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perrolo about a week ago
jwayne 2 weeks ago

@perrolo @Dream "Roosh is probably going to kill himself in the next 2 years." You're not wrong!

destraht 2 weeks ago

@perrolo If screenshots true Rollo realized that audience is comprised of uncritical droolers. I'm not sure why so many players think that releasing private communication is the thing to do. Watch the whole manosphere become paranoid as fuck now. Close to nobody is both conducting themselves honorably and having the right things to say.

perrolo 2 weeks ago

In case it hasn't been posted before, statement on why Rollo was kicked out:

Confirms that tensions with the Con being more purplepill were rising.

perrolo 3 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil seema like the people that don't sell tickets get the boot.

Anthony's gotta keep daddy Cerno and daddy Molyneux happy I guess.

Spartan 3 weeks ago

@perrolo More money to be made by going conservative.Trad-thots will start becoming an audience and given that women spend money much more generously,21 Con gets more $$$

perrolo 3 weeks ago

As an outsider:

  • 21 Con gets Cernovich and Molyneux

  • 21 Con has clearly been steering towards more politics/conservatism

  • Get rid of Rollo for being too 'edgy' on the women topic

  • This is how you get guys who wanted to get laid onto politics, smoothing the message


Chaddeus_Rex about a month ago

@perrolo cernovich is a cuck and a hypocrit. Fuck that guy

Ironeyes about a month ago

@perrolo This isn't about drama, this is GLO and his minions trying to subvert the community's purpose. We need a purge.

perrolo about a month ago

Dumb girls and their Kardashians. How could anyone spend all day watching reality TV drama.

Luckily we are above that, right guys?

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