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- Hide Preview | 9 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Arkasio [Post Locked]

Alright. I thought i had seen quite a lot yet but not this apparently. So I chatted up a cute HB7 at a private party. Conversation went great, instant IOIs and she got very touchy right off the bat. We talked for around 30 minutes, exchanging innuendos, made out, you get the gist. Unfortunately she had to leave the party early and I told her to give her my number and she literally said: "You are too good looking" and refused to give it out. I cannot get a grip around that so I'm asking you guys why she would do that even though she was clearly into me. Any advice or explanation is appreciated. Thanks

[-] redhawkes 7 Points about a year ago

The medium is the message, who cares. I guess she liked the attention and validation you gave her, maybe she has bf.

Possible that she's too insecure and rejected you to protect her fragile ego, and not feel 'easy' or like a slut.

[-] MattyAnon 5 Points about a year ago

"You are too good looking" and refused to give it out.

she's female, so you can figure that you're not being told the real reason.

one explanation: she's looking for beta bucks right now.

[-] Arkasio 2 Points about a year ago

Some unmentioned background info: She is 28, so fairly near to the wall and I'm 22. So your answer makes sense.

[-] AlmightyFiNeSseN 2 Points about a year ago

ASD, She knows you will be able to F-close with ease so she’s avoiding it.

[-] Arkasio 1 Point about a year ago

Why would she avoid it if she apparently wants it though?

[-] AlmightyFiNeSseN 1 Point about a year ago

Anti - Slut Defense or she’s one of those girls who gets heavily emotionally invested when intimate with someone.

[-] NavyBlueCrow 1 Point about a year ago

bullshit, no is no, dont waste your time on it. You belive in "you are to good for me" also?

[-] AstuteBlackMan 1 Point about a year ago

Lmao. Dude.

Imagine me not fucking Kim Kardashian or someone cause she's too good looking. That makes no sense.

She wants the attention.

[-] LordThunderbolt 1 Point about a year ago

She probably sees you as too risky and assumes you're drowning in bobs and vagene. She knows she won't be avke to shit test or play u noy even a little bit.