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Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

  One of the Archetypes of masculinity for the Greeks was mighty Hercules, noble Hector, wily Odysseus, passionate Achilles. These are the attiudes a man should adopt. Strength of Hercules, the nobility of Hector towards friends and the wiliness and cunning of Odeysseyus towards enemies and women...look to the ancients for instruction

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

  ....and seek the advantage, and maybe even come together with ones fellows to defeat an organization, because organizations care not for the individual . In this case (like in Europe), the student would be better served to turn a blind eye towards cheating or join in it if he can has the wherewithal to avoid discovery....

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

  I was reading the r/premed subreddit (I am in medicine myself). They were complaining about some people "cheating" on an exam. What struck me is the misplaced sense of loyalty and honor North Americans (Americucks?) have towards organizations. Loyalty/honor is reserved for friends/family, against everyone else one must be wily....

Chaddeus_Rex 30 minutes ago

@dustup every man believes in something. Some in christianity, some in being a sjw, some in dick sucking. Why not pick a belief that would make you strong and raise you above the other men?

Chaddeus_Rex 32 minutes ago

@TheStoicCrane @seasonedrp The pagan gods were good for a mans soul. They did not just give a "dejected man a reason to keep living", they sought to raise the man, bring him out of his dejection and make him strong.

Christianity is a religion of weakness that promotes fear, not valor. Valor is the most important quality a man can possess

Chaddeus_Rex 37 minutes ago

@tb87670 no. Service to others is entirely christian. Pagans believed in service to the Gods and thus yourself. They believed that the Gods measured worth through deeds. For example in the Roman Pantheon, martial valor pleased Jupiter and Mars and thus they blessed those who showed valor. Same with Germanic gods.

tb87670 6 hours ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Not trying to drag politics in here but a bunch of conservatives tend to be heavy Christians in my area. I got sick of them badgering me. Told them I chose my views and how I vote through logic and reasoning, not through superstition or fear of hell. All religion is service to others at your expense, which is beta by nature.

dustup 7 hours ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Become your own God and surpass your ancestors.

Chaddeus_Rex 9 hours ago

@Rian_stone Toronto is hard for game for the average guy imo. not only is it expensive, but the women are uptight

Chaddeus_Rex 9 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck reading the bible and being a Christian makes you beta by definition. the ancients where all pagans for a reason. paganism promotes strength of spirit and leads to a masculine, warrior ethos. Christianity leads to pointless suffering and weakness.

adopt the gods of your ancestors and become strong!

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