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Age: 18-24 | Location: Spain
perrolo 2 minutes ago

@redhead A combination of both I would say. Nowadays everything leaves a trace, so we get to know about these things, as they get recorded.

redhead 13 minutes ago

@perrolo here's one. Do you think idiots who die while taking selfies ( is karma for their complete and utter vanity and lack of self awareness, or Darwin's theory of natural selection? Also more and more biblical events can now be explained by science...

redpillschool 2 hours ago

@perrolo thanks I'll look into it

perrolo 4 hours ago

(cont.) if any of you are familiar with memetics and how ideas battle each other out, my goal is to have an understanding of the ones "fighting" today.

Because the ones before influence the ones now, I assume it is a good exercise.

Reading 2-3 works of each author will suffice in my opinion.

Thanks again for your help.

perrolo 4 hours ago

@mentorpheus and @redhead thank you both for your advice. I have found this as a general guideline of the history of philosophy

I'm going to follow a chronological order, starting with the Greek classis, as the ones before I have a general overview.

MentORPHEUS 5 hours ago

@perrolo look in Google images for "taxonomy of philosophy" there are many interesting visual representations and organizations of it all. That's a good place to start with an overview. I'm not dissing philosophy here rather reminding that it's just one local area of our vast human knowledge.

redhead 5 hours ago

@perrolo what i’ve learned in my own study of philosophy is that its not like other subjects which are a black hole of information. at this point i’m creating my own philosophy, and my study of philosophers gives me ideas and inspiration

perrolo 5 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS for example. They all evolve and feed from each other. I want to know if there already exists like a "history of ideas" or a path in which you can see the connection between all, to then dive deeply in each one.

I hope I'm making sense.

perrolo 5 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS Thank you for your reply. I understand the concern of mental masturbation when it comes to this, as many shield themselvew in their ivory towers and never get anything done.

What I want to understand is the evolution and fight over idead in a meta level. Schopenhauer based his philosophy as an answer to Nietzsche's

MentORPHEUS 6 hours ago

@perrolo Philosophy belongs alongside these studies not instead of IMO. Most hardcore philosophy majors I've worked with are great with ideas and concepts but turn out lacking when it comes to practical application, communication and contagion, and real world implementation.

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