALIZED.

As for the guys in their twenties, the small percentage of actual alphas, and not merely theoretical alphas down the road, as you said, why the hell would they commit?

Most guys can achieve some degree of alpha-dom by the time they are 30-40, if they didn't get ensnared into any traps, like a shit marriage, shit job, high debt, debt-fueled lifestyle, drug addiction, prison, etc. So, what she is saying is true. You will find more available alphas over 30 than you will under 30. Also, some alphas slow down and shift priorities, so you also have that going for you.

[-] Imperator_Red 4 Points 2 months ago

Your list is ridiculous. Does the college alpha who pumps and dumps 10 sorority chicks a year have all these checkmarks?

[-] monsieurhire2 4 Points 2 months ago

Yes, of course they do.

Also, prosperity is a relative thing. In college, if you come from a wealthy family, they buy your nice clothes, or give you an allowance, or you have a trust fund, or they have a nice job lined up for you at the family business or a family business of a family friend, or some other connection.

However, there is no urgency towards settling down, so middle-glass guys that work some part-time job and "invest" the proceeds in nice clothes can still present as prosperous too.

When you are in your twenties you look great, the best you will probably ever look, assuming you take care of yourself at that age.

In college, everyone is young and healthy, and most people are assumed to have some kind of prosperous future. So, people are essentially living a hedonic millionaire lifestyle, of relatively easy work, eating, exercising, recreating, and fucking, mostly on their parents' dime.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] DoctorWaffleHouse 2 Points 2 months ago

This is dumb.

In order to be Alpha you only need to be one thing and that's Alpha. All the rest is bullshit.

Most alpha dudes decline with age. The popular athletic jocks in high school get fat, go bald and work at the local fast food chain as they age.

[-] monsieurhire2 2 Points 2 months ago

Eh, you're referring to what some people call "natural" alpha.

When you are in school, like under college, money isn't as important; it's not really your "wealth," so to speak. It's not the currency that buys you pussy. Of course, it is there in the background. Kids with nice clothes have an easier time getting laid than those in rags, and if rags are in fashion, rich kids can easily buy them.

When you are young, your currency is your body, your social skills, your social circle, your ability to be the life of the party, etc. Many of these things either come naturally, or seem to come naturally. Some kids are "alpha" because their parents are alpha, and they adopt their attitudes and behaviors. So, in essence, they "learn" to become alpha. For kids with beta parents, it is harder. But they can still "learn." In any case, there is a learning component, the only question is who made the original investment, the kid, his father, or the grandfather, or whoever. Think of Prince William and Harry... their status comes from a series of events that happened centuries ago, and they are still enjoying the benefits. But what if you waved a magic wand and put them into an average family. They would be perceived as ordinary.

So anyway, if you want to be alpha, you have to have some stuff going for you at birth, and you also have to work at it.

[-] magx01 1 Point 2 months ago

Alpha is a mindset. I know/knew broke ass motherfuckers who were alpha as fuck.

[-] monsieurhire2 5 Points 2 months ago

Yeah, you can be alpha all you want, but that doesn't mean you are getting laid.

Some of the most alpha guys give zero fucks about getting laid. Their mission is so important to them that they want zero distractions. Women are a nuisance. If they have sex, it is purely incidental, where the woman chases them, seduces them, and they grudgingly give in, then once their curiosity is satisfied, it's back to the mission.

[-] redpill77 0 Points 2 months ago

Jesus, it's too easy to read AFC as alpha-fucks chad. It's been a while since I've seen average fucking chump

[-] goodboy1112111 10 Points 2 months ago

I think it's actually "Average Frustrated Chump"

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] bruiser18 2 Points 2 months ago

Was just about to search what it meant lol

[-] MikeTyson91 49 Points 2 months ago

And women are useless after 30 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

[-] SteveStJohn 29 Points 2 months ago

It can take men into their early 30s to establish their professional career and feel a sense of financial stability.

In other words, he ain't got no cash before then.

[-] CensorThis111 9 Points 2 months ago

Which is ironic, because all she's really saying is that women who think like this are useless.

If you're ugly post-wall, and a parasite pre-wall... I got nothing good to say about you.

[-] AllahHatesFags 26 Points 2 months ago

My counter:

Women are useless after 33.

[-] ratpoison987 21 Points 2 months ago

She’s a beat thot. Who cares about her opinion.

[-] rexdor2010 2 Points 2 months ago

Lol true. J Lo's pussy has probably been beat up by so many rappers/singers

[-] BluBlac59 13 Points 2 months ago

Not as useless as single mothers of any age.

[-] Whisper 11 Points 2 months ago

I don't aspire to be "useful" to Jennifer Lopez (whoever that might be).

I want to be useful to me.

[-] 8380atgmaildotcom 11 Points 2 months ago

Dont listen to what women say

[-] yolollypop 9 Points 2 months ago

At 30 years old I started a company with $5000 and by 33 it grossed a million so idk... maybe lol

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] Rkingpin 5 Points 2 months ago

Bitter woman hitting the wall being bitter at the alpha fucks who have no doubt had their share

[-] ex_addict_bro 4 Points 2 months ago

Why should we care what some old fat idiot thinks about men.

[-] Irtotallynotrobot 3 Points 2 months ago

Women are also formidable up until the age of 27. I find high performing women are very difficult to compete with in the workplace up until that point. They're socially sensitive, Machiavellian, and supported with handicaps. I think that contributes to their distorted sense of value too. Somehow though, talking to 40+ career women is like talking to a teenager though. That's the tough part of investing companies in a female's future, they're good short term but bad long term solutions. They reach the top quickly but cannot perform once there.

Men develop steady, women accelerate and plateau. Plenty of other smarter than me have explained this better though.

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[-] BrosefJones85 2 Points 2 months ago

For committment? Sure. 31 here and still enjoying sex and freedom. I will want a family, sure. Mid-late 30s for that. I have seen formerly alpha single cousins give it all up to get married in mid-late 20s. Awful idea. They cope with "well I will be young enough to keep up with my kids" little do they know that it has more to do with staying in shape than age, and all of them are already out of shape before their mid-30s.

[-] 2comment 2 Points 2 months ago

Aging star wants attention, has sour grapes. News at 11.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] HappyDappyZipadeedoo 1 Point 2 weeks ago

Didn't she marry a back up dancer who was in his early to mid twenties?

[-] h0ndaboy 0 Points 2 months ago

To those saying women above 33 are useless, I'm pretty sure the ability to finesse their way to a man's wallet isn't useless

[-] Zech4riah -1 Point 2 months ago

I kind of agree with her. Outside of TRP, men grown their balls and get their shit together after 30 year old. This is how pretty much everyone (excluding some part of men under 30) see this thing on society.

Now guys here try to hamster it like she only says that because she wants a provider beta - that's only half of the story.

[-] CensorThis111 3 Points 2 months ago

You just bought what a dumb thot is selling.

[-] Zech4riah 2 Points 2 months ago

So, would you say a 18yo kid is an actual self made man? 25yo? Where would you draw the line?

I know it depends of the person but on average.