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Chaddeus_Rex 4 months ago

  One of the Archetypes of masculinity for the Greeks was mighty Hercules, noble Hector, wily Odysseus, passionate Achilles. These are the attiudes a man should adopt. Strength of Hercules, the nobility of Hector towards friends and the wiliness and cunning of Odeysseyus towards enemies and women...look to the ancients for instruction

Chaddeus_Rex 4 months ago

  ....and seek the advantage, and maybe even come together with ones fellows to defeat an organization, because organizations care not for the individual . In this case (like in Europe), the student would be better served to turn a blind eye towards cheating or join in it if he can has the wherewithal to avoid discovery....

Chaddeus_Rex 4 months ago

  I was reading the r/premed subreddit (I am in medicine myself). They were complaining about some people "cheating" on an exam. What struck me is the misplaced sense of loyalty and honor North Americans (Americucks?) have towards organizations. Loyalty/honor is reserved for friends/family, against everyone else one must be wily....

Noblefiz 2 months ago

@Chaddeus_Rex what are you, Brad Pitt in Troy?

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

@dustup you think you are the highest power in your life because you decide things. The gods gave you but one gift and that is endurance. That is all you ever need and what everything else stems from.

The gods envy humans

dustup 2 months ago

@Chaddeus_Rex to me, this is still inherently weak since you're still living within someone else's paradigm (the God's). no God gave me strength, I did. no God gives me purpose, I do. I am always the Higher Power in my life, because anything less is deliberate weakness founded in Follower mentality (all religions have God on the pedestal)

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

@redpillschool can we get support for cyrrilic here?

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

Was listening to russian rap and i began to realize the importance of growing up in the yard (????), doing shit with friends and getting into fights and having adventures and seeing friends die.

If you missed out on those adventures as a child, do them now - they build your masculinity

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane download rooshes books from libgen

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