Ive dated girls before and my previous approach has been to reinforce and let a girl know im only down to fuck with a girl who is a girl of strong commitment. She

will know that i have this opinions through subtle social cues or directly telling her. Ive recently thought though, how does this compare to being a guy who allows for breakups, divorces and leaving a girl behind.

Will this draw stronger or weaker commitment from a woman in an LTR.

There seem to be a few pros and cons from each approach. (My goal here of course is strong commitment.)

Option 1: A girl thinking you only want to date a girl if shes a woman of high commitment -


  1. if she respects you she will try to become this person for you and show you how committed she really is. She may also start subconsciously embodying this personality trait, so, becoming more blinder focused on just you.

  2. If she sees you as her main option she cant have a great option while also window shopping for other guys to monkey branch to. Eg she knows if she wants you she will have to become someone who is committed to you and you only


  1. She may think your insecure about breakups or divorce because you have scares options


Option 2: A girl thinking your pretty laid back about breakups or divorce and its just something you let go


  1. She may think you have this mindset because you have an abundance of options

  2. She thinks your secure in yourself as you are sure of your abilities to attract another woman after her

(These feels are proven when a girl breaks up with a guy, he says “ok” and she suddenly second guesses herself)


  1. She may adopt a similar view to the relationship if she follows your frame and sees it as acceptable to adopt a view of leniency to a committed relationship


Whats your opinion on this and what approach do you personally take?

Also how does it differ in game vs LTR?