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Location: Spain
Age: 18-24

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Age: 18-24 | Location: Spain
perrolo 2 weeks ago

NEW POST: Nobody Was Hand-Held To Enlightenment.

  • On transcending TRP and next steps afterwards.
  • Herds and tribes are not the same.

perrolo 2 months ago

[New Post] Loneliness & Young Men.

A piece that isn't mine, but would be a loss if it weren't posted here.

perrolo 3 months ago

Found this video in my Twitter corner from some account talking redpill truths about the APA guidelines, transgenderism and the war on masculinity.

I may post it in the subreddit with an excerpt: transgenderism is a form of hyper masculinity and autism.

Worth checking out.

perrolo 3 months ago

The day I found out about sales funnels I inmediately thought of my dating experience to understand it.

I will write a post about how to use sales funnels as a heuristic to apply dating.

perrolo 3 months ago

@BornOfOsiris internet business simplified:

Have a product.

Make an offer.

Channel traffic.

This is useful for all the business models (freelancing, affiliate marketing, email lists, dropshipping, etc)

perrolo 3 months ago

Never thought the day would arrive that I receive various DMs asking for advice on reddit.

Giving back to the community after not having actively participated for four years is one of my goals for 2019 which I started a month ago.

perrolo 3 months ago

17 pullups masterrace checking in. +25 for the end of 2019.

Noblefiz 4 months ago

@perrolo not at the moment. I'm still in the planning stages. But I'll let you know when I'm live.

perrolo 4 months ago

@Noblefiz sounds interesting. Any link I can follow? (I respect your pivacy to stay anon if you don't want to though)

Noblefiz 4 months ago

@perrolo it's not RP rated but I'm starting a podcast on environmental issues as I plan to start a business in the field in the near future

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