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Chaddeus_Rex 7 months ago

  One of the Archetypes of masculinity for the Greeks was mighty Hercules, noble Hector, wily Odysseus, passionate Achilles. These are the attiudes a man should adopt. Strength of Hercules, the nobility of Hector towards friends and the wiliness and cunning of Odeysseyus towards enemies and women...look to the ancients for instruction

Chaddeus_Rex 7 months ago

  ....and seek the advantage, and maybe even come together with ones fellows to defeat an organization, because organizations care not for the individual . In this case (like in Europe), the student would be better served to turn a blind eye towards cheating or join in it if he can has the wherewithal to avoid discovery....

Chaddeus_Rex 7 months ago

  I was reading the r/premed subreddit (I am in medicine myself). They were complaining about some people "cheating" on an exam. What struck me is the misplaced sense of loyalty and honor North Americans (Americucks?) have towards organizations. Loyalty/honor is reserved for friends/family, against everyone else one must be wily....

Ironeyes a few seconds ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Yeah,, the westers that got the plan were destroyed, and we're not talking about them are we now?

bastenibba a few seconds ago
bastenibba 4 minutes ago


Chaddeus_Rex 5 minutes ago

@bastenibba bro if only u had mcdonalds u'd be rich! Those fucking commies are preventing u from getting mcdonalds

Chaddeus_Rex 10 minutes ago

@Ironeyes yeah everything good is bc of capitalism and everything bad was bc of communism...

And no, the satellite countries were entirely destroyed by WW2. Why do you think the US had to use central planning (ie the Marshal Plan) to rebuild Western Europe? The soviets never bothered with u ungrateful fucks. Go read some history

Ironeyes 13 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Yeah, everything good was because of communism, everything bad was SOMETHING ELSE JUST NOT COMMUNISM. These countries have survived worse than WW2, you're ignorance is showing.

Chaddeus_Rex 16 minutes ago

@Ironeyes more like world war 2 made the satellite states garbage. The soviets just never bothered to rebuild them bc they knew they were ungrateful fucks.

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