As Civilization ever expands and increases, the more the individual has to sacrifice for the collective.

Society is operated by systems. These systems mostly do not benefit the individual. Only benefit the collective.

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. This applies to america.

And oh boy look at america.

Individualism is discourage in society. Rightfully so, slaves help start-up any great civilization.

Why lose that?

History says "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

But how did society start?

Society started in tribes:

In the book Plumes and arrows by Colin Simpson, is study's of the many tribes inside New Guinea (an island in the southern hemisphere). A thing to note is how vastly different each tribe was. One tribe would not have "Mother" or "father" roles, the whole tribe would work together to raise the children.

Another, believed women as evil (witches) and had it be disgraceful to be in the presence of women. Point is, These tribes were arbitrary. At first there were only a handful of tribes. However as time moved on members of the early tribes left and started their own.

Thing being, morals were invented for each tribe. Same thing applies with modern civilization, it's fellow countries and Blue-pills.

TRP is amoral.

Modern-Day Tribes:

In order, the societal tribe hierarchy goes: Individual, partner, group, tribe, community, and then civilization.

Today tribes have evolved into community's.

Today's popular community's are: The LGBTQ, the manosphere, the left, the right, BLM, and gamer's

Many community's are connected via. social media platforms. Less personal interaction takes place.

The modern individual feels apart of the group however they are "disconnected" ironically from their matter-state. They exist within a hyper-reality where real social interaction is perverted. Where they don't see others as people but as “Users”


This is my main idea. Matter-state, I use as symbolism for the body. Matter-state presents the physical reality. Not spiritually. The body and it's nervous system is what I call matter-state.

Matter-state is in opposition with Hyper-reality

In "Modern Man in search of a soul" (one of Jung's books) he mentions how he is more distracted and less in touch with his movements. The Archaic man, one of tribal tradition however is in touch with their nature. For they live a life of less distraction and a more natural existence. Hyper-reality can represent the brain. Too many today live within their brain and not their body. They see the world and hear however, do not feel, do not touch.... other then themselves and a screen.

Almost as if living a separate existence within their self. They're in a hyper-reality.

Society creates this hyper-reality. For the hyper-reality acts as a religion or law for the collective to follow.

Nature doesn't have federal laws. It has the food chain.

Media lies and overtime brain washes people. Marketing at its finest.

The government has become many people's source of survival. Living off the state.

Newsflash, the more one is dependent among something the less they are independent.


The practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.

This is what's happening to society at a large scale. It is not anything new. However, as the population expands the bigger our "group" gets. Thus more sacrifice of the individual and less creativity.

Security and Insecurity:

Today's people are attached to little personal black monoliths. Many people use social media for attention and validation. Few for business. They seek security in others attention for they have deep insecurity's.

Lacking “tribe” or matter-state. They use others for attention and validation to have a quick sense of belonging, of being in a tribe, only for the feeling to leave shortly after.

A tribe provided a sense of purpose.

Now, loneliness lurks in many peoples lives.

After 9/11 we are also under constant threat for companies and governments seek to monitor us through our “monoliths”. Just ask Edward snowden.

Are we truly alone?

Conclusion: People are under deep programming or disillusionment. They're mind and body is within a cage, both separated from one another.

We live in an age of anxiety. The individual is being captured, divided and conquered. Being divided from the body and it's nature. Everyone is being depersonalized.

Society has simply turned into:

Investors > educated

The mind is a powerful tool, however so is the body.

Both are used to make a human being, an individual.

One must focus on both of their connections to each region.

Taking care of their body as much as their brain.

Getting back in touch with themselves; With the physical and actual reality

Being able to understand when they are in Hyper-reality or, Matter-state.

Society's frame or natures reality

Thus allowing the individual to live a life of their own and feel things “matter”.