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- Hide Preview | 15 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by DiSysmic [Post Locked]

Just like most of you, I count myself very fortunate to have found TRP. I wasn't even in a low when I did, I was simply searching the internet for unconventional ideas that would enhance any form of self-help. Found this shortly before it got quarantined, and after being entranced by the few posts I read, I became a lurker.

From a personal standpoint, TRP has enlightened me because it was concisely able to explain interpersonal and intersexual dynamics in a very relatable manner. My growth had many unsolved puzzles, but the more I read the theory, the more I was able to comprehend the underlying reasons behind how certain events unfolded in my life. Like why my high school crush didn’t reciprocate. Or why lifting, reading, and interacting IRL are objectively better than videogaming, masturbating, and taking certain drugs (in my repertoire, that includes alcohol). But that's beside the point. Applying certain aspects of TRP may have contributed a lot for me, but it doesn't mean that the same pieces can be used for someone else’s case.

Especially not when being aware of TRP bears no fruit in a person’s practical life.

Because of my relatively short duration on TRP, I am unable to know whether the difference between “today’s mediocre posts” and “yesterday’s quality posts” are significant. However, I do notice the epidemic of butterflies or, what I like to call “short-cut enthusiasts”, who post regularly on AskTRP for underwhelmingly low-quality questions that, just too often, don’t deserve to be answered. But the closer they look, the less they see. They don’t realize that most of the time, a single action or recommendation cannot save their situation if they don’t internalize the concept itself. Their inability to have a basic understanding will force them to come back with yet shittier questions. Prime examples are:

“How can I be more confident?” or “How can I appear more alpha?”

Rarely is a response more accurate than Andrew Eggelton’s: Confidence is a by-product of knowing your shit. And he’s not talking about rehearsing your words before speaking to women, he’s talking about understanding the nature that builds a good interaction. And the only way to know your shit is by reading the sidebar. By reading TRP recommended books. By acquiring knowledge of it. By understanding it. And occasionally, by lurking.

Admittedly, internalizing is easier when quality posts are writte . Though, if you understand the concepts of TRP, lurking becomes increasingly detrimental with time. Questions are frequently posted, but a large proportion of them become useless. Or as many would coin it, hopelessly beta. And even in cases where quality content gets posted, the tendency of many to mentally masturbate to the belief of their own superior understanding will inhibit any practical progress. They will stay in front of their screen in hope that the ego stroke provided from their knowledge will compensate for the aspects they lack.

I’d like to compare this with many of Ben Shapiro’s followers. Mesmerized by his words and evident charisma, they proudly shun the leftists as if they had made any contribution to his speeches. But they do so specifically because they can hide behind Shapiro’s shadow; they mentally masturbate to his roast fests, thinking that there is a sense of achievement in having another figure standing for their beliefs. Don’t fall into this trap: The Red Pill should not be speaking for you, you should be speaking for yourself.

That is why, for the gentlemen who have hit stagnation in TRP content, it is time to get off AskTRP. To get off TRP. Instead, spend that time implementing what you know into your daily life. Spend that time enhancing your own experiences. Build your life for what you stand for, and you know how to do it better, thanks to TRP.

And when things start to grow out of proportion, come back and re-internalize it. Re-read the content. And when you do, get back to muscle & mental memory. I have yet to embody the Red Pill fully, but part of what I see necessary is to avoid appealing distractions… this subreddit being one of them. Because, ultimately:

The Red Pill serves as a state of mind that should complement your life, not dictate it.

TL;DR Internalize TRP content through reading rather than asking questions. Know your shit, and know what you stand for. If over 90% of the content seems useless, you’ve hit a period of stagnation. To avoid mental jackoffs, get off this subreddit and apply the concepts. Come back only when you find it necessary.