When going out and up the mountain of improving one's situation some will be put at the bottom.

In order to climb efficiently, they will need to diminish any bad habits and thought patterns.

Many use reading books to fulfill this. However, reading can only help so much.

The brain and it's nervous system best respond to external stimulus. By putting yourself through trials you can gain more awareness and you are better to respond to the issue.

You can read about lifting weights all day and know what should be the perfect form however not be able to deadlift 400lbs.

Success is created by multiple failures compounding into the investment of education.

You can learn without failing.

However you cannot succeed in the world filled with mistakes if you are determined to never fail.

The world is not perfect, and cannot be entirely learned via. book.

Practice. Troubleshoot. Try again.

I am mainly poking at those who believe that they can figure the whole world out without having Really lived in it.

Being is what men should focus on.

Knowledge without experience = Scribbles on a sheet.

Taking action for some might be The Journey Through Hell

For others it'll be simply fixing bad habits they have developed over the years.

But one thing for sure is....