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- Hide Preview | 108 Comments | submitted about a year ago by BlueEstee [Post Locked]

TL;DR If you're stuck in anger phase, focus on establishing a mental connection with the girl.


Here's a quick recap how I got laid for the first time after learning TRP. I've already been into pickup before TRP, so it's not like I'm starting from scratch. But this lay matters to me, because I've managed to get through the anger phase.


First date

I met a girl on Tinder, we hit it off so we went out on a date. I focused on having a nice conversation, holding strong eye contact, leading, but most importantly - actually getting to know her. I didn't try to fuck her.

We went to a record store I like to visit every so often, as we both collect vinyls and CDs.
Then we went to an arcade bar with cats to pet.
After that I showed her my favorite graffiti places.

The bottom line is that I did what I wanted to do, not supplicating to her, not thinking "omg, will she be fine with doing X????". You bring her into your world, so you do whatever the fuck you want.

At the end of the date I saw she wanted to kiss me, but I just hugged her and went home. 30 minutes later she sent me a text saying she wants to see me again. Coolio.


Second date

She asked me out for coffee. I appreciated that a lot, because it's not that common for a girl to initiate, they usually wait for the guy to make the move. This time I decided to physically escalate and apply kino, but I didn't want to have sex with her that date.

When walking back home from coffee, we stopped by a baseball stadium. I noticed her body was facing me directly, so I looked at her, waited for her to look back at me and gave her a kiss.

Don't wait for it for the end of the date if you see an opening.


Third date

Now this time I decided to have sex with her, so I invited her to my place to cook and listen to her vinyls. We were having fun and it was getting late, so I offered her to stay over, which she accepted.

I was trying my best to have sex with her (including, but not limited to, fingering her for 2 hours), but she kept saying no. However she gave me a blowjob (and swallowed, which I always appreciate), which I was fine with. Sure, pussy would be better but hey, as long as she doesn't leave me blue balled, I'm game.


Fourth date - getting my dick wet

I took her to a comedy improv show, which I love and always leave the place with tears in my eyes from laughter after the show. Then when I find out that we both hadn't seen Bird Box (movie that spawned millions of memes with people blindfolding their eyes), I invited myself to her place.

Things got steamy, we started taking our clothes off and then she dropped the good ol' shit test we all love:

"You know I won't have sex with you, right?", she asked.
"Of course", I replied smiling, "we came here to watch Bird Box, not to have sex".


30 minutes later I was railing her doggystyle.


Lessons learnt:

  1. I managed to leave the anger phase by doing my best to actually get to know the girl. I think a reason why people get there when finding out about TRP is that we demonize women, attributing them with the worst traits of character. Which is extremely harmful and stupid. Yes, AWALT, I agree 100%. But just like not every man is a rapist, not every woman is a happiness-sucking bitch (she might be though if you're not careful enough).
  2. Physical escalation should go after establishing the mental connection and making her comfortable with me as a stranger. Sure, some girls are ready to jump into your bed after messaging out on Tinder for 15 minutes (as it happened to me), but even then she needs to think you are cool. Girls hate feeling like a hoe, even if they are one.
  3. What girls say and what they do are two different thing. The girl here is a devoted catholic, that teaches religion in a catholic high school and goes to church every Sunday. That same girl was screaming my name when I fucked her and happily swallowed my load afterwards.

Mistakes made:

  1. Before I fucked her, she told me she's scared that I might be fucking other girls, while she isn't seeing anyone else. I told her the truth, which is that currently I'm not seeing anyone else. I realized that wasn't the best answer, so I kinda tried weaseling my way out to make it seem like I'm more unpredictable and told her I'm not ready for a serious commitment either.
  2. I probably should have kissed her on the first date to give her the tingles even more. However I'm also happy with the way it all turned out.
  3. Eye contact still could be better, I should talk louder and try avoiding raising the inflection of my voice. I noticed that I scratch my thighs when I'm nervous too.
  4. I probably should walk with her while holding her hand (but it was cold and I kept my hands in pockets, so meh).
[-] icecoldwhoknows 86 Points about a year ago

Nice field report. Actions>words. AWALT.

You probably could have gotten busy with her the first date.

[-] itiswr1tten 53 Points about a year ago

Coulda woulda shoulda. I don't give any status to women who will fuck me in two dates or less. Doesn't mean I don't or won't, but easy girls are never worth more than their body. The old "rules" exist for a reason, we're just here to teach you how to play by the new ones.

[-] failingtheturingtest 16 Points about a year ago

That's all well and good, but OP didn't even escalate, you have no idea if she fucks on first dates or not.

[-] itiswr1tten 6 Points about a year ago

True but OP acknowledges he was slow to escalate. Good enough for me if learning is involved

[-] Feelinggood702 10 Points about a year ago

He shouldn’t need to follow specific rules. It’s his game. Let him play it.

[-] metallicdrama 2 Points about a year ago

All that matters is that he got it.

[-] metallicdrama 1 Point about a year ago

They all do. Just not every guy.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] metallicdrama 2 Points about a year ago

"I won't sleep with you" is a basic shit test and ego defense.

Girl who won't sleep with you will not hang out with you.

[-] BobLordOfTheCows 70 Points about a year ago

You seem to be into a lot of gay hipster shit, but other than that, nice work

[-] BlueEstee 62 Points about a year ago

Gay hipster shit is my specialty.

[-] textualintercourse 14 Points about a year ago

I appreciate how you replied. Just OWNING who you are and what you like is way more TRP than people understand. THIS posturing is how you win. This is keeping "frame". No apologies, going out and just being you. Add weights, career, hygeine, etc, and you own the world.

[-] jonpe87 6 Points about a year ago

Good answer, I have frame tested a lot here, and it is the first time I see a good answer

[-] MrGreySD 8 Points about a year ago

You seem to be into a lot of gay hipster shit, but other than that, nice work

Best comment on thread

[-] textualintercourse 4 Points about a year ago


(But hey,,7.5 billion People, easily 100,000 people on your vibe if you just live your programming.)

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] WarriorMonkMode 43 Points about a year ago

Good food takes time to cook.

Go at a pace you're comfortable with, what's good for the Goose might not be good for the Gander.

You should always have the ability to n-close a girl even if you choose not to close at that time. Just because you can, doesn't mean you necessarily should. It depends on what your target is: ONS = n-close ASAP and move on. If the target is STR/LTR, a couple days won't hurt. Hell, the "deadline" is 3 days around here before you move on, but it's a guideline (canary in the coal mine) that signals she's friendzoned you. It's usually a result of no opportunities to bang presenting themselves to you, not you purposely holding back like in your case.

AWALT more specifically means that all women have the ability to be like that, given time and circumstances. It's not necessarily a threat as it is a warning. When handlers in the zoo are dealing with tigers and lions, they're always quick to point out that regardless of circumstances and time, they're still wild animals that deserve respect in regards to their lethality. Women are no different in that regard: act reckless around a woman against your better judgement, forget what they're capable of, and when you least expect their jaws will close around your head.

As far as the anger phase is concerned, anger is ok so long as you utilize responsibly. Use it like a blowtorch to cut through bad habits and behaviors that are shackling you to the blue pilled dream. Anger is a useful resource, cherish it while you have it. Let it fuel your drive to succeed. Never waste it on a tinder slut: they honestly don't deserve it, they're that insignificant.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] DocPBJ007 40 Points about a year ago

"You bring her into your world, so you do whatever you want to do"

Amazing point of view

[-] max_peenor 27 Points about a year ago

It they mention sex, it is because they are thinking about it. If they are thinking about it, it is a possibility. Anyone that takes these words as a no is an idiot. Now if you hear it after escalation, then she means it--thank her for the nice night, grab your stuff and head to the door. It's over, but don't be a dick about it.

[-] Imperator_Red 23 Points about a year ago

Now if you hear it after escalation, then she means it--thank her for the nice night, grab your stuff and head to the door. It's over, but don't be a dick about it.

I've done this before and got some great sex out of it. Was over at a tinder date's place and she kept giving me hard interest and passionately making out with me, but then would pull away. After she did this a couple times I just got up and said "It's getting late. I should probably head home." She was putting up strong enough resistance that I didn't feel comfortable pushing through.

She said "Shut up, you're leaving? You're actually leaving?" I think she was trying to call my bluff and/or had never had anything like this happen to her. I started putting my shoes on by the door and she jumped off the couch and wrapped herself around me. She pulled me back inside, kissing me intensely. I ripped her clothes off and took her on the couch. I fucked her again later that night after she ordered me some Chinese food. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

Funny thing was she kept talking about it afterwards as we were laying in the bed.

I can't believe you threatened to leave!

Well, no means no they say.

Stop, I know you weren't actually leaving.

She couldn't seem to process that I wasn't "threatening" to leave, that I actually was leaving and would have been out the door in 15 more seconds.

[-] Walshhh 7 Points about a year ago

“Truth is stranger than fiction because we don’t meet it as often.” -Unknown

[-] ozaku7 25 Points about a year ago

For most women it's just to reassure that you won't be a little bitch about it if you don't end up having sex with her. Best is to just be indifferent and go with the present flow, instead of aiming for a future goal. In the end, that's how you enjoy yourself the best.

Besides, if she blows you, then fingerblast her and she drops this line, you know she's just teasing you instead of really testing you. Only a tard wouldn't be able to see that.


Also, fingering her for 2 hours? You're sure you didn't get a pity-fuck later instead? My fingers would have dissolved by now, and I would quit maybe after 10 minutes if it isn't going anywhere.

[-] BlueEstee 4 Points about a year ago

I enjoy making girls cum. I tried to make her cum by fingering her, I got her a few times to the edge, but she never could orgasm for some reason. I'm patient, so whatever, I enjoyed my time.

[-] ozaku7 11 Points about a year ago

Show me a man who hates making women cum, lol.

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points about a year ago

Could you imagine getting a two hour handjob and not cumming, and the girl leaves and thinks she did a good job?Her vagina was probably in so much pain afterwards. OP has zero self awareness.

[-] _do_not_read_this_ 16 Points about a year ago

My theories on dating have always been I'm going on dates to please myself, to do things I want to do, the women are just along to enhance it. I enjoy going out alone, restaurants, bars (not often), hockey games, hiking, taking doggie into the woods. If I want companionship, I'll invite a woman to come with and enter *my* world. That's it.

And it sounds exactly like what you did here and it worked out great, kudos!

I do what I want to do, she can come with or not. I've never had a complaint. Eventually, if she wants to do something meaningful to her, she can either ask, or as I'm learning, they'll let you know somehow, as you also found out.

I think you're on the right track with initiating sexual contact earlier. I always try to hold their hands as early as possible in the interaction. Women *love* holding hands, I've never been rejected in that. It's romantic, but intimate at the same time. Cold, as you say? Take her hand, loop it around your arm then put your hand back in your pocket. You're warm, she's holding onto you. Right?

So far so good, 53 years and counting.

[-] randomTATRP 6 Points about a year ago

+1 for linking arms. That's old school, romantic and it's dominating as you "guide" her.

[-] HumbleRedPillStudent 14 Points about a year ago

I kinda knew there would be plenty of people on here hating/mocking the fact that you waited four dates to fuck. It's bullshit man.

It seems like you had an actual good time with someone who was more or less fun to be around (not saying she is or isn't a slut). People are people. Some of my friends are nice guys and some are assholes that make me laugh my ass off. Some of my friends are girls and plenty of them are slutty. I have fun with the people I spend time with and it has nothing to do with sex.

I've had sex in the first 45 minutes of meeting a girl and when I worked the night shift I even waited 5 dates once (logistics were hard when I worked 11p to 9a) but most guys are so focused on f-closing that they don't even think about when THEY want to fuck. One night stands can be uncomfortable, stilted, and generally bad sex if there's only a physical connection. If I had my way, I would prob. want to wait until date 2 and I'd definitely rather get laid in the 3rd date than the third. Cue the people calling me a fag now.

I think the reason it's always seemed so easy to have sex on the third date, to the point of it seeming like a rule, is because that's "conservative" society's standard on not being an uber-slut. I've seen girls throw up huge verbal shit tests on dates 1&2, only to aggressively seek sex on the third. Have fun with all three (or four) dates if you want.

I would say fingering a girl for two hours is really the only weird cringe, and just a miserable experience for both you and her, lol. Whatever, learning is made of cringes. Keep having fun and maintaining frame!

[-] loz333 4 Points about a year ago

Haha I disagree with that last part, depends on what else is going on. Two hands, legs, thighs and mouths can do a heck of a lot in two hours.

[-] MagnetoWned 3 Points about a year ago

I actually heavily agree with you, I tried escalating with this girl from my work (first time we hung out was at my house) and failed miserably. If we had sex that night and everything went perfect it would’ve probably just been awkward as shit. She came over yesterday and we had a lot of fun together. Listened to music, got blasted smoking together, then played Mario Party for a few hours, and then ate together at a spot. That was the first time since my ex (July) I had a genuinely great time with a woman. I felt the tension this time, but I’ll see how it goes next time we’re together. Love your post

[-] strikethrough123 14 Points about a year ago

First Date

You supplicated, a lot. You actually planned the fuck out of this shit. “First record store (because she likes it too), then some kitty arcade, and then a walk looking at shit on the walls, okay great, I think she’ll like that.”

She saw you as a beta from the get-go. “Actually getting to know her” when what you really wanted was to fuck her, get real with yourself first.

And then you betaboxed yourself even harder when she was giving you clear signs she wanted to kiss you and then you pussied out and hugged her. Nice one.

Second Date

She invited you to a coffee shop after you literally took her on a tour of your “world”. I doubt her world consists entirely of coffee shops. You’re already over invested, and you’re telling me you waited two more dates before you actually fucked this girl? Jesus.

You didn’t wanna have sex with her that date? Bullshit. Yes you did. You’re on TRP learning how to get a girl in bed, and you’re on Tinder looking for randos to fuck. You were just too much of a pussy to make an actual move.

Third Date

You didn’t decide shit. She decided that after you took her out on two dates that the least she can give you is two hours of your finger in her. Then, after the two-hour (wtf, two hours?) persistent fingering, she realized that you weren’t going away, so she blew you. Three dates later and you still haven’t fucked.

Fourth Date

This shit-test you’re talking about doesn’t happen after your clothes are off. It wasn’t a shit-test, she meant it. I’m going to call you out on this shit, hard. You didn’t have sex with this girl. What you described is simply not how sex happens. You don’t wait thirty minutes after your clothes are off to fuck, that just doesn’t happen. You would go in, watch a little of the movie (if you actually want to keep the plausible deniability), make out, foreplay, then sex.

Lessons Learnt

  1. You have no idea what the anger phase is. Read the entire sidebar. Your comparison is skewed and biased as fuck. You’re saying that a heinous crime is on the same level as manipulative behavior; that’s absolutely ridiculous. In your case, she might not have sucked your happiness away, but she sure as hell sucked plenty of your time for only a little of your cum.

  2. They love being hoes, they just don’t like the social stigma that comes from it.

  3. This girl here is a 5, at best.

Mistakes Made

  1. You fingered her for two hours, she didn’t fuck you, and your desperate ass still hit her up. She knows too damn well you aren’t fucking anyone else.

  2. Yes you should’ve kissed her, oh wait nvm, I remember saying you wanted to get to know her first.

  3. That’s actually a hilarious nervous tell.

  4. You have more important things to worry about other than holding her hand lol.
[-] BlueEstee 8 Points about a year ago

Apparently you know me better, so fine. I am a beta cuck. And you wasted your precious time on a beta cuck. Have a nice day.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] strikethrough123 5 Points about a year ago

Assuming this post isn’t bullshit, it should’ve been a field report detailing how hard it is to get an uninterested girl in bed. You can tell this guy didn’t want a “genuine connection” and only wanted to fuck this girl. He ended the post with “Getting my dick wet”, that was his goal.

And since you asked, I like to get the sex out of the way as soon as possible. That way, she isn’t trying to keep anything from you and you aren’t trying to get anything from her. Open her pussy then open her mind.

[-] loz333 1 Point about a year ago

I thought OP had edited and I deleted the original post.

Depends what you're opening her mind to. Hopefully it's better stuff than what you wrote. Some people would open a girls legs, and then fill their minds with poisonous but seductive words, mainly bullshit, just to keep them hooked.

Sure, I agree that it's a confused post in some ways, but he's fresh from a messy divorce and working his way into this - and you're acting like your way is the gospel way to go about this. And then you just make ridiculous statements like 'They love being hoes' and 'she's a 5 at best'... I mean shit, a hoe is someone who has sex for money. That's just ignorant.

If someone said any of that shit to your face, what you said, you'd probably be inclined to tell them to go fuck themselves. I know I would. You're good at acting alpha, now keep on walking and learning so you don't just become a regular arsehole in real life. This game will make you like that if you're not careful.

[-] strikethrough123 5 Points about a year ago

There is barely any application of TRP in his post (if any). His FR doesn’t belong here, and adds no value to the community. I was setting him straight. This dude posted something for all of TRP to see, and you’re telling me he shouldn’t expect some form of criticism for posting bullshit? TRP isn’t here to hold your hand and give you high-fives.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point about a year ago

He's the "nice guy with ulterior motives" that women hate more than anything. His whole post is about establishing a connection and not knowing until the 3rd date that he wanted to have sex (if you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you). At the end of the day though, like you said, "getting his dick wet" was the ultimate goal. Either this post is BS or the girl is super weird/unattractive.

[-] Imperator_Red 5 Points about a year ago

Yea it's true that sex can become better with one person over time (although that plateaus pretty quickly and then begins to decline). But the guy is saying stuff like he "decided" on the third date that yes, he would in fact be amenable to sexual relations with this woman. Lol... ok bro. It's just a bizarre read.

He also says a lot of shit that is just wrong.

Physical escalation should go after establishing the mental connection and making her comfortable with me as a stranger.

This is false and can only come from the mind of someone who has never experienced what it is like for a woman to lose control of herself with a high value guy.

[-] wobbleelbbow 4 Points about a year ago

Exactly. Most women need just minimal comfort. Some don't even need that at all. And this guy expected to befriend her because he was bloopillschooled that women need much more comfort to fuck. They dont.

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points about a year ago

Yea this reply is spot on. I was going to type a response but you got it.

[-] Feelinggood702 1 Point about a year ago

Nah, you’re looking too closely on supposed “principles” that are to be followed to be successful with women. You wouldn’t know the situation unless you were actually him. It’s like you telling an athlete on TV what to do. Point is it’s his perceptions and experiences, and based on his writing he seems to be self-aware, which leads to great progress. You have a fiery spirit though, which is fucking awesome.

[-] strikethrough123 2 Points about a year ago

Not at all. I mainly focused on OP’s tendency to bullshit himself and the community. These “principles” you’re talking about are in the sidebar. If you aren’t following these principles, what the fuck are you doing here?

[-] Feelinggood702 1 Point about a year ago

What I mean by my response is I think you’re projecting yourself in your initial response. It doesn’t mean he’s in the same place as you. I guess we have different responses to his post. Whatever floats our boats.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 9 Points about a year ago

OK, so you wasted four dates, wasting hours of your precious time on each one, to fuck a simple Tinder slut.

Good job on getting laid, but if anybody was to follow your steps from this field report, their success to failure ratio would decrease significantly, because of all the time wasting, rationalizations and hamstering as well as just pure old oneitis creeping in. You have idealised her in your mind and you pretend and try to convince us that it was your choice that she didn't put out sooner.

not every woman is a happiness-sucking bitch (she might be though if you're not careful enough)

You're looking at it completely wrong. Every woman has the potential to be a happiness-sucking bitch. Every single one. No exceptions. If you think that any woman is a fucking unicorn and that she'll never eventually start taking and slowly stop giving, then you're blind to reality.

And you should stop listening to what they say. Instead, start watching what they do.

Before I fucked her, she told me she's scared that I might be fucking other girls, while she isn't seeing anyone else.

THEY ARE ACTRESSES, NATURALS AT THE ART OF MANIPULATION. Wake the fuck up. You're taking her WORD for granted after meeting this slut on TINDER. Wow.

I will repeat:

Good work on getting your dick wet, but you have a long way to go before you can say you are redpilled.

[-] [deleted] 47 Points about a year ago

Bud, I get that you’re going through something, as per your handle. But this guy ain’t looking at her as unicorn material; meanwhile you’re drawing up diagrams on the wall with pushpins and string like you’re tracking a serial killer.

Easy, boy. Down, boy. The anger phase will pass.

[-] Standard_Nebula 9 Points about a year ago

lolol haha. This was a great comment

[-] BlueEstee 20 Points about a year ago

OK, so you wasted four dates, wasting hours of your precious time on each one, to fuck a simple Tinder slut.

I no longer have joy in casual, quick sex. I tried that, was fun for a while, but now it's not anymore. I chose to try to actually get to know the girl. That way sex is more enjoyable for me. I chose that. Not everyone has to be a Chad Thundercock fucking a girl 10 seconds after meeting her. I don't aspire to be that guy. Does it make me less of a man?

You have idealised her in your mind...

Where did you draw that conclusion from? Simply because I decided to actually get to know a girl? My oneitis is creeping in because I sat with a girl and have a conversation? What? Please elaborate, because I simply don't follow.

Going further with that logic, if I smile to a receptionist and I wish her a good day, I instantly become her orbiter.

...and you pretend and try to convince us that it was your choice that she didn't put out sooner.

I'm not a Chad and I don't claim to be alpha. I chose not to kiss her on the first date, even though she wanted. Could I fuck her on the 1st date? Maybe. But I didn't care about that.

Every woman has the potential to be a happiness-sucking bitch. Every single one. No exceptions.

Please read carefully what I wrote:

"Yes, AWALT, I agree 100%. But just like not every man is a rapist, not every woman is a happiness-sucking bitch (she might be though if you're not careful enough)."

Just like every guy can be a rapist, every woman can be a happiness-sucking bitch. But not every woman is at the moment you meet her. And she might never turn into one. The good thing is that it also depends on you.

THEY ARE ACTRESSES, NATURALS AT THE ART OF MANIPULATION. Wake the fuck up. You're taking her WORD for granted after meeting this slut on TINDER. Wow.

Yeah, I guess I made a mistake by taking her word for truth instantly.

Good work on getting your dick wet, but you have a long way to go before you can say you are redpilled.

And I hope I will never claim to be redpilled, a pickup expert, an alpha or a Chad. I know I have a lot to learn and I believe that learning never ends. The moment you claim you know it all it's the moment you turn into a fool.

[-] Standard_Nebula 0 Points about a year ago

This is a well thought out response. I respect it. But, if casual quick sex isn't your cup of tea I know of something that will be right up your ally. Game a girl but don't have sex with her for like 5 months don't even let her sleep over your place or be alone with her for too long. At that point, you should have only kissed her. Refuse to do anything more than kiss her. Wait a couple more months. Really get to know her. And then, bam! propose. Plan an elaborate wedding. Tell her that she's your heart and soul and that you can't wait to spend your life with her. Then, on your wedding night.... nail her.


Best sex of your life. Guaranteed. I mean.. if you like emotional connecting in sex and stuff this is for you. I was going to /s this post but now that I read it, I'm serious. If you like emotionally connecting with a girl before fucking her, this will be a great fuck for you. I mean, think about the nut Tim Tebow is about to bust.

[-] throwaway-aa2 5 Points about a year ago

I also enjoy getting to know the girl. Girls need to be told what to do in sex, and they have to learn. Have to teach them what to say, how to act, need to get endurance to be on top, what to wear.... It's a lot of training. I don't enjoy casual sex because I can't teach her everything in one sitting. More than that, I find rushing a form of lack of abundance. The girl can feel that, and you can feel it as well. Also: if you take your time (though I'd advise max 2 days of dates, with sex on the 2nd), she can become more intoxicated with your presence... Which makes for her being more submissive, and I love that feeling of the girl really wanting to be taken by me, and that deer in headlights look. I do agree that 5 dates is too long, and encourages non action with women, which is bad... But if the sex is something that both of you feel (without communicating) could happen, you can show the process down, tease her by making her wait for what she wants... It's a really good way to frame sex, and her relationship to you.

[-] heartbroken_nerd -1 Point about a year ago

I'd never say I know it all, if that's what you're trying to poke at with that last paragraph.

I shared my opinion and I believe I brought some value into this thread. That is all I can ever hope my comments will be.

[-] Imperator_Red -1 Point about a year ago

I no longer have joy in casual, quick sex. I tried that, was fun for a while, but now it's not anymore. I chose to try to actually get to know the girl. That way sex is more enjoyable for me.

Pretty sure they can hear me laughing in the apartment next door.

[-] Feelinggood702 2 Points about a year ago

Strong opinions you got there. In terms of just getting laid, he can be perceived as wasting his time. However, what’s wrong with spending time with a woman? Point is, you’re not in control as you think you are. For your sake, I’m saying that social calibration is a bitch and you won’t always immediately get what you want. Enjoy the woman’s company for fuck’s sake. You don’t seem to be that good with people.

[-] heartbroken_nerd 1 Point about a year ago

Valid point about not always getting what you want immediately, but there is difference between trying to escalate and set up the logistics to fuck a Tinder slut where if you fail, you just try with her again in a bit, as opposed to purposefully trying to make the whore from Tinder something that she is not by refusing to escalate and playing pretend that she might even be a decent catch.

[-] RevolutionaryPea7 1 Point about a year ago

Being a Chad is not part of being redpilled.

[-] DrMrJrSr 0 Points about a year ago

Technically it is, IF you strive to have nothing but ONSs. TRP is a sexual strategy first and foremost, everything else that comes with that is secondary.

[-] RevolutionaryPea7 2 Points about a year ago

Why would I strive to have ONSs? I like having regular sex with the same women. It gets better. ONSs suck for me. TRP helps you develop a sexual strategy that you want. I don't have to try to have the sex you want to be considered "redpilled".

[-] DrMrJrSr 1 Point about a year ago

That's why I said IF. There are some out there that are true Chad Thundercocks, and I don't knock them, they're going after what they want. Strategies that maximize high potential with ONS are perfect for them, which is that TRP core, PUA, etc. is built around: "Getting Dem Wiminz".

Like I said, not knocking it, just being aware.

[-] RevolutionaryPea7 3 Points about a year ago

Oh, sure, I wasn't saying that being a Chad contradicts RP. Just that being RP doesn't imply being a Chad.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Robster25 7 Points about a year ago

[...] so I looked at her, waited for her to look back at me and gave her a kiss.

Don't wait for it for the end of the date if you see an opening.

You are contradicting yourself. On your first date you saw that she wanted to kiss you and you didn't go for the kiss. Now you tell people not to wait. It looks like you don't value your time, because when I go on a first date with a girl I want to know what's up.


[-] Nicolas0631 5 Points about a year ago

Maybe Robster you value your time dating as wasted time with only the short moment of sex being valuable. Maybe the OP value the whole dating and for him this isn't a waste of time.

What ever is best, the one that will make the most of his time will be always the guy that enjoyed the whole experience and not just its last chapter.

Even if your are onto sex 10 minutes after meeting, that stil wasted time.

Actually this isn't just about sex. You should not crave for the result, but for the path toward it. If you enjoy only the result, you'll find you are only satisfied for short period of time and don't enjoy life overall.

So if your work make you lot of money but is basically annoying you, you have a problem. If lifting is annoying you and you do it only for pussies, you have a problem, if picking up women is annoying you and you just want the sex, you have a problem. The problem is time is that it make overall your life misable for no reason !

[-] Robster25 2 Points about a year ago

I agree with a lot of things you say, mainly the "time enjoyed is not time being wasted". But the point still stands: When he advises people to not hesitate and seize the moment, why did he wait? The other thing I have to disagree on and maybe I have become misogynistic over time, that I don't enjoy talking to women as much as I enjoy talking to my male friends, because I can't be completely honest with women, because when it comes to topics which are not to their liking they make drama and you can't stay on topic.

Why does OP go on dates with women? I suppose because as a healthy male he wants and enjoys sex. Sure, it might be enjoyable for OP to go on four dates and fuck her after four dates (I'm not saying that you should and can fuck every girl on the first date), but has he nothing else to do in his life? Purpose? Drive? Mission? Goals?

I find myself getting bored when I spend too much time with a girl and think about stuff I could achieve when I was on my own, instead of spending time with her. But I know that not everyone thinks like me and I have to accept that.


[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point about a year ago

It isn't because you don't like time spent with women outside of sex that everybody is the same.

We don't all share the same taste, all of the contrary. The OP has different experience, expectations and needs.

And if I was thinking myself like you describe, I would just take a professionnal. No more wasted time. Just the sex.

[-] BlueEstee 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah, it kinda seems like a contradiction, so here's more context.

Because of my anger phase, I was utterly disinterested in meeting women. I went MGTOW, but after a while I started missing female companionship. When going out with this girl, I still had my mindset "you are a fucking psycho who wants to divorce rape me" though.

I saw the opening for the kiss, but I simply wasn't sure if I want to invest more time in this girl. I knew sex wouldn't happen (perhaps a mistake on my part), so I didn't lean in to kiss her, because I didn't want to fuck with her emotions (INB4 "zomg, your a fukcing cuck").

To be honest I was ready to text her "sorry, but I don't feel it" when she messaged me after the first date, but I decided to give her another shot, especially when she asked me out the second time first.

[-] Feelinggood702 7 Points about a year ago

Man, you know you are a stud when a woman says “we’re not having sex.”

And you, my friend are a genius.

[-] Standard_Nebula 5 Points about a year ago

Is it me or does it sound like the girl kind of won here? Or at least she thinks she's won. You're on your way toward marriage. And, if you're not it just kind of seems like you wasted a lot of time. This just seems kind of sad. Don't ban me for questioning this mods. I appreciate the field report, I just don't know if 4 dates is beneficial. Shouldn't you cut it after 2?

[-] GeorgiR 10 Points about a year ago

On their way to marriage? Nahhh. What's wrong with hanging out with a girl you like anyway? He's enjoying himself clearly, so why rush things and even cut things at all? I'd say let him enjoy this. Just like the point of sex isnt to finish as fast as possible, dating a girl too isnt about fucking her as fast as possible imo.

[-] BlueEstee 3 Points about a year ago

Valid question, did she win? Yes and no.

Yes - I told her the truth that I'm not seeing anyone else. No - I still plan to go on dates and not give my exclusivity easily. She seems like a good LTR material, but I need more vetting.

Four dates to smash can seem like a lot, but honestly I don't care. She might have fucked other guys on third, second, first dates, or maybe she even gave head to a random guy in a club, while another guy was fucking her ass - I don't care. She's not my girlfriend, she's a plate. And I don't feel like less of a man if other guys managed to fuck her sooner. It's not a competition.

[-] _do_not_read_this_ 3 Points about a year ago

I disagree. I think TRP is not just about getting laid, that's PUA shit for the kids.

TRP is about being the best man we can be. And that means being comfortable being a man, doing man things, and acting like a man. And that doesn't mean constantly being on the rut.

Especially as I get older, sometimes I just like having a woman come along on my adventures, without having to be constantly escalating and/or rejecting because sex didn't happen within a certain time frame. I love women, I love having them come along. That's enough sometimes.

And as regards the sex, so long as there was progress towards it (I'm not a monk, after all ...) which the OP clearly reported, who cares if it's second date or fourth date, the OP is psyched about it, so kudos to him!

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Synthetic_Citizen 3 Points about a year ago

I think you will find that this is no echo chamber. Skepticism and debate is welcomed here, censorship is not what you will find here.

Its interesting to note, but in my observations I have noticed that knowledge that is censored or attacked is always the most illuminating and empowering.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] Synthetic_Citizen 5 Points about a year ago

A quick analogy. If you have a rose bush with 95 white roses and 5 black ones, would it be sensible to define the rose bush by its white blossoms or its black blossoms? Just because 5 percent of the trees roses are black that does not mean that all the trees roses should be labeled and treated as black roses, that is what we call delusion.

NAWALT is simply the exception. All woman will do what is within the females biological imperative to do, this is normal behavior and must not only be accepted by this community but by the mainstream as well. I would even dare to infer that female hypergamous compulsion is almost single handedly responsible for our species evolutionary success.

Many active subscribers here are still in tje anger phase and recite the AWALT mantra in anger by connecting natural hypergamous behavior as the cause of all pain and suffering. But they eventually learn to accept it not only as reality but as normal, the learn that they have been fed a fairy tale and that it is an insult to women to be held to those pedistalizing standards. The transition happens at different rates for different men but it happens for all who swallow the pill.

In the end, AWALT or not, the current anti masculine climate the world is currently experiencing is the fault of men and not women.

[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points about a year ago

the current anti masculine climate the world is currently experiencing is the fault of men and not women.

True, but only if we remove all agency from women. Actually yep, sounds about right.

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points about a year ago

and TRP is extreme echo chamber(just try to to say that NAWALT, and see for yourself).

I mean if you attack a core principle of the organization, your opinion is going to be unpopular. If you don't believe AWALT, that pretty much torpedoes the majority of the rest TRP, so the question becomes what are you doing here?

[-] RevolutionaryPea7 2 Points about a year ago

If it's what he wanted to do then it's fine. Dating is basically foreplay and does make the sex better. I'm mostly bored with women and hate spending time with them if I'm not guaranteed a shag later the same day, but if he's found one that's worth four dates then good for him.

[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points about a year ago

Is it me or does it sound like the girl kind of won here?

It's not a zero sum game. Male and female sexual interests are sometimes divergent and sometimes convergent.

[-] loz333 1 Point about a year ago

If they both had a great time, didn't they both win?

[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point about a year ago

I think you are over interpreting no ? Maybe the girl think she will mary this guy, but the OP didn't promize anything.

His only thing is he didn't lie on the other girls in his life. still he made it clear he didn't feel engaged.

[-] AbusiveFather1 4 Points about a year ago

What happens in-between the "I won't have sex with you" and actually fucking? This is crucial to me

[-] BlueEstee 3 Points about a year ago

She told me she was surprised because usually after she said that guys would leave. I just shrugged and continued as if she didn't say that, making out, taking her clothes off etc.

[-] AbusiveFather1 6 Points about a year ago

So basically it was just foreplay between the shit-test and the sex? Thanks

[-] BlueEstee 9 Points about a year ago

I've heard this line "we're not having sex" before in different variations ("I have to pace myself" for example), it's a standard line a girl says when she doesn't want to feel slutty and just wants sex to happen.

The next morning we were making out and fore-playing on her couch, when I told her "let's listen to some music in your room". A fun and indirect way of saying "let's have sex".

[-] AbusiveFather1 3 Points about a year ago

Thanks for the tip with the music thing!

[-] wobbleelbbow 1 Point about a year ago

You have to be a DJ to pull off this trick. Just saying.

[-] McVaghunter 4 Points about a year ago

I couldn't continue reading past the second date. What the fuck happened to TRP?! I've been told that this sub went to shit but not to the point of having posts about apologetic cucks cockblocking themselves and accusing real men who demand sex on the first date of being butthurt.

The reason I worked hard on improving my SMV and Game is not so I can get to know a special girl, no, it's actually to forget about girls; the hotter I get the less time and effort it takes me to score pussy thus allowing me to invest more time and effort pursuing my mission. And by cockblocking yourself during the first dates you're just wasting time and energy.

It's not being mad, it's just following an effective sexual strategy, which this sub used to be back in the good ol days; A place to discuss sexual strategy... Now it's about getting to know girls. A bluepill post getting 87% upvotes on TRP, smh

[-] StellarMemez 3 Points about a year ago

What's the point of a field report? TO GET FEEDBACK. Help him and others instead of, or in addition to, blowing hot air. Talking shit about OP and the sub is a waste of your time and accomplishes nothing.

[-] bestsparkyalive 4 Points about a year ago

Great post man and great work. Good on you. This is solid inspiring shit haha

[-] Feelinggood702 4 Points about a year ago

On this mistakes made:

  1. She already noticed the mistakes. There was no fixing it, it’s more matter of getting to the point that she wouldn’t even go there.

  2. Not a mistake. You will always feel that there’s something you should have done, but the fact that you didn’t is actually the better way to go.

  3. If you’re averting your gaze out of fear, it will be corrected in time. But based on you continuing the sentence, you are afraid how you look based on your body language. You will learn to calibrate over time. You are self aware.

  4. Meh
[-] cuteshooter 3 Points about a year ago

Meet and converse online and have them come to the apartment/house.

First kisses are for the chick flicks.

[-] chazthundergut 3 Points about a year ago

Great job. Keep it up dude

[-] Andgelyo 2 Points about a year ago

If it takes you fucking 4 dates to smash a girl from tinder, you are doing it wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I smashed a girl just from setting it up from the first 5 messages and then just meeting her up at her place, my car, or getting a hotel on the first “date”.

[-] BlueEstee 2 Points about a year ago

After 15 minutes of messaging on Tinder I had a girl come over, I didn't enjoy it. As simple as that.

[-] wobbleelbbow 2 Points about a year ago

You weren't horny enough. It's also hard to reeducate yourself from bp conditioning

[-] throwabcdaway3 2 Points about a year ago

I am choosing a dvd for tonight

[-] old_ex_commie 2 Points about a year ago

Wait... "an arcade bar with cats to pet?"


[-] NextBad 2 Points about a year ago

> TL;DR If you're stuck in anger phase, focus on establishing a mental connection with the girl.


There is no such thing as the anger phase all emotional are valid, if a girl says she is having sex with me I wish her the best and move on, 30 minutes later I'm fucking her, the fact that it took you 4 days and dates when you wanted sex the first date shows that she gamed you and you did her a favor.


tl;dr there is no anger phase, you are still in the self hatred phase, if a girl refuses to fuck within 30 minutes walk away,

[-] MeatMetal 1 Point about a year ago

How'd you go about fingering her/BJ on the third date? Like what was the escalation? I imagine you didn't just shove your hands down her pants or anything.

[-] BlueEstee 2 Points about a year ago

First I was feeling her ass and books through clothes. Then I shoved my hands under her shirt, felt her boobs through her bra, then under the bra, took of the shirt and bra.

Then I was feeling her pussy though pants, unzipped them and continued touching her pussy through her underwear. She took the pants off, I took off her panties and I fingered her for two hours because she wouldn't cum.

After that we took a break to just talk and laugh, I wanted to continue, but she was like "I want to make you cum first" and she gave me a head without me even mentioning that.

It all felt natural and organic.

[-] MeatMetal 3 Points about a year ago

Well i mean how'd you transition into touching her ass and shit in the first place? We're you watching a movie or something and just did it?

How would one go about initiating that? Thanks in advance for the help man

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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[-] Unboundaries 1 Point about a year ago

A few points I'd like to make:

You said you weren't seeing anyone at the time, and honestly, more or less you were acting like person who wasn't seeing anyone. You were meeting chicks on Tinder, hoes that expected dates at that. You went on the first date and didn't kiss her? You've gotta be white and somewhat attractive if she entertained you beyond that and called back. Others would have gotten the axe. It's a chick from Tinder; she had 100 dudes trying to fuck her at any given time.

You got nope'd repeatedly for sex on the third date because she felt she was in charge of things, as you kept continuing entertaining her boredom by being a tour guide and not pushing to the sex. She was now the train conductor because she knew she had you.

Lol you walked without holding her hand and she still jumped in bed with you? Definitely would not have happened to some readers here. You said you made weak eye contact as well. Again, if the person was not up to the physical appearance you had, they would have gotten the axe for this, but for you she gave you get outta jail free passes all over the place.

I get it that you eventually had sex with her and you feel like da man and so and so, but I feel a duty to rebalance for some readers who don't have the same luck as you, because your engagement of her was certainly ways from perfect, other men would have fared far far worse had they played their cards the same.

You wouldn't kiss her the first date, make physical contact while walking or anything. Had this been a lot of readers here she would have never called back. Readers should know that some men will have to play near perfect game to get a lay, where some men can literally fuck up lots and still get laid. MANY MEN can't even get a response on Tinder, let alone a lay.

Consider yourself very lucky. Had it been probably anyone shorter and darker they would not have gotten this lay, or even close to it. Because your showing was weak as hell.

[-] BlueEstee 3 Points about a year ago

Thanks for that comment. I believe you're right, I am lucky and as I recall my past lays, I often was weak and not taking the lead. A lot of the times the girl had pretty much spread her legs right in front of me without me initiating anything. Thank you, I realized I have to be more proactive and courageous. Cheers!

[-] SelfMadeAlpha 1 Point about a year ago

Nice bit of info, cheers


Question tho: OP says she asked if he was seeing other girls. I know its best to lie about it in this situation, but how would 1 go about it? Should I consider it a shit test & just react sarcastically/joke about? How would you, have approached this?

[-] Unboundaries 2 Points about a year ago

Just be vague and say you're just seeing what's out there and not making anything serious IMO. Unless she's divulging details there's no obligation to divulge your details.