Holy Shit lets get into this

Chapter One

Mother Nature is ()ne

so Make Up the Shit

it's fun you fucks

Religion can come in all shapes and sizes

not just squares, circles and triangles

make one to be your own what about a cone?

so who are you? her greatest question my dude you get to choose

be a vampire because its all screwed

destiny is chosen by you
What do you do?

maybe a werewolf is a furries style
add to a pyre call me a liar

What of gods of Art?
or masculinity?

they could be of anything basically

What if we are god? When we make Art

is that not God's Art? even if its just a Fart

Ball is Life or puck who gives a fuck
you express yourself?
thats What`s Up

New Age of a New Wave chant with me make all believe in you and me Seeeeeshh

the time is now but dont you frown the place is here
im tryna slam the Beer.

half the worlds depressed Wonder why we so pressed?
when the worlds a mess

when a persons gut is cold And empty and they are bombarded by falsities to be happy is a bold call What other option but to fall When it seems impossible to ball

but all that is needed is a spark
To lighten the dark

with anything from tinder to kindle-ing A distant light may not seem so far

if you believe you are depressed then it Will be so

forever yo maybe meek but blessed instead

but believe you are an confidant stomping like an elephant
then it will be so

yes you need it yo

you need to build a pyre in your gut a fire out the butt

you can still cry especially inside

you need to believe in yourself

What the hell?

deluded by frivolous fantasy silly me dancy on the edge of a knife

put up a fight get hit feeling the strife

pills, pills, pills for Will overdosed on acid over a new hill chills to the shills

Chapter 2

We live in a society

Why cant it be happy?

aimless zombies rat race while some catch bodies how do we hit em in the face?

institutions cripple us skylines built on lies taken fight from us

burn, burn, burn, how? go fish it all hurts, burp im just taking a piss

Chapter 3

is the devil real? or is our Mother Nature just evil?

Mother Nature rules the world fam all is in the gameplan including evil my man

so why are things so gory? our shit god just wants a story feel me

its a violent pornography the kinda shit on TV

please help me

We’ve been set up in life it was all lies

Mother Nature is just as bad as us it lies in its life like us

Chapter 4

simulation theory

life issa movie or a videogame maybe or anime matter of time

silly me, the 4th dimension is time string theory, you can only perceive a sliver at a time spider moving down the line but the future and past still exist we just cant perceive the shit

so is destiny real fuckit

thoughts need to stay secret my hypocrisy is real isnt it

your life flashes before your eyes when you die can you see? pineal gland dmt release stuck in that time

might need to re-read these lines

we live in 3D, the 4th dimension as time but what if we could perceive time like the other 3? we would live in 4D. As a 4D being.

As a angel or demon etc

what about a 5D being

Chapter 5


fire in my eyes grab the dark give it light Why? cuz its funny my guy

ghosts in the night why they give you fright? when they are all made of light

Aliens and UFOs who knows? magic yo

flat earth? for some a beginning of a Gods green earth

a voice in your head? be kind listen it could turn to a friend

angel and demon could be on your shoulder One of mine is hidden the other a jokar ones a bitch and the other moves boulders can you tell which is which?

lie for me lie with me lie next to me

why this way? we take a road unpaved
knock knock gaming fake babe

life is a joke