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- Hide Preview | 146 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by lifeisweirdasfuck [Post Locked]

I believe TRP is focusing too much on women lately and I rarely ever see posts about personal finance and success. (even though I know TRP is about sexual strategies, self-improvement is itself a sexual strategy in my opinion)

I'm currently 18 and have got another year of High School before graduating so I started thinking about which path to take after that.

My main goal in all honesty is money. I heard so many times that "aiming for riches" is bad but honestly it's just bluepill thinking. I've read many books about personal success and I realised that aiming for riches is good as long as you are persistent in what you do and do not fear failure.

So I thought about getting into Economics' university.

The point is, I really often read that graduating in universities is useless if you want to reach a 7 digits net worth. They just turn you into a slave. Yes, I see people who earn around $120.000 a year and in 8-9 years they might reach the 1 million counter. But you'll get that only if you work hard 12 hours a day for someone who earns your money in a much smaller period of time.

Starting a business is advised often here and I understand why. But can you really start a business without having any educational background about how money work and the overall economic system?

I mean, you increase your risks of business failure by not knowing shit about money and finance, and honestly I don't know how a 18 year old guy could know this stuff, considering the fact that my family never taught me anything neither school did.

I know the internet is full of information, but I know some sites such as Investopedia and It's hard for a total beginner to understand the concepts, and it confuses me so much not knowing where to start.

Could you give me a general advice about how to get educated about this stuff in a self-taught manner, and your thoughts on Economics' degree? Is Entrepreneurship the only way to pass the 6 digits counter? Thank you in advance.