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- Hide Preview | 152 Comments | submitted 2 years ago by 10211799107 [Post Locked]

This morning I was sent this link. It's about 15min long, the guy breaks down very well what's wrong with this generation. It promted me to think about my own life and how I can be better about leaving the cell alone.

Nothing much to add other than this guy explains very well how social media has changed this generation towards instant gratification, lack of happiness and fulfillment, lack of ability to form deep relationships with people and so on. I googled the study he mentions about Dopamine and it's effects on our brains when we interact via social media (likes, etc).

2016 was a good for me. I'ma structured person and found that I keep on track with the different areas in my life via a spreadsheet I look at once a week to decide what Im going to work on. It works very well, especially reflecting back on the books I read, things I studies, hobbies etc. I added a few things from this video to try during the rest of the month.

Social media has the same effect on our brains as gambling and alcoholism. Without consciously knowing we've become accustomed to instant gratification and lack of self awareness so most of us default to looking at our phone in restaurants when we're alone or when we're sitting in a park alone or anywhere we're alone. For the rest of the month I decided to actively work these issues, feel free to add more and try it out:

  • Get an alarm clock;stop using your phone
  • Leave your phone in another room at night
  • Dont take your phone to meetings at work
  • During lunch at work, don't look at your phone, converse or just enjoy sitting there by yourself
  • At restaurants, never look at your phone; answer calls only if you're expecting one for a good reason
  • Only use your phone if you're reading something useful, practicing a language etc
  • At your friends/GF place, never just sit there mindlessly looking at stupid shit on your phone when you guys are bored. Read or get up and do something

There are more things but so far this is what I came up with. it's seems silly, but thinking about it the science doesn't lie.