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- Hide Preview | 67 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by BlindingTwilight [Post Locked]

Feminism is masculinism, the idea that a woman needs to do EVERYTHING that a man does. Sigmund Freud theorised that all females go through a stage of development where they experience anxiety upon realization that they do not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in a series of transitions toward a mature female sexuality and gender identity. In reality feminism is just Freud’s penis envy dressed in the half baked and imaginary language of a gender studies class.


“......she later realizes the universality of her female situation, and as a result begins to share the contempt that men have towards women as a lesser (in the important respect of a lack of a penis), and so insists upon being like a man”

Karl Abraham subsequently went on to describe the effects of penis envy for vindictive women:

“....sought revenge on the male through humiliation or deprivation (whether by removing the man from the penis or the penis from the man)”

Sounds an awful lot like feminism to me. Fascinating that it is feminists who fight the most fiercely against Freud’s penis envy theory. Of course by denying the theory verbally, whilst behaving like men and hating on men and male sexuality, they confirm the theory beyond any doubt and make fools of themselves at the same time. Watch what she does, not listen to what she says. We are defined by our actions not our words.

Feminism should be called masculinism. You see it everywhere. Why do they keep making movies and TV shows which depict women as being able to handle themselves in a fight with men? Why are there so many female soldiers all of the sudden? Why do women want to compete in sports designed for men? Why does there always have to be a “strong” (note the word strong is a masculine descriptor) female lead character? The harder the feminists try and deny Freud’s observations, the more totally they prove that he was correct.

Of course this miserable path of masculinism will only lead to despair, misery, and dissolution. Feminists think that the only reason there are no famous female military generals, philosophers, mathematicians, soldiers, physicists, grandmaster chess players, engineers, architects, racing car drivers or boxers is due to the pernicious and ever present patriarchy. In reality they will never be able to compete with men in these areas. Indeed they cannot even compete with men in cooking. All of the world’s best chefs are male, and they always will be.

Look closely at the complicity of the media and politicians in this mess. The media owners know that western feminism is a total fraud yet they are happy to have new lies to sell. Feminism is like the Y2K bug, a widely believed lie that is easy to package into a sale. These women would be considered insane in every human society except in the last few decades in the west. In the rest of the world a feminist would be ostracised, jailed or even killed for their behaviour. Here in the west their disfunction is celebrated rather than denounced. All hail the mighty dollar, if you want to believe in bullshit then there is going to be someone who repackages your delusion and sells it to you. Look at the diet industry if you have any doubts.

Feminists are not only ugly, they are deluded vindictive frauds who have never grown out of penis envy. Make no mistake these vile misandrist harpies would happily castrate all men. They would have us in dog collars and force us to undergo surgeries so that we could get pregnant. Western feminism is the enemy, say it loud and say it proud. Many women stand with us so let’s get on with the job of burying this hateful and toxic movement once and for all.