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Retail job coworker (self.theredpill)

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Introduction (self.theredpill)

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You Can't Comply Your Way out of Censorship -- Whisper Has Been Banned (self.theredpill)

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Welcome, From Reddit! (self.theredpill)

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Johnny's could bring more men to space looking to change, but also JSWs (self.theredpill)

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roblox_porn_addict Men's Rights

Johnny Depp Wins Lawsuit Against Amber Heard After High-Profile Trial (www.newsweek.com)

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roblox_porn_addict Red Pill Theory

There are limits to abundance mentality (self.theredpill)

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Oneitis for plate (self.theredpill)

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Why do I find people being stingy jews so repulsive? (self.theredpill)

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I need help banging this girl (self.theredpill)

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I need help with this one (self.theredpill)

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Hickeys: Yes or No? (self.theredpill)

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How to handle 3rd date fumble (self.theredpill)

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How do you handel your insecurities when with women? (self.theredpill)

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I keep having sex with my roomate while she's temporarily living here (self.theredpill)

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