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- Hide Preview | 46 Comments | submitted about a year ago by RP_Tesla [Post Locked]

I’m creating this theory thread because I received a lot of questions and feedback regarding “Snapchat Game” after posting my field report "Let's Play Pinball."

This topic was also originally posted and discussed within the [unofficial RP discord server] (

If you’re following the tenets of TRP, then this means you are constantly improving yourself, engaging others, and leading an awesome life, doing rad shit.

Snapchat is just another tool to help communicate that.

You can passively game a wide audience this way without even trying, really. All you’re doing is saying, Oh shit! This is cool. Let me snap this and add it to my story. Snap, save it to your album, memories.

I never looked up guides or theories on how to use Snapchat; it was just something I used because my friends used it, and it was a cool way to share the rad shit that was going on in my life. When I go out, and I’m with friends in a cool environment, I’ll snap. If my cat at home is doing something funny as fuck, I’ll snap. I didn’t start boxing because I wanted to share stories about it. I did it because I love the sport and wanted to get into it- I share stories about it because it’s a fun thing I do.

There isn’t any more thought that should be put into that. Just lead a cool life doing the shit you like to do, and snap it to your story. Don’t over think it. People will see it, people will take notice. Anything regarding ‘active’ snapchat game is basically the exact same as text game (Except a little easier IMO because of the fleeting nature of it, since snaps and texts are never saved unless they want to save them).

To give you an example, I was out of state earlier this year on a road trip with some good friends of mine, and we went to a couple of theme parks and rode around on roller coasters. What did I do? Hell yeah I snapped that shit. It was fun as fuck. During downtime, I noticed a chick who I knew regularly viewed my snap stories was posting a story of her own feeling all depressed and down because her boyfriend wasn’t giving her attention. I started snapping her about it, and within a few days she eventually broke up with her boyfriend, moved out, and then after a couple of weeks I set logistics up to meet up with her, literally went to her house, and banged her that night. Chicks will easily open their legs for someone they perceive with high SMV, who regularly DHV’s, and will even up-end their entire lives just for the chance to do so (She didn’t want to be a cheater…so she broke up with her toxic relationship just because banging me was suddenly a possibility).

Same with Pinball chick I posted about recently. In her eyes, I was basically a legend. I was this macho guy who did fun shit all the time like play board games, and played fetch with his cat who thinks he’s a dog sometimes. You know how that turned out. All I did was snap awesome shit about myself and I let that DHV/Social proof do all the heavy lifting for me with minimal effort to actually game. Like one of my good, red-pilled friends had said, “It’s a tool to passively game a wide audience.” Are you struggling to find awesome things to snap about? Go out there and live an awesome life. Are you lifting? Are you working hard? Show off that hard work with a snap, save it, and keep it in your personal album documenting your journey so you have something to reflect on. Other people will see it; girls and guys both will mire. <-Also this is a big thing too.

I’m not afraid to post gym selfies of myself every now and then. I’ve put a ton of effort in, and am happy to show that off. I’ve had instances in the past where I’ve gone to house parties where friends of mine who are snap buddies with me literally said, “Watch out for this guy, he’s low-key the most buff/ripped dude here.” I’ve had girls touch my abs because they heard the legend. All I ever did was just snap for the reasons I mentioned above. I didn’t go online to figure out theories and overthink bullshit like that. I just built and lead an awesome life and let others be witness to that, and I’m open/receptive to the remarks and compliments they make.

That’s all. Stop overthinking it. Just do shit. Hope this helps some of you out.

^EDIT: ^To ^be ^clear, ^this ^is ^regarding ^Snapchat ^game, ^specifically. ^I ^do ^not ^own ^or ^use ^a ^Facebook, ^and ^do ^not ^condone ^the ^use ^of ^one ^unless ^it ^is ^used ^for ^monetization ^purposes.

[-] mallardcove 54 Points about a year ago

Snapchat, like all social media, is for orbitting losers. Snapchat specifically is a platform that automatically puts you in the frame of the female 100% of the time unless you are a celebrity or high status male. You begin in a hole and have to dig yourself out. Better off not putting yourself in the hole to begin with.

Here is a red pill: No one cares. No one cares about your life. You may think that by posting yourself doing "interesting things" and "fun activities" on social media that others, especially women, care. Newsflash: they don't. Unless you are a top 1% of top 1% male, no one gives a shit, and even then not as many would give a shit as you would think. Your social media profiles and accounts are just another fish in the vast blue ocean. What makes you think you will stand out among the rest? You won't, unless you are pre-selected, and pre-selection on social media is a thousand times harder than in real life - it's no longer the 80/20 rule, or 90/10 rule, but the 99.99999/0.00001 rule. Good luck.

Once you accept this red pill(the fact no one gives a shit about you or your life no matter how hard you try to convey to others that they should give a shit) you will see how much of a negative drain social media is.

[-] RP_Tesla 33 Points about a year ago

You're not wrong in that I definitely agree Social Media is a social construct that favors and plays into the female frame. However, I'm of the mindset, if you have the tools and knowledge to leverage them in some way, then you can and should take advantage of that. The notion of "You shouldn't do this because you'll fall into the orbiter trap" just spells a lack of vision and experimentation to me, and is a defeatist, almost incel mindset.

I provided two examples in my case on where Snapchat was leveraged in my favor. There are many more I could provide as well within the past year of use alone where social circles were expanded upon just because some basic pictures were taken and added to my story. Just be an interesting man, and things will work out passively in your favor.

[-] mallardcove 1 Point about a year ago

I provided two examples in my case on where Snapchat was leveraged in my favor.

And how many lays have you missed out due to social media? It's that side of the coin no one talks about.

Saying that avoiding social media is an incel mindset is hilarious. Makes you wonder how I have success with women despite not having a social media page for over 2 years.

Women are masters at figuring men out and are addicted to it. If a man with decent SMV comes into her circle she will stop at nothing to probe him and find out everything. The problem is most men are perfectly willing to oblige. When I was a blue pilled loser I would always spill my guts to women about who I was, what I did, what I did for a living, what I drove, how much money I made, EVERYTHING. I thought that talking myself up and telling her how great I was would get her attracted. Instead it would turn women off. I'd get flaked on all the time after having a text conversation or lunch/dinner date with a woman and telling too much about myself. Same with my social media pages. I posted all the time, posted photos, thinking doing so would show how cool I was.

These days I am a mysterious son of a bitch and it pays dividends. The shit tests come in waves but I simply view them as teeing her up. Women know nothing about me apart from my name and what I look like. They try and try and try to pry and extract info from me but I keep a lid on it. It drives them nuts(in a good way). I'll trickle some things out every now and then but for the most part I make them earn it and work for it. With social media you are giving away this info for free with nothing in return.

[-] RP_Tesla 5 Points about a year ago

And how many lays have you missed out due to social media? It's that side of the coin no one talks about.

I have no idea, it's not a thought that ever occurred to my mind. I don't think in those terms, I just do shit, and it works.

Also, I see and understand what you're saying, and that's great, but what you're doing now by saying I'm mysterious and it works! is also a form of hamstering validation to yourself. On the opposite side of the coin, have you ever thought about the opportunities you missed by not advertising yourself in a medium that has been growing in popularity each year?

Just thought I'd point that out. If you got the tools and knowledge to leverage them for your benefit, then use them, I say. Hiding behind the whole "Social Media is BP" shield sounds like an insecure defensive maneuver. If you're at least in the top 20% when it comes to masculine SMV, which you should be at minimum if you're following the tenets of TRP, then you should have no problem using social media in your favor to add supplementary flavor to your life style. That's the point and intent of this post. (FTR - I don't use Facebook or condone use of it unless you monetize off of it)

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[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Rollo_Mayhem3 0 Points about a year ago

Aloofness is certainly one strategy. However, when dealing highly educated women, I find that if you can convey your insight and intellect through conversation, particularly in topics she's interested in, she's develop a certain level of respect for you and at your social mastery and the fact that you understand something that she likely has studied immensely.

[-] Bedtimeshine -1 Point about a year ago

Ask yourself in any situation “what would James Bond do?” The answer is he would live in his own world and talk to women face to face and leave his phone in his fucking pocket with zero social media apps on it

[-] blackedoutfast 33 Points about a year ago

james bond is a fictional character

[-] Rooibosisboss 2 Points about a year ago

...who gets a ton of fictional poon.

but still, stories/novels/characters, when done/written correctly can extract and expand on certain rules and abstractions we live by or should live by in society.

in terms of red pill ways there is a lot to be gleaned from mister 007.

For instance; have a dngaf attitude, be suave, be excellent at what you do, and most importantly never EVER be that dick who chooses oddjob in multiplayer for Goldeneye on 64.

[-] fuckboiwithfeelings 13 Points about a year ago

Social media is dumb. posts on reddit

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 24 Points about a year ago


[-] 420KUSHBUSH 18 Points about a year ago

And that my friend, is the option that provides you with the most happiness

[-] spencerc25 1 Point about a year ago

The actual "don't give a fuck at all" behavior is not having social media at all. By posting anything to a site, you care. That's why you spend time and energy posting.

"The opposite of love is indifference, not hate." A quote I feel applies aptly here.

[-] idrinkyour_milkshake -1 Point about a year ago

If you didn't care then you wouldn't bother posting, its that simple. You sound like a girl who dresses up to go to a club 'for herself'.

[-] blackedoutfast 11 Points about a year ago

100% projection and male solipsism. i'm sure social media doesn't work for you but that doesn't mean it won't work for anyone.

i'm sure women don't care about your life but some of us aren't boring, low SMV losers.

you're vastly overstating the difficulty of getting positive attention and pre-selection on social media.

yes, if you're a complete fuckup loser then social media can a waste of time at best or even counterproductive and making some guys look even worse than if they didn't have any social media at all.

but you don't have to be in the top 0.00001% to get some benefit, that's completely ridiculous. 0.00001% means there would be less than 400 guys ON EARTH getting pre-selection from social media. you're retarded if you think that's true.

the mistake you're making is due to over estimating your own place in the social hierachy. "omg social media doesn't work for me and i'm totally a top 1% Chad, you must have to be in the top 0.00001% to get any benefit" nah bro, you're just not as high SMV as you think you are.

[-] Marsupian 9 Points about a year ago

Browsing social media is a trap. Taking a small amount of time to put up some high quality pictures and throw out a new pic from time to time as a lure can give good results if you are top 20%.

Set up a profile in under an hour, spend 5mins a month posting a pic and you increase your smv a bit and create a venue for chicks to find and contact you.

Fact is chicks spend too much time on social media and they look you up to get more info on your smv. Staying off social is a good strategy but depending on your demo spending a bit of time on social media presence can worth it.

Social media is toxic but it can also be a useful tool in your sexual strategy.

[-] mallardcove 3 Points about a year ago

you increase your smv a bit

No you don't. Your SMV isn't increased by your social media postings, because no one cares. No one cares enough to view your social media, let alone be influenced.

they look you up to get more info on your smv

They do look you up. Which is why its best to have nothing. Let them figure it out themselves. One of the biggest red pill truths - let her figure out shit about you as less as possible. This applies in real life, for example when she asks what you do for a living, never be direct and never answer truthfully. Social media is simply an extension of that. What she doesn't know, she will fill in her mind positively if your SMV is high enough and you give her tingles. Men don't get this, they think that spilling their guts to her about everything they are will make her more attracted. It doesn't. The best thing you can do for yourself is remain a mystery yet men decide thanks but no thanks and throw that strategy into the trash.

Men cockblock themselves with social media. You might get a lay or two but that doesn't make up for the lays you miss because of your social media turning women off.

[-] [deleted] 6 Points about a year ago


[-] mallardcove 4 Points about a year ago

it is also somewhat weird in the eyes of a female

That's blue pill brainwashing for you. The "you are considered a weirdo if you don't have social media" is one of the biggest bullshit blue pill lies I see on this sub and I see it all the time.

Way to be apart of the herd, way to be a sheep.

Makes you wonder how I have any success with women despite not having any social media accounts.

I think most women stalk prospective hookups social media pages before making decisions about whether or not they are going to bang them

They absolutely do. You know what drives them crazy? You not having a page. It drives them nuts. They desperately want to learn more about you, but can't. It drives them nuts in a good way. Women hamster in their mind and fill in the gaps. If she likes you, the gaps will be filled in positively, in her mind.

That's where social media works against you. If you put it all out there, she can no longer fill in the gaps herself, she has to fill in the gaps with what you advertise about yourself.

One major red pill truth: The more she knows about you, the less she will like you. Women like mystery in a man. If she knows everything, it gets a lot harder for you. Which is why social media works against you.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] strikethrough123 3 Points about a year ago

The guy whips out his phone every now and then to record something cool that's happening in his life, I don't see how that's a drain. He's doing it because he wants to, and that's all that matters. Just because you haven't seen results from social media, that doesn't mean others don't.

If you have high SMV and a good following, social media can be a powerful tool without investing too much effort. On the other hand, if your SMV is low and don't have many connections, ditching social media for that "mysterious" vibe would be better.

If he's posting himself doing cool shit all the time, it shows that he's a fun, adventurous dude. Here's where you might say "no one gives a shit", of course no one gives a shit. He doesn't either.

[-] monsieurhire2 2 Points about a year ago

It's all about proper use.

If you use it to orbit, or waste time, it's not good.

But I use it for the following:

  1. Networking for group activities; invite to events, see who goes to events, find out about events, etc. etc.

  2. Messaging platform that requires less emotional investment; people are now leery about giving out phone numbers bc they don't want to get tied down in long conversations over logistics; but they will give out social media; they figure if you annoy them they can block you or unfriend you; if you have a decent personality, this won't happen;

  3. Personal advertisement of yourself and lifestyle to pump and dump gold-diggers: I don't do this one has much, but if you want to game people, you can post lots of travel pictures, pictures of expensive shit, etc. It will then attract gold-diggers you can then pump and dump, but without having to wonder in advance if they are gold-diggers. You don't even have to be wealthy. Travel can be done relatively cheaply, you can rent or pose in nice clothes at a clothing store, or buy and return them even. You can take pictures of yourself in or near swanky venues. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Qualification: Determining whether some woman I just met has a boyfriend, is married, is a drinker, radical feminazi etc. etc. People give away all sorts of shit on their profile. You can now determine if someone is your type relatively quickly. In the past, upon meeting a woman, she might jerk you around for weeks, keeping you guessing, and then unfurl some bullshit. Now you can tell right away whether she is worth investing an iota of time in.

Bad things:

  1. Mindlessly scrolling through bullshit posts. This can be circumvented by unfollowing a lot of people.

  2. Being an orbiter. Don't like everything. However, sometimes you want girls to know you aren't interested, so they stop annoying you, in which case, you are free to like stuff occasionally. As long as you don't leave 3 paragraph long effuse comments, you should be fine.
[-] analonlybitch 2 Points about a year ago

Dude I always see you ranting against social media. Believe it or not you can actually have both success and social media. Curious as to why you are so against it? Social media can obviously be used to your advantage.

[-] drogosan 1 Point about a year ago

I just use social media for professional networking.

[-] lordkrink 40 Points about a year ago

Social media is obligatory for anyone younger than 24, guys older than that will never understand.

[-] KidWonder101 19 Points about a year ago

You're somewhat right, and somewhat wrong. Social media is definitely important for the younger generation of guys nowadays because so many females latch on to it and use it as their main source of dick inventory so it would be only right to capitalize on this tool in hindsight.

But you know what's even better sometimes? No social media at all. Day/Night gaming chicks, getting the number and arranging the logistics. Her hamster will spin harder than ever since she doesn't have the ability to develop any pre conceived notations about you via social media. The aloofness will make her want you more, plus it's somewhat interesting to NOT have social media. In her eyes at least. Girls are always fascinated when they find out I don't have an Instagram or Twitter and some think I'm lying.

I do recommend Snapchat however for communication.

High SMV + No social media = killer attractiveness

[-] RP_Tesla 3 Points about a year ago

This KidWonder101 man gets it. Although, I’d change that number to 30 just given how powerful the tool can be as a supplement.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 15 Points about a year ago

Lot of people here don't like social media because it's not RP.

Debate me if I'm wrong, but browsing social media is a waste of time, and definitely not RP. Taking 10s out to post something cool on your story can raise your SMV, as long as you don't obsessively check for views.

[-] blackedoutfast 7 Points about a year ago

yes, browsing other people's social media is a waste of time. so just turn off notifications and unfollow everyone else's status updates.

and yeah it's not like it takes a lot of work to post pics occasionally. the hard part is getting to the point where you have high SMV and an interesting life. once you get there it's like ok tonight i'm partying with some celebrities (click) ok now i'm on stage looking out at a crowd watching me perform (click) ok now i'm chilling on an exotic beach with a couple of hotties in bikinis (click).

technically it won't raise your SMV, but it will broadcast your SMV to a larger audience, for better or worse. high SMV guys who are always doing cool shit will be able to advertise that fact to chicks who aren't nearby when they're doing said cool shit. low SMV losers are better off with minimal social media because it wouldn't do anything but remind everyone how lame they are.

[-] dave_is_not_here 7 Points about a year ago

OP is snapping shit about board games and his freakin CAT and it's netted him at least 1 pussy. Doesn't sound like you need to be broadcasting Bradd Pitt level SMV to make social media work for your penis, just ANYTHING.

If OP scores even 1 point with Monopoly and Mr Socks a guy should slay with ACTUALLY cool shit, or maybe ANYTHING and a genuine conviction it IS cool. Like, OPs cat is dank cuz OP says.

[-] blackedoutfast 1 Point about a year ago

i know some low SMV guys (coworkers) who constantly post shit on social media that is definitely not making themselves look any better. posts about how they are sad/lonely/depressed/desperate for female attention, lame memes, selfies of themselves where they look like shit, etc.

[-] Bedtimeshine 10 Points about a year ago

Snapchat is for 13 year olds.

[-] 420KUSHBUSH 7 Points about a year ago

Oh joy, another debate similar to the "looks vs. game" just this time with social media vs. no social media

Here's a pitch that may be the best one yet, maybe if a man wants to post what he does in his life he can. If a man wants to remain mysterious, then just don't have social media. No need to have a civil war over this

Just do you

[-] majestyalphaq 3 Points about a year ago

Snapchat is king if you've already got a decent audience/friends and everyone has already established you as a "chad".

It is a more powerful tool to use than Instagram where girls get ungodly amount of likes/comments, while in snapchat there's none of that competitive bullshit.

Edit: Contrary to popular belief, you can still be mysterious on snapchat. Don't post as often, post DIFFERENT things everytime (e.g. Not posting yourself at the gym in every snap) Familiarity breeds contempt. Its worked wonders in keeping touch with girls I used to know, and them with me.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] trpcounsel 0 Points about a year ago

Shit post. Gtfo social media.

[-] RP_Tesla 31 Points about a year ago

You realize you're on social media...Posting about social media.

[-] tacko276 -8 Point about a year ago

Social media is cool .....If you are 13 years old. Otherwise no one gives a fuck.

[-] RP_Tesla 11 Points about a year ago

Whether you're 13 or 23 years old, people use Snapchat all the same. While you're sitting there typing about no one giving a fuck, others are leveraging these tools in an effective way to 'get' fucks. To each their own though!

[-] tacko276 3 Points about a year ago

Ya you do what works for you bro.

[-] lordkrink 7 Points about a year ago

Watch out guys we have an alpha™ here who thinks having social media hurts his masculinity!

[-] tacko276 0 Points about a year ago

Nope not alpha. And for the record sucking dick for change under the bridge is what hurts my masculinity not social media. Honestly I'm an old school guy who just prefers do things in person IMO Day game cold approach and expanding my social circle is more fun then social media will ever be

[-] BrownGummyBear 2 Points about a year ago

I agree day game and cold approach are king (let's face it, a lots of guys rely on social media nowadays cause they can't grow the balls to approach random women in person). However that doesn't means social media can also be a nice supplement ..