Green-Tinted Glasses

The issue usually goes like this:

Hey guys, there is this girl, she cooks for me, cleans for me, has sex whenever I want, laundry list of green flags...


[Proceeds to insert a few unignorable red flags and a massive wall of text]

Rose-tinted glasses is just a general positivity bias due to positive emotions or stimulation from the girl (good sex, good company) and a guy will just view her better than she really is at a base level for it. However, the phenomenon of Green-Tinted Glasses differs in the sense that it comes directly from a deep cognitive fallacy and confirmation bias schema towards seeking pre-determined dating and vetting outcomes for looking for a "good girl" who has "good girl" flags, even if it means ignoring obvious (or subtle but very telling) red flags.

Whereas rose-tint is a passive experience at surface to mid-level, green-tint is an active cognitive deception the man deeply deceives himself into with preconceived notions.

Having green-tinted glasses almost always results in a thorough re-redpilling straight up the ass over a barrel without lube sooner or later.

When you ONLY see green flags, all the red ones look brown and mundane. "After all, if she has all of these green flags how could she possibly not be a good girl? Her red flags must be incidental"

Eventually all of the red flags pile up, not even ignorable to the most confirmation-bias driven of men; and by that point tensions have already flared, frame has already been catastrophically lost, and if she hasn't cheated or branch swung, is already on the way out of the relationship, ending it with you, or forcing your hand.


1) Hypersensitivity to RED flags

One of the most prevailing vulnerabilities that makes Red Pill aware men so susceptible to green-tinted glasses is being hyper-aware of a litany of red flags that women have that AFCs, betas, and blue-pillers are unaware of. You, as an RP man, can see the writing on the wall a mile away through all the subtle tells when first meeting the vast majority of women within a few meets (that is unless you are untrained and miss the subtlest of red flags or she hides them upfront very well)

2) Hyper-fixation on GREEN flags

As a counterbalance to the first susceptibility, Red Pill-aware men will develop a hyper-fixation on green flags, which, if left unchecked, will lead to a hypersensitivity to green flags and unicorn hunting, and inevitably green-tinted glasses. As a red pill man trying to navigate a landscape of shameless whores and closet sloots, particularly in the West, you are on the lookout for a litany of green flags, the Five F's (friendly, feminine, frugal, fun, and fit), or any other way you want to classify the green flags if you are open to the idea of a relationship at some point.

3) The girl strategically counterbalances her flags

Girls that have been around the block with getting dumped for their red flags, and who are capable and self-aware enough to mask them after painful breakups, learn to offset their red flags with green flags. She knows how to dance around the body count question, she knows how to gloss over the alpha widow she still jills off to at night because she's not over him yet, she is a trained professional because she knows the price of being too honest too fast. If she's smart, she also knows what men want (generally speaking) and will put that forward because she knows it's a fast-track ticket to looking desirable. By giving men exactly what they want, SHE can get what SHE wants.

Acquiring Green-Tinted Glasses

The process of acquiring green-tinted glasses usually happens like this and usually happens quickly before the guys realizes he fucked himself early on due the above three causes:

  1. Guy meets girl

  2. She doesn't show red flags up front (smart on her part)

  3. Girl puts her best foot forward up front (green flags)

  4. Guy and girl spend additional time together, might even bang quickly

  5. Girl keeps best foot forward while minimizing visibility of her downsides

  6. Guy with green-tinted glasses only sees what he wants to see

  7. Girl lets her red flags slip (they can't help themselves) and guy excuses all of it

Generally speaking though, the girl didn't wait for step seven to show her red flags eventually, she was showing them the entire time.

The fact that she had whiskey straight on the rocks on the first date, that subtle story she told on your first date about a guy she probably fucked or probably isn't over yet, a part of why she is single that she glibly glossed over, the way she treated the service staff at the bar, the fact that she used to be a bartender, talking herself up while putting others down, etc.

By this point he has deceived himself by vetting her in the affirmative out of confirmation bias of looking for green flags instead of taking a reasoned and sober accounting of her flags as a generality.

Preventing Green-Tinted Glasses

The best way to prevent green-tinted glasses is to have the discipline to keep in mind:

  1. She's 99.9999~% likely not special, disband your unicorn-hunting fantasies entirely

  2. Assume ALL women are sluts until they consistently show otherwise over time

  3. DO NOT ignore ANY red flags. They are red flags for a reason

  4. Even a complete whore can cook and clean for you, many green flags are incidental

  5. Don't second-guess yourself, if your gut doesn't feel right something probably isn't

  6. Consider ALL circumstance. Did you meet at a club? Any other auto-disqualifiers?

  7. Withhold final judgement on your vetting thoughts until months have passed

Protect yourself from having green-tinted glasses by being smart, aware, and avoiding cognitive fallacies and confirmation biases blinding you to reality