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Psychological_Radish Red Pill Example

Quality Women and Alpha Males: Two Examples from My Family (www.reddit.com)

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ijswizzlei Off Topic

Surprised to learn some gang bangers in my neighborhood were naturally red pill. (www.reddit.com)

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WaltzRoommate Red Pill Theory

Censorship is not about the bottom line. It's ideological. Gillette didn't use misandry to sell razors. It used razors to sell misandry. (www.reddit.com)

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Suqat Uncategorized

Mental Discourse: It matters (www.reddit.com)

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fanfanye Rant / Vent

Wherever your priorities lies, always do it with strength (www.reddit.com)

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RivenHalf Blue Pill Example

Women are experts at dangling the carrot on the stick if you tell them you want the carrot (www.reddit.com)

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Luciano700 Culture

Has anyone noticed social issues started collectivizing themeselves as soon as feminism reinvented itself in the age of the internet? (www.reddit.com)

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redpillschool Off Topic

Welcome to TheRedPill on TRP.RED (self.theredpill)

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Domebeers Uncategorized

Red Pill In Action: Relationship Advice Edition (www.reddit.com)

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dopexile Blue Pill Example

Robert DeNiro Divorce (www.reddit.com)

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VisiblePlan Red Pill Theory

Do not become a victim (www.reddit.com)

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0zark21 Building Power

Be grateful for adversity. (www.reddit.com)

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Beegoop Culture

On The Societal Shift's Increasing Pace: Gen Z Will Drive The Stake (www.reddit.com)

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KillYourInnerLoser Building Power

Get Laid a Tonne on Tinder [Part 2] – Setting Up Your Profile & Getting Matches (www.reddit.com)

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throwaway9w82626181 Fitness

Why you should pace your lifting (www.reddit.com)

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