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"Die trying"

LardaceousRedMeat 7 months ago

@H0tTamal3 Helloshk I am bro lifter who eats lots of chemical. When hungry I eat powder cuz men I am. When thirsty I drink aid of gator cuz electric lights. No cook. No buy food. Busy life moar important.

LardaceousRedMeat 8 months ago

A cut and dry "war on feminism" is an aimless movement absent of any true values besides "kill feminism" and learn more about gender relations in Western culture. It is not the future of our community.

LardaceousRedMeat 8 months ago

This platform will eventually be a full, non-compromise solution to TRP's current problems. We will have 5 times the unfucking power level this time next year

LardaceousRedMeat 8 months ago

@GayLubeOil is actively saving this counterculture from compromise and extinction. Don't feel bad and give in to the current dissociation within TRP

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