TL;DR If you're stuck in anger phase, focus on establishing a mental connection with the girl.


Here's a quick recap how I got laid for the first time after learning TRP. I've already been into pickup before TRP, so it's not like I'm starting from scratch. But this lay matters to me, because I've managed to get through the anger phase.


First date

I met a girl on Tinder, we hit it off so we went out on a date. I focused on having a nice conversation, holding strong eye contact, leading, but most importantly - actually getting to know her. I didn't try to fuck her.

We went to a record store I like to visit every so often, as we both collect vinyls and CDs.
Then we went to an arcade bar with cats to pet.
After that I showed her my favorite graffiti places.

The bottom line is that I did what I wanted to do, not supplicating to her, not thinking "omg, will she be fine with doing X????". You bring her into your world, so you do whatever the fuck you want.

At the end of the date I saw she wanted to kiss me, but I just hugged her and went home. 30 minutes later she sent me a text saying she wants to see me again. Coolio.


Second date

She asked me out for coffee. I appreciated that a lot, because it's not that common for a girl to initiate, they usually wait for the guy to make the move. This time I decided to physically escalate and apply kino, but I didn't want to have sex with her that date.

When walking back home from coffee, we stopped by a baseball stadium. I noticed her body was facing me directly, so I looked at her, waited for her to look back at me and gave her a kiss.

Don't wait for it for the end of the date if you see an opening.


Third date

Now this time I decided to have sex with her, so I invited her to my place to cook and listen to her vinyls. We were having fun and it was getting late, so I offered her to stay over, which she accepted.

I was trying my best to have sex with her (including, but not limited to, fingering her for 2 hours), but she kept saying no. However she gave me a blowjob (and swallowed, which I always appreciate), which I was fine with. Sure, pussy would be better but hey, as long as she doesn't leave me blue balled, I'm game.


Fourth date - getting my dick wet

I took her to a comedy improv show, which I love and always leave the place with tears in my eyes from laughter after the show. Then when I find out that we both hadn't seen Bird Box (movie that spawned millions of memes with people blindfolding their eyes), I invited myself to her place.

Things got steamy, we started taking our clothes off and then she dropped the good ol' shit test we all love:

"You know I won't have sex with you, right?", she asked.
"Of course", I replied smiling, "we came here to watch Bird Box, not to have sex".


30 minutes later I was railing her doggystyle.


Lessons learnt:

  1. I managed to leave the anger phase by doing my best to actually get to know the girl. I think a reason why people get there when finding out about TRP is that we demonize women, attributing them with the worst traits of character. Which is extremely harmful and stupid. Yes, AWALT, I agree 100%. But just like not every man is a rapist, not every woman is a happiness-sucking bitch (she might be though if you're not careful enough).
  2. Physical escalation should go after establishing the mental connection and making her comfortable with me as a stranger. Sure, some girls are ready to jump into your bed after messaging out on Tinder for 15 minutes (as it happened to me), but even then she needs to think you are cool. Girls hate feeling like a hoe, even if they are one.
  3. What girls say and what they do are two different thing. The girl here is a devoted catholic, that teaches religion in a catholic high school and goes to church every Sunday. That same girl was screaming my name when I fucked her and happily swallowed my load afterwards.

Mistakes made:

  1. Before I fucked her, she told me she's scared that I might be fucking other girls, while she isn't seeing anyone else. I told her the truth, which is that currently I'm not seeing anyone else. I realized that wasn't the best answer, so I kinda tried weaseling my way out to make it seem like I'm more unpredictable and told her I'm not ready for a serious commitment either.
  2. I probably should have kissed her on the first date to give her the tingles even more. However I'm also happy with the way it all turned out.
  3. Eye contact still could be better, I should talk louder and try avoiding raising the inflection of my voice. I noticed that I scratch my thighs when I'm nervous too.
  4. I probably should walk with her while holding her hand (but it was cold and I kept my hands in pockets, so meh).