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Relationship Philosophy:

Relationships don't exist. Break the matrix


I like to hack, fuck, and make money. Check out my blog:

" "

frontEndDev about a week ago

Correct faux pas. How ruthless can you be?

frontEndDev about a month ago

Douchebag Gets Phone Number in 30 Seconds:

frontEndDev about a month ago

Daygame - Douchebag Hits on Hottie -

frontEndDev about a month ago

Relishing Victory:

Note: If any of you guys are subscribed to me on youtube, I will be shooting my videos as live sessions until further notice

frontEndDev 2 months ago
frontEndDev 2 months ago

Charm v. Dominance / Honey v. Vinegar:

frontEndDev 2 months ago

Mind Tricks For the Wicked - How to Be a Nice Guy:

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