I met this girl on a dating site, she is 33 I am 32. I know her for 2 months now. We went out on a couple of dates, she was really into me, after the third date we started having sex. She was really pleased. Every morning she would send mi cute pictures and write how much she likes me etc. she even wrote to me when she was going to sleep.We went out on a date to a "spider show" she absolutely loved it. She would cancel her meeting with her parents and told me that she prefers to spend this time with me and only when I cant she will go to her parents(100km away).

Recently had some rough time but it was not a big deal, after that she started withdrawing sex. Last week "Im on my peroid" and she had a breakout on her lip(it's called a cold?). This week she told me she's going to her parents and we won't meet. She also did not want to go to the Christmas stales in the city(previously was asking to go). I openly asked if everything was OK and if she was happy, she said that yes and we are grownups she would tell me if something would be wrong. Well she stopped messaging me(almost completely) no more cute pictures no more phone calls. I thought it was sus so I checked her dating profile. The previously deactivated dating account was reactivated(she asked me to delete mine after we started sleeping together). Should I just drop the bomb and break up ? I am surprised because she is a petite preschool teacher. A farmer's daughter. She seemed super into me but this is really fucking with my mind.