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- Hide Preview | 33 Comments | submitted about a month ago by BlindingTwilight [Post Locked]

Feminism is masculinism, the idea that a woman needs to do EVERYTHING that a man does. Sigmund Freud theorised that all females go through a stage of development where they experience anxiety upon realization that they do not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in a series of transitions toward a mature female sexuality and gender identity. In reality feminism is just Freud’s penis envy dressed in the half baked and imaginary language of a gender studies class.


“......she later realizes the universality of her female situation, and as a result begins to share the contempt that men have towards women as a lesser (in the important respect of a lack of a penis), and so insists upon being like a man”

Karl Abraham subsequently went on to describe the effects of penis envy for vindictive women:

“....sought revenge on the male through humiliation or deprivation (whether by removing the man from the penis or the penis from the man)”

Sounds an awful lot like feminism to me. Fascinating that it is feminists who fight the most fiercely against Freud’s penis envy theory. Of course by denying the theory verbally, whilst behaving like men and hating on men and male sexuality, they confirm the theory beyond any doubt and make fools of themselves at the same time. Watch what she does, not listen to what she says. We are defined by our actions not our words.

Feminism should be called masculinism. You see it everywhere. Why do they keep making movies and TV shows which depict women as being able to handle themselves in a fight with men? Why are there so many female soldiers all of the sudden? Why do women want to compete in sports designed for men? Why does there always have to be a “strong” (note the word strong is a masculine descriptor) female lead character? The harder the feminists try and deny Freud’s observations, the more totally they prove that he was correct.

Of course this miserable path of masculinism will only lead to despair, misery, and dissolution. Feminists think that the only reason there are no famous female military generals, philosophers, mathematicians, soldiers, physicists, grandmaster chess players, engineers, architects, racing car drivers or boxers is due to the pernicious and ever present patriarchy. In reality they will never be able to compete with men in these areas. Indeed they cannot even compete with men in cooking. All of the world’s best chefs are male, and they always will be.

Look closely at the complicity of the media and politicians in this mess. The media owners know that western feminism is a total fraud yet they are happy to have new lies to sell. Feminism is like the Y2K bug, a widely believed lie that is easy to package into a sale. These women would be considered insane in every human society except in the last few decades in the west. In the rest of the world a feminist would be ostracised, jailed or even killed for their behaviour. Here in the west their disfunction is celebrated rather than denounced. All hail the mighty dollar, if you want to believe in bullshit then there is going to be someone who repackages your delusion and sells it to you. Look at the diet industry if you have any doubts.

Feminists are not only ugly, they are deluded vindictive frauds who have never grown out of penis envy. Make no mistake these vile misandrist harpies would happily castrate all men. They would have us in dog collars and force us to undergo surgeries so that we could get pregnant. Western feminism is the enemy, say it loud and say it proud. Many women stand with us so let’s get on with the job of burying this hateful and toxic movement once and for all.

[-] SirAustinHumphrey 54 Points about a month ago

Feminists are basically dudes with small dicks.

Think about how an insecure dude always has to prove himself, is always mad, bitches about dudes at the top. Thats a feminist.

You are spot on with your penis envy comparison

[-] tempolaca 1 Point about a month ago

Feminists dudes are usually rapists that have something to hide and need to compensate.

[-] ratpoison987 20 Points about a month ago

OP knows how to trigger feminazis with a 4 word title

High five

[-] CannabisCumshot69 3 Points about a month ago

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS feminists with FACTS and LOGIC and PENIS ENVY

[-] ratpoison987 1 Point about a month ago

Shit. If the shoe were on the other foot - can’t lie. LoL that title would trigger me for sure

But facts are facts. Feels are feels. They don’t mix

[-] GayLubeOil 19 Points about a month ago

Most modern Cuck-cologists will say that Sigmund Freud is outdated precisely because of his penis envy theory. Of course while they are saying this women are literally parading in slut walks with strap on dildos proving his point. However his point is repressed by the establishment exactly like he said it would be....proving his theory of repression.

[-] redpill77 1 Point about a month ago

I have Avatar of Brodin envy. How do I sublimate?

[-] max_peenor 1 Point about a month ago

parading in slut walks with strap on dildos

Not nearly as distressing as seeing what happens with men that get tit-envy.

[-] WayTooCyber 16 Points about a month ago

Feminism is a macro compliance test to tame beta males. Alpha males aren't effected because they don't care. Stop caring.

[-] SeasonedRP 14 Points about a month ago

I think there is something to Freud's theory and Karl Abraham's explanation of it, and it isn't limited to feminists. It's national news every time some poor sap's genitals are mutiliated because women love love love love those stories. They get very excited when they read them and are quite happy about it. It's not just raving feminists who do this. I've observed women I thought were well-adjusted do it. It's eye-opening when you see what appear to be nice middle-aged women wish that upon their husbands.

[-] GreetingsFromErf 7 Points about a month ago

To me his theory works better as a metaphor. They don't really want a physical penis. They want the male ability to create.

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 5 Points about a month ago

Feminists are jealous haters, not of the physical penis but of man's independence, his physical and emotional strength, and his resourcefulness.

The rise of feminism came from unattractive women who could not attract partners so they corrupted other women who wanted their validation, or who empathized with the women who had been ignored and felt scared at the thought of it.

What a cluster fuck society has made for itself.

[-] lighthouse143 4 Points about a month ago

Definitely disagree with the logic in this post, making a real stretch and it’s definitely coming from a place of anger. Men are better than woman at the professional level, cool we get it. We also don’t care and neither should you. This rant doesn’t really help anyone progress with their trp journey and doesn’t add any value to the community, if anything it puts people on a path towards being an incel

[-] GayLubeOil 6 Points about a month ago

Sigmund Freud is a rant. Cool revisionist story bro.

[-] BlindingTwilight 5 Points about a month ago

A hatred of western feminism and a defence of men’s rights are key components of the red pill. Incels do not rail against feminism, they just cry and become murderous or suicidal because they chose not to improve themselves. Incels have nothing to offer except a black pit for people to wallow in.

[-] bugrakoc 3 Points about a month ago

Holy fuck nice perspective! Always thought the penis envy thing is a bit extreme, but after TRP it makes sense.

[-] EdmondDaunts 3 Points about a month ago

To paraphrase Clint: A woman’s gotta know her limitations.

Freud’s theory captures the phase when a woman realises that having privileges by merit of birth actually severely limits the capacity to grow, transform and even reinvent.

For some men this ability is a curse; for others a blessing.

[-] iknowthewhey 3 Points about a month ago

Feminists are women raised without male leadership in a culture controlled by media and government. Sigmond Freud's theory is shit because a woman can't see things from a man's perspective and therefore does not envy a man.

[-] BlindingTwilight 0 Points about a month ago

“Sigmund Freud’s theory is shit”

Seriously? You are going to dismiss a theory by one of the greatest minds of the modern era? Would you like to debunk Einstein’s theory of relativity or ridicule Beethoven’s compositions?

[-] TruthSeekingPerson 7 Points about a month ago

Freud has been largely ridiculed for this and other theories. Comparing him to Einstein is asinine.

Freud advanced psychology but his theories had little scientific backing. If you want to believe this or investigate the truth of it that's up to you but don't defend it by comparing psychology to physics.

In Freud's defense, when I was in third grade the topic of penises came up when it shouldn't have in class and a girl started crying and said "I want a penis." I'm not kidding. I have no idea what it means.

[-] LittleLegionaire 2 Points about a month ago

I partially agree with both of you

I’m not very familiar with Freud’s theory here or the context in which he gave it, but in absolute terms it’s probably wrong. Women generally don’t care about dicks unless they want one, then they go chase mr Chad Thundercock and play with him.

Dicks are powerful - a man hating feminist, who became such by being alpha widowed or a biological loser or socially conditioned&reinforced to be so, despises them. Why? Because they need them to be a player in the game of life. If they’re so bitter they can’t get the one they want, then they conciously hate but unconciously desire to have one - and that is feminism in a nutshell. “We hate men, therefore we will attempt to imitate and assume their role!” And then they are all unhappy.

Its projection, the women that proclaim to hate “toxic masculinity” will swoon over such a guy immediately if they have even a chance of catching him. Homophobes are often gay, women often have rape fantasies (and oddly enough, a huge amount of them orgasm from rape sex more than any other demographic?), zealous people will sin and often be degenerates, etc.

[-] Irtotallynotrobot 2 Points about a month ago

Yes exactly, I had a plate say these words to me: "feminism is actually just applying masculinity to women". My jaw nearly dropped.

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[-] Buchloe 2 Points about a month ago

All these chicks getting short haircuts, wanting to peg dudes with dildos. Sorry, but you can't be a man any more than getting my dick cut off will make me be able to birth children.

[-] rus9384 2 Points about a month ago

As far as I can tell feminism on trp is what non-trp people call radical feminism/femenacism and so on. Guessing trp people do not really care about feminism subdivisions. But being ignorant is a step of becoming irrational.

When it comes to traditionally male roles some of women might like them. Just like men may like traditionally feminine roles. Sure, when most women are depicted like that, that feels terrible. The idea of actual gender equality is a bust. But same is the idea that no female wants to do men's work. Or that no male wants to do women's work.

Regarding Freud I always was sceptical on most of his theories. Girls can't be penis envy if they don't know what a penis is. Which is the case for most times if we speak about up to 6yo period.

[-] tempolaca 1 Point about a month ago

Feminism is obviously penis envy. Look at them, they aspire to be men, to look like men, cut their hair like men. Don't shave so they look manly. They want to do things that men do and only do those things. Hell they are more manly that me sometimes. They despise feminine things and activities, etc.

Imagine the inverse: a men's movement that aspire to look and dress like a women and be able to do everything a womens do. See? it would be called, ironically, feminism.

[-] death-loves-time 1 Point about a month ago

very well written, damn

[-] TheImpossible1 1 Point about a month ago

many women stand with us

No. I don't believe that.

[-] TheRedPike 1 Point about a month ago

What I like about this post is that reguardless if it is correct or incorrect, it challenges what has become common thought that somehow Freud was just plain wrong. We need more challenges like this, even if ultimately they don't pan out.

Have a point.

[-] redpill77 1 Point about a month ago

The thing is that most women are not misandrist, they are merely under the influence of misandrists. I am trying to work on my rhetoric so that I can be open about my anti-feminism in ways that don't alienate the good, caring, feminine girls I know who speak misan-deutsche only because they're natural followers, and not because they think the future is 90% female.

[-] imtheoneimmortal 1 Point about a month ago

Ok but what’s the solution here?

[-] Twaddles37 -1 Point about a month ago

nice cherry picking of facts

[-] max_peenor 1 Point about a month ago

Like what?